PFR Originals: 6/2/19 – 6/9/19

The original content and analysis produced by the PFR staff during the past week:

  • This morning, Rory Parks examined the situation of the Cowboys and Dak Prescott. We heard yesterday that the two sides were still far apart in extension talks, and the matter is slightly more pressing for Prescott than it is for other members of his draft class. While 2016 quarterbacks like Jared Goff and Carson Wentz had fifth-year options in their contracts to keep them under control through 2020, Prescott will be a free agent after this season. Rory took a look at where everything stands, and why Prescott still hasn’t been wrapped up.
  • As part of our ‘this date in transactions history’ series, Zach Links took a look at the 2010 trade that sent Isaac Bruce from the 49ers back to the Rams. The legendary receiver was traded back to the Rams so he could retire as a member of the team that drafted him. Bruce had an incredible 16 years in the NFL and the Rams have his number 80 retired, but he was recently denied entry into the Hall of Fame for the third time.
  • Perhaps the biggest news of the past week was Wentz signing a massive extension with the Eagles. Debates quickly sprung up about whether the Eagles were wise to give him the deal that they did considering his injury history. Our Zach Links asked readers in a poll whether or not Philly would come to regret the deal, and voters decidedly said yes. As of this writing, ‘yes’ is winning with just over 62 percent of the vote. Wentz got around $107 million guaranteed in the deal, a massive sum.
  • Every year surprise teams get good out of nowhere, and teams with lofty expectations collapse. To that end, Dallas Robinson asked readers in a poll which team that came in first place last year is likeliest to miss the playoffs in 2019. The Ravens won with a solid plurality, getting over 34 percent of the vote. The Cowboys came in second with 22.8 percent.
  • Zach also took a look at where teams stood in signing their draft picks. As of a few days ago, eight teams had wrapped up their entire draft class. You can see the contract status of every pick by using PFR’s tracker.
  • In another installment of our ‘this date in transactions history’ series, Zach examined the Chiefs’ decision to release Jeremy Maclin in 2017. It was a shocking move at the time, as he was only 29 and projected to enter the season as Kansas City’s top wideout. The five-year, $55MM deal he signed with the Chiefs never worked out, and Maclin announced his retirement back in March.
  • In another issue of the ‘this date in transactions history’ series, Sam Robinson looked back on the five-year extension the Panthers gave Cam Newton in 2015. Given the way quarterback contracts exploded in the following years, the Panthers got a very team-friendly deal, as Newton signed for five-years and $103.8MM. Newton is recovering from another shoulder surgery this offseason, and has a big year ahead of him. If he can prove he’s healthy in 2019, he should be in line for another extension next year. His current deal runs through the 2020 season.
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