Patriots Release Antonio Brown

The Patriots have released Antonio Brown after just one game with the club. His release comes on the heels of a second round of allegations from his second accuser, who says that he sent her intimidating text messages.

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“The New England Patriots are releasing Antonio Brown. We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days, but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time,” the team said in a statement.

New England is set to pay him $5MM of his $9MM signing bonus on Monday. The entire signing bonus is guaranteed, meaning that the Patriots and Brown are likely scheduled to rumble over whether the wide receiver will collect on it.

Cash aside, it’s unlikely that Brown will find another NFL home anytime soon. Then again, we’ve seen crazier things happen in the league.

While Brown faces civil suits from both of his accusers, he does not currently face any criminal charges. Recently, the Allegheny County District Attorney announced that he would not pursue charges against Brown for two 2017 events alleged by Brittney Taylor. It’s still possible that criminal charges arise from his alleged 2018 dalliance with Taylor, or from his interactions with the second anonymous accuser, known simply to be an “artist.”

Brown’s total stay in New England lasted just eleven days. He was the 72nd player in NFL history to catch a touchdown pass from Tom Brady and that could go down as his only on-field moment of note for the Patriots.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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120 comments on “Patriots Release Antonio Brown

      • Lenny Bruce

        Ignorance is continuing to be friendly with someone you believe is sexually abusive. Not once. Not twice. But on THREE different occasions. Smh.

        • rct

          Right, blame the woman who suffered sexual assault and trauma and not the guy doing it. You’re a real class act.

          • Lenny Bruce

            Sorry pal, she cozied up to him 3 times. There’s dumb and then there is dumber. You and Casey are the latter

            • George Ruth

              Mr Bruce, Sorry for your lack of information 1 woman says she was attacked twice & an anonymous woman says she was attacked once by Brown.

              I hope you never have someone significant to you suffer a Sexual Assault because you’ll also be affected by the attack,

              • Lenny Bruce

                I have a daughter, Mr. Ruth. I’m sure you’re right. I would hope my daughter had the insight to not go into a man’s home a second time after being sexually assaulted. My daughter would go to the police. Which raises yet another interesting point. Why didn’t they?

            • rct

              So if a husband beats his wife, he is absolved from any and all subsequent beatings and we should chastise her for continuing to get beaten. We should never condemn the person doing the beating.

              You see how ridiculous that sounds? You are quite stupid and an awful person. Show some empathy or at least make the attempt to understand a victim’s mentality.

              • Lenny Bruce

                You haven’t been paying attention boy. I never said that. Your “argument” goes off the rails when you send the wife back to the abusive husband. Again and again it seems. See where you’re just not very sharp?

                • myaccount

                  You, sir, are extremely ignorant. It’s been proven there’s plenty of reasons women return to abusers, including fear. Read a book for once in your life.

                  • Lenny Bruce

                    And where has this been proven, so? You should take your own advice. You’re welcome

                    • Lenny Bruce

                      That s/b son. Not “so”. See how that editing thing works genius?

            • astick

              I’m so damn excited about that you can get me a new house for me tomorrow at the shop I wanna was a really nice dinner I had a lunch

          • sleepyfloyd

            While not blaming the woman, all we have are texts. Maybe not jump the gun before all facts are in

            • Lenny Bruce

              Nah. Facts? We don’t need no stink’n facts. These women were traumatized. Repeatedly, apparently. But it is NOT about $$.

          • Lenny Bruce

            Has nothing to do with the game but about law and common sense. I know it’s a lot to ask of someone like you. You want to play judge, jailer and executioner. You have to look at all the facts before rendering a verdict, boy. That’s how it works. Except for…well, you.

  1. depressedtribefan

    one day…I just want to go one day without this dude in my news feed

  2. walshanater

    I wonder if he called Kraft or Belichick a “cracker” on his way out the door?

    • billykent

      My cousin’s friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s aunt’s girlfriend’s dog breeder’s mother said AB used a bunch of expletives and then called them the “Wonder Bread brothers”, pulled a bedazzled microphone out of his gym bag and punted it across the conference room!!! EPIC!!!

  3. pasha2k

    I’m not the least surprised. The Pats are terrific with or without his distractions n drama. The Pats keep away drama, so I’m happy they decided this, n not because whether guilty or not, it’s the drama.

  4. madmanTX

    Now good luck to Lurch Brady getting Brown to get out of his house.

    • al avias phone

      you really can’t stand Tom Brady can you?..I’ve seen you post nothing but negative posts about Brady or the Patriots for the last’ve gotta be a lions or dolphins fan.

