Ezekiel Elliott Won’t Play Without Deal?

The situation in Dallas between Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys could drag on for a while. Elliott is unlikely to suit up in 2019 unless he gets a new contract, Josina Anderson of ESPN.com (Twitter links) hears. 

Despite Jerry Jones‘ confidence in everything working out with Elliott (plus star players Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott), things are clearly not trending in the right direction. On Tuesday, it was reported that the Cowboys were growing frustrated with the lack of progress in that trio of talks, and Elliott seems ready to dig in on his holdout.

The Cowboys have reportedly proposed a contract that would be closer to Le’Veon Bell‘s than Todd Gurley‘s, making Elliott the second-highest paid running back in the league. Zeke, it seems, wants to be No. 1. Topping Gurley across all major fronts would mean beating out a four year, $57.5MM contract extension with $45MM in total guarantees and nearly $22MM guaranteed at signing.

Last season, Elliott posted 1,434 yards and six touchdowns on the ground while adding 77 receptions, 567 yards, and three scores in the passing game. Of course, Elliott also ran behind one of the NFL’s better offensive lines, and only ranked 18th in Football Outsiders’ success rate.

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17 comments on “Ezekiel Elliott Won’t Play Without Deal?

  1. unbiasedraysfan

    After Earl Thomas went down and didn’t get paid…everything changed. As a cowboys fan, I understand the front office wants a deal that protects them from the obvious risk of injury. As they should. But just pay the money. With signing Cooper, Zeke, and Dak you’ll more than recoup all of that money in ticket sales and more likely playoff sales. Pay up Jerry. Don’t be a Scrooge. Get Witten & yourself the Super Bowl you deserve.

  2. unbiasedraysfan

    After Earl Thomas went down and didn’t get paid, everything changed. As a Dallas fan, I say pay the money. I understand the Jones’ want a business deal that protects them from the risk of injury as they should. But with Witten back, signing all 3 would secure the East and a deep playoff run. With having all 3 (4 w/Witten) Dallas will recoup that money easily and quickly.

  3. omahaomaha

    Let him sit! he’s under contract for 2 more years? He must be broke

  4. JJB0811

    If he sits, the only thing that happens is he loses a year of income, not time off his contract. I’d let him sit.

    • rgreen

      That’s debatable,and regardless which one is better,theres not a huge gap between the 2.And the Cowboys are more likely to give him the ball 400 times,and they did that with DeMarco Murray,and then they let somebody else pay him.

  5. SuperSinker

    Insane that the league doesn’t have guaranteed money for these guys. Insane.

    • rgreen

      There’s players in the league making over a million dollars a game.Bottom of the roster players are making a half million a year.And its entertainment,they get paid to travel all over the country,sometimes out of the country,to play a game alot of people enjoy playing for free.And it’s very clear there’s injury risk before every contract is signed,any argument about their line of work isn’t fair,is just plain insane.

  6. Braves95

    Pay the man, but with clauses in his contract if he messes up he won’t get paid

  7. Dennid

    It’s his decision whether we agree or not. If he plays the waiting game and so do the Cowboys, that part of the risk. Not sure there is a right or wrong.

    • haywire4fun

      The waiting game is all he can do if a team wants to pay someone who doesn’t deserve 20mil double that as opposed to him.

  8. Little Ego

    Zek, you are under contract; be a member of the choir before asking to be Director.

    • haywire4fun

      How about he’s been the strongest singer of the last few years even when most of the offense got vocal cord nodules. So he expects more respect than the person who sings like a dieing cat. He doesn’t want to be a director he wants respect. He knows his position has a low shelf life so he’s trying to get adequite compensation for the amazing work he’s done.

    • haywire4fun

      That’s what he’s done for the last 3 years he deserves it more than Dak. If the cowboys pass him on they’re going to regret it.

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