NFL Workout Updates: 11/27/19

Here is the latest from the workout circuit on Wednesday:

Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns

Miami Dolphins

San Francisco 49ers

Tennessee Titans


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3 comments on “NFL Workout Updates: 11/27/19

  1. barry S wood

    Is this the same joker who couldnt name the REDSKINS about a week ago in one of his posts?
    The REDSKINS are not linked in the bottom of the story on this post or the story above this one.
    I would think that would be part of his job instead he decided to go all Kap while at work.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Your going to give yourself a heart attack if you react like this every time you encounter political correctness. I’ve seen some stores this week promoting Bright Friday sales because they view Black Friday as being politically incorrect. Just go with it.

      • barry S wood

        I wouldn’t call it political correctness. I’d call it doing his job. If he wants to insert his views into his work he should start his own site call ” Kaps Crap Matters”
        If he want to work here then leave that stuff at the door and just report the stories with all the info not just what he deems “safe”

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