  5. Bluemarlin528

    Just another misunderstood day in ABs life. I will refer to his twitter account, when he sign with the Patriots the tweet was “#Godsplan”

    • If he’s kept his mouth shut and a very low profile, Brown (sadly) would have gotten away with the mess he made in Oakland. I’m leaning to CTE and some kind of creeping insanity in the man. It’s a pity: he pulled himself out of the gutter through hard work and dedication. To go maniac like this is a very sad story.

      Not just for Brown but the people in his life like the trainer Britney Taylor (who knew him for almost ten years) and for the anonymous artist who came forward to support Taylor.

      Brown had access to enough women who did want to sleep with him, it’s a mystery why he had to play these games with women who were not on board with sex with him (at least on the casual and demeaning terms he was offering it).

      Brown at this point needs serious professional help or this could end in a murder-suicide. The man has children who have a mother with whom he has an explosive relationship. Brown should be monitored very closely at this point to prevent self-harm or harm to his loved ones.

  6. GMB 883

    Can’t wait to see which team picks him up. Pats obviously did not want to pay him that $5M on Monday. But they probably have some good information regarding more details of his emails to the artist etc. As of right now the league has not suspended him so unless they do he is a FA.

    • phenomenalajs

      If it was just the Monday thing, they would’ve waited until after the game. There must’ve been some teeth to latest accusation. It’s pretty dumb to send a group text that includes one of your accusers about that accuser!

    • bigjonliljon

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. The Pats know something we don’t about what’s coming. And they might as well save the 5 million if they do

      • Goodell warned Kraft (who told Belichik) that a season long trip to the Commissioner’s Exempt List was coming. The Patriots were on the hook for a lot more than $5 million and the reputation of the franchise would have been forever tied to this signing.

        Now when Goodell does play Antonio Brown on the Exempt List there will be no clubs stuck paying him not to play. Brown just burned up his get-out-of-jail-free card with his reckless behaviour. It’s a better look for the NFL to make Antonio Brown a civilian before barring him and not to have him on salary throughout what will be a tumultous and scandal-ridden 1.5 years.

        It’s incredible that the NFL and Patriots were reckless enough to give Antonio Brown the highest profile wide receiver job in the NFL (Brady’s number one) with an almost pre-printed ticket to the post-season and the Super Bowl. I wasn’t the only one to say that this AB saga had soured me on the NFL for the season. Numerous veteran NFL journalists and NFL vets said the same thing.

        There are certain minimum standards of conduct in team sports. Other receivers like Terrell Owens, Deion Sanders, Dez Bryant and OBJ have danced on the edge of those standards (hence the team hopping) but Brown jumped right off the edge of the cliff already in Oakland. He’s lost the respect of his peers and dishonoured the profession.

        • compassrose

          Alec the Patsy’s will always be tied to the AB signing. It will be the last team he played for etc. Unless you think most of us are dumb enough to forget he signed there. Or maybe you are talking about our grandkids grandkids.

          I am so glad the Seahawks didn’t sign this POS. For you MENSA students you need to read about victims and how they feel and cope with this stuff. It is not surprising the first girl acted the way she did there is always the hope he has changed. Also the third incident not sure why some of you are only talking two unless I missed something was a year later with friends. She made the mistake of f going into his house to use the bathroom. His cousin was there so I imagine she thought it was safe. Sexual assault is a horrible thing that lasts your whole life and unless you have been through it you have no idea.

          • Lenny Bruce

            AB will be old news after the season. But Patriot Super Bowl dynasty will last forever. One of the victims went back for seconds. Talk about a non-Mensa move.

            And unless you’re a MD, save your lectures for those women who are deserving. Because one of the victims is a money grubbing POS.

            • compassrose

              If you go back a few days and read my post I can have an opinion unlike you more than likely. She went back to do her job she was hired to do. Your attitude is why so many of these crimes go unpunished and people are afraid to come forward.

              I don’t know her reasoning anymore than you do. I do know civil court is much easier to win. Maybe she doesn’t have the resolve to go through the punishment she will receive in that setting. It is truly unfair for you to call her a money grabbing POS. Again your mindset is the reason guys like this true POS get away with it. He is a proven POS you calling her that is your uninformed opinion.

  7. GMB 883

    He blew his chance to play with Brady when he sent those emails to the artist this week. Can’t seem to follow legal advice to be quiet and focus on football.

  8. Bill Jasper

    Patriots have to know something is up. More than the general public knows at this point.

  9. Thronson5

    I think, not positive, but think, this has to be the end of his playing days for the 2019/2020 season. Wouldn’t you agree? I think he’s done for the season. Can’t see a team being stupid enough to take a chance with this guy. I know with his talent and if he can get out of this mess and stay quiet until next season someone will possibly bring him in next season but can’t see him finding a team this season. I’d be shocked actually. I’ve been a fa and a supporter of this guy but he’s actually turned me against him. What a moron he is.

