Patriots Sign Antonio Brown

Hours after the Raiders released Antonio Brown, the Patriots are set to swoop in. They have agreed to terms with the mercurial superstar, Adam Schefter of reports (on Twitter). The defending Super Bowl champions are set to take a chance on arguably this era’s premier wide receiver, despite his drama-filled 2019. The Patriots announced the signing.

This will be a one-year deal worth up to $15MM, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk tweets. Brown will receive a $9MM signing bonus, which could well end up being more than he will end up collecting from the Raiders.

Unfortunately for the football-following world, Brown cannot face the Steelers on Sunday night. But he stands to be part of this stunningly high-profile receiving corps Monday. Brown’s Instragram, as could be expected, has him Photoshopped in a Patriots jersey. Bleacher Report’s Master Tefatsion was the first to report Brown was nearing a Patriots deal (Twitter link).

In one of the league’s ultimate talent-trumps-everything moves, the four-time first-team All-Pro will move from the Raiders — who sent third- and fifth-round picks to the Steelers for Brown in March — to the Patriots. Different circumstances are obviously involved, but this mirrors another polarizing great’s trek from 12 years ago. The Pats traded a fourth-round pick to the Raiders for Randy Moss in 2007; Moss set the NFL’s single-season receiving touchdown record that season.

The Patriots exited their sixth Super Bowl season with question marks at wide receiver. They are set to enter Week 1 with Brown, Josh Gordon and Demaryius Thomas joining Julian Edelman. For a franchise that thrives on strikes of this sort, this qualifies as one of the Patriots’ all-time transactions. (Of course, the Pats will likely part ways with one of their wideouts, with Florio positing — on Twitter — Thomas might be the one to go.)

New England entered Saturday with $6.21MM in cap space, so some maneuvering will need to be done. But the perennial AFC favorites will see if they can manage the 31-year-old talent in a way the Raiders could not.

Brown has since released another video showing not exactly veiled excitement once he learned the Raiders released him (Twitter link). This came a day after a reportedly emotional apology Brown issued to his Raider teammates. There are not many NFL stories that can compete with this one, pound-for-pound.

Brown’s offseason included multiple retirement threats, him forcing his way out of Pittsburgh, the cryogenic chamber mishap and a months-long helmet dispute that ended with two rulings against him. His week included sharing a photo of a Raiders fine, a confrontation with GM Mike Mayock and a social media leak of a Jon Gruden phone call. The Raiders voided Brown’s $29MM-plus guarantees and released him shortly after, doing so a day after opting not to suspend him for Week 1. Brown will not play in Week 1 but will be eligible to suit up when the Patriots travel to Miami next week.

On the field, Brown has submitted a Hall of Fame resume. He transformed from sixth-round Steelers find to perennial Pro Bowler; he landed on the top All-Pro team from 2014-17. Last season, his yardage dropped to 1,297 but he still led the league with 15 touchdown catches. Brown has surpassed 1,499 yards in a season four times; the Patriots have only had one player (Wes Welker in 2011) do that in their 59-season history.

While not all of the Patriots’ gambles have worked out, with the likes of Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth disappointing following Foxborough arrivals, Moss and Corey Dillon delivered a major return. There certainly is no guarantee here, but the Patriots’ signing bonus reveals a degree of confidence they can make Brown’s Massachusetts stay look closer to his All-Pro work than what transpired in Oakland.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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120 comments on “Patriots Sign Antonio Brown

  1. stackarooni

    I just read Mark Murphy and Browns agent are in talks. this seems a bit premature

    • rkmarx

      I’m curious if you would think that if he had signed with literally any other team. Actually, I’m not curious. I already know the answer. Haters gonna hate.

      • progers2622

        I love the Pats so I don’t understand why you so mad. Go Pats!!

        • rkmarx

          Yes I’m a Pats fan. The original poster, trying to make this out to be some shady deal, was off base, as most haters are.

          • letmeclearmythroat74

            Haters are gonna hate and cheaters are going to cheat… some things don’t change

      • vtncsc

        Of course not, if it was any other team, not a word of shady would be mentioned.

  2. itslonelyatthetrop

    Antonio Brown better act like he’s in “A Quiet Place”.

  3. iron

    Looks like all his theatrics this offseason was him gambling on being released so he could choose his next teams destination. Well played AB!

    • amk3510

      Tyreke Hill beat his kid. Being a diva is not a reason to withhold signing someone if you think they will help the team

      • Roll

        so you assume he is guilty even though the cops dropped the investigation and the league (who punishes people when there is at best circumstantial evidence) did nothing to him.

        • amk3510

          Lisiten to the phone call with his girlfriend. Tells you all you need to know about who he is. Doesn’t have to get legal punishment to be a scumbag

          • Roll

            did you see the text message conversation where she admits it was her?

            Hill: “Crystal, you know I didn’t cause any bruising or harm to [our son,] But for some reason I still may be charged.”

            Espinal: “I know you didn’t. I did. I hurt [our son] I’m the one that did it. I was hurt and mad at you so I blamed you for everything.”

            in the end both are scumbags and neither should be allowed to have kids as it is said she hit the child too but the fact that the girlfriend cant seem to keep her story straight paints a bad picture for her. If she didnt text that it would have been a little more clear cut.

    • bdallen714

      So would you have said that if it was a diff team, or just because it’s the Pats?

    • libbo

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Brady might go 15 games, after week 1, without having to throw at a cornerback… I pity the poor LBs who gets pre-snapped into covering AB, Flash or Jules all by themselves…and that’s if they have to move D Thomas before their 1st round rookie pick is ready to go after 8 weeks of prep work …

  4. Thronson5

    Seems like he and his agent had this planned out. Doesn’t shock me at all. The NFL is one big rigged organization

      • libbo

        That is sad – Pels should be sporting two studs this year but in the NBA the players have taken control of the league … in the NFL? More LeVeon and Melvin cases than AB stories …

  5. df08988

    The whole planet of Patriot haters just collectively said “you’ve got to be f***ing kidding me!!”

  6. progers2622

    In an article on here 2 days ago it said that the Pats had 4.9 mil in cap space. Since then re signed Jonathan Jones to a 3 year deal and now AB. Seems totally legit. Why are people so upset about this?

    • rkmarx

      Are you seriously implying that the Pats are somehow cheating the salary cap? They’ll drop or restructure somebody. Pats haters are pathetically sad. The world is not out too get you.

  7. sigdawg25

    the NFL is starting to have a scripted story line just like professional wrestling. Vince McMahon repping AB?

  8. mcdusty49

    First conversation between Tom and AB…”this is my team, get on board or get out”

    • gozurman1

      AB will prob say ok with a straight face and AB will be laughing on the inside, Remember what AB said about “mines talent “ and wanted to be on a team that will allow him to be him. This will never work.

  9. gozurman1

    I give it 2 weeks, 3 max. He will not be able to deal with Edelman, Gordon, Thomas, and the RB getting targets and TD over him. On top of that, you do not see social media outbursts from the Patriot players. The team frowns on that. AB lives on social media. He won’t be able to help himself. Can’t wait to see Brady and Mr. Big Chest going toe to toe on the sideline in the next couple of weeks.

    • g8752

      Good point and you’re right that could certainly happen but other than the money that the Patriots have spent what do they have to lose they can just cut Antonio Brown if he goes on a Looney Tune tirade. we are used to having Randy Moss do that and you may recall that when he opened up his mouth and ask for more money they cut him on a dime. and finally Tom Brady will have perhaps one more golden opportunity for another ring.

  10. mcdusty49

    The guy has mental problems, he will be out of the league by seasons end

  11. mcdusty49

    Why? If they can keep Josh Gordon on the field he is younger and would be that weapon they need…AB is not going to be ok playing anything other than first fiddle

  12. TJECK109

    Check out his childish reaction to being released by the Raiders, he of course needed to have it recorded by someone else so that he could post it. On twitter he says Gods Plan. Hard to see how you can be following Gods plan when you are constantly putting yourself first. Maybe he is referring to himself when he said “God”. I mean it’s pretty easy to play god when you act the way that he has with his last 2 organizations. Flat out shame the Raiders made a commitment to this guy, gave him more money, and gave up draft assets to be treated like this. I hope AB keeps being AB

    • troll_smasher

      You want some Cheese with that WHINE?? You Salty Steelers fans still worrying about MR BIG SMARTS

  13. crazylarry

    Him and Robert Kraft spoke about being deflated so they went and got a rub together and it had a happy ending.

  14. g8752

    Once again Patriots fans can thank Jon Gruden for another Super Bowl victory. LOL only kidding. I feel bad for the Raiders. They got screwed on this one. Perhaps they’ll be some compensation coming back to them from New England. And who knows if Antonio Brown turns out to be a for real head case and is not just playing a game then maybe Oakland will have the last laugh.

    • mcdusty49

      They released him so no compensation coming…they were able to get away from the diva headache and save the money so the draft picks are just there price we paid for the calculated risk we took

      • yoyo137

        Stop being so angry this literally does not affect your daily life at all dusty boy

  15. TJECK109

    If he thought the system was holding him back in Oakland wait till he gets to NE. He won’t be allowed to smile let alone pull his crap. If he plays the season you will be able to tell he orchestrated the whole thing.

  16. crosseyedlemon

    Obviously a conspiracy to keep Josh Gordon from being the MVP this season.