  10. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Well, it seems the only question left regarding Mr. Big Chest is…

    Does Drew Rosenhaus call Jerry Jones or does Jerry Jones call Drew Rosenhaus?

      • earmbrister

        The Cowboys have learned that lesson. No big mouth free agents on that team.

    • gozurman1

      Maybe a call into Mike Brown?? Or maybe Jimmy Haslam? Maybe one of those 2 will be silly enough to sign him. Then again the Commish might be going to put him on the exempt list very soon.

  11. crosseyedlemon

    Well I guess that puts a few holes in the idiotic tampering conspiracy.

  12. jonesadoug

    AB thank you. I’ve never seen an NFL player bring so many laughs in so so short of weeks. hope you farted in billacheat face on your way out

  13. GMB 883

    What the Steelers lost is they could have had a 1st round pick from the Patriots vs a 3rd and 5th from Oakland. If they knew would be such a problem why would they not steal the Pats #1 pick. It’s certainly better than a 3&5 from the Raiders.

    • Munsonmanor4

      Maybe the Steelers didn’t. He was a headache yes, but look how quickly this whole thing has spiraled out of control since the trade. Had they known this was going to be the end result, they would’ve gladly taken that #1 pick from the Pats.

  14. Munsonmanor4

    The 3rd and 5th round draft picks the Steelers got from the Raiders is looking pretty good about now ain’t it? LOL!

  15. snotrocket

    Next time I hear the name Antonio Brown I want the headline to read died in a fire.

  16. david722

    What a bad PR move by Kraft et al. Though maybe Kraft can blame being preoccupied with his own indiscretions to be accountable for his interest in A.B.

    Either N.E. should have known or didn’t care when they moved on A.B., either way pathetic.

    • Lenny Bruce

      Wow. You must be have ESP. Does telekinesis come with that? Must be a Walmart special. Smh

      • david722

        Don’t need ESP when common sense is available to all who wish to use it. NE should just flat out admit they don’t care about character and that winning trumps all. It’s their history after all.

        • Lenny Bruce

          Pats didn’t know about civil suits until after they signed him. Pats are a dynasty, even though you hate them

    • compassrose

      Kraft was probably using him to get the locations of more discreet rib and tug parlors. It is the Patriot way. Lol

  17. Armaday

    He’s a friggin head case and he has some serious issues. He will not work out anywhere.
    Why do so many high profile WRs lose their minds once they get to the top?

  18. GMB 883

    AB only got $158,000 from the Patriots. They would have had to pay him $5M on Monday but not know since he is released. His contract was for $15M of which $9M was guaranteed over specific payments during the year. The Patriots protected themselves when they signed him for obvious reasons (issues in Oak).

    • Polish Hammer

      But they would dress Jeffrey Dahmer on Sunday if he could help them win, so they must know the league was finally going to step in.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        I know what you’re saying and all, but the wiseacre in me has to comment that it would be at least interesting to watch the Pats try to dress a guy who has been dead for a quarter of a century…

  19. ekrog

    How is it that AB gets cut after rape allegations, but Rapistburger is still playing? That really speaks to the class of the NE and PIT organizations. Both are winners on the field (NE more so mind you), but only NE is winner off of it.

    • Polish Hammer

      Yeah the two players have exactly similar cases and histories, can’t tell them apart at all.

          • ekrog

            My reply was actually on gozurma1’s post. The TradeRumors app sucks.

            I agree with you – same same on the rape.

    • gozurman1

      Ben did not threaten his accusers via social media and group texts. The news comes out today that he sent treating group texts to his 2nd accuser and included pics of her kids in the texts. He had his lawyer in that group too. Not a smart fellow. He also has a slew of other offenses over the last year that are piled up on the original rape allegation. Not just one thing……

    • compassrose

      Murderers and the owner worth billions goes to a sleazy rub and tug joint. How many gates do they have tied to them. What else have they done and not got caught? They are winners at all costs you are right. They are an injury and a to hell with it I am out to being an also ran team again. Kraft can put all the money in the world into the team but things can derail fast.

  20. gozurman1

    Man, I thought he would last 2 games with the Pats. Lost another pool now…..

  21. david722

    One day in a universe far far away maybe NE will be a respectable organization.

  22. gozurman1

    Betting that the Commish is about to place Mr. Big Chest on his extra super special exempt list…….

  23. david722

    Don’t need ESP when common sense is available to all who wish to use it. NE should just flat out admit they don’t care about character and that winning trumps all. It’s their history after all.

  24. raiderfurlife

    I hope they don’t forget about the cracker comment because of everything he’s been through so body is going Will forget about the racist part of him don’t let him forget guys

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