  17. greg7274

    This was the plan, all along.
    The Steelers were never going to make that same trade with the Patriots. So Brown went along with he trade to Oakland… knowing all along, he was going to go full-on crazy-pants and try to get released… and then signed by new England.
    I’d even question the validity of the cryogenic toe-freezing nonsense as actually be an “accident” at this point.
    …all to get out of Pittsburgh and go to the last team the Steelers would want him to wind up.

    • TJECK109

      If you really want to run the conspiracy up you can say it’s a coincidence that the Pats had just created cap space….

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      People really need to stop trying to assign hidden genius to the actions of brain addled morons.

      I know it’s 2019, but…

  18. Bryzzo2016

    Because of course they do. Hahaha, not surprised. I feel bad for their haters tho lol

  19. Natergater77

    All the Pats fans earlier today saying this wouldn’t happen and people needed to stop saying should now stop commenting for 24 hours

  20. compassrose

    Patriot fans need to get over themselves we as in most of the NFL doesn’t hate you because of SB wins. We hate you because you are cheaters. Who knows what you have done and not got caught. I remember when you guys played in a stadium with aluminum stands and there were a few hundred people not other teams fans or family in the stands. I will admit that was a bit of exaggeration. You are now getting close to the Cowboy fans and America’s team and Da Boys crap. One announcer called you that and it went viral. Cowboy fans you are not America’s team most of America hates you for a different reason than the Patriot fans.

    I think it would be funny and not surprise me if this was set up. He wanted to play in NE but they wouldn’t use draft capital so this plan hatched. I doubt it happened but would be funny. The league needs to suspend him for the cracker comment. Along with the other crap he pulled yelling at Mayock. Davis and Gruden didn’t have the nuts to suspend him. The reason the team is a joke. DavisJr or Chuckles and Gruden or Chuckie have made it that way. Chuckles is just following his dad’s last fifteen years Chuckie is just proving he is inept. He has spent too long being friends with these guys tough to coach them. He took another coach’s team to the SB and did little after. He is still living off of that season. Gonna be fun when Chuckles fires him and then doesn’t want to pay the remainder of his contract. Following daddies shoes again. Why would you give a guy out of coaching ten years a ten year $100 mill guaranteed contract? What a joke of an owner.

      • AndyMeyer

        Wow. Calling someone a “jealous piece of trash” because you don’t like said comment is a bit harsh

      • compassrose

        You caught me I want to be just like you. I am so incomplete because your team has more trophies than mine. I can barely get out of bed and I cry every morning. I am so sad.

    • burtgummer

      And by the way Einstein 15 other teams have been busted more but yet idiots like you only talk about the Pats Hmmm I wonder why????

    • progers2622

      Compassroses so the Pats fans are cheating? Were you at my high school games? You are right we did have aluminum bleachers.

    • vtncsc

      Na, you’re just a jealous hater because they win and they know they’re good, even when everyone writes them off.

      As a Pats fan, it’s ok, we’re used to it. We’ll keep on cheering a minimum of 11 wins a season and you can keep on hating.

  21. Dennid

    I’m not a Patriots fan but they aren’t the ones to blame. I have zero respect for AB after this. It’s hard to make the Raiders look good but AB just did.

    • DarkSide830

      yeah kinda hard to pass up signing AB for 50% off. if he was willing to take that much of a pay cut, obviously he would be willing to play in New England.

  22. Breezy

    Let’s not all act like Josh Gordon won’t be suspended for the use of drugs by week 8. This signing is possibly insurance.

  23. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    This is the greatest story I’ve ever read.

    Mr. Big Chest isn’t Randy Moss, he’s a goofier version of Chris Henry.

    BB and Brady think they can tame him. Ha. He’ll eat them alive from the inside.

  24. floridagators

    Everyone’s jealous they can’t turn acting like a child into 15$ million.

  25. BuckarooBanzai

    Bill is a evil genius who is the mastermind behind this whole thing lol

    Now I’m wondering if AB got to camp, saw just how bad the Raiders really are, and sent Bill & Tom a coded message like “lolomgwtfsaveme”


    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      I heard the Raiders just traded a first and a third to the Pats for AB.

  26. ChiTownFanTilDeath

    After all of Brown’s “issues” ….

    Does he still get in to the Hall of Fame ??

    • He’ll certainly be infamous after the end of last season and this stint on the Raiders and going to the perennial Super Bowl champions, arch rivals of his home team the Steelers.

      I don’t know how you keep him out after this. Especially after he gets three rings with the Pats.

  27. darkangel

    someone said AB is a class guy. what planet?
    he’s a damn good receiver, but a POS as a human being.

  28. crosseyedlemon

    Does anyone know the record for comments posted? I Imagine a Kaepernick post holds that record but this has to be getting close to that.

    • Connorsoxfan

      I’d imagine those posts go back and have the comments cleared and get locked for commenting altogether fairly quickly, so who knows.

      • crosseyedlemon

        I’m not sure exactly how far back the search archive goes. There was a February post regarding Kaepernick that had 150 comments though.

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