NFL Workout Updates: 12/3/19

Today’s notes from the workout/visit circuit:

Arizona Cardinals

Carolina Panthers

Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions

Houston Texans

Jacksonville Jaguars

New Orleans Saints

New York Jets

Tennessee Titans

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4 comments on “NFL Workout Updates: 12/3/19

  1. Thomas Bliss

    Denver seriously worked out 19 guys the other day? Including 3 quarterbacks.

  2. nentwigs

    Arizona Cardinals workout LYNDON JOHNSON !!
    Cardinals also slated to bring in HUBERT HUMPHREY!!

    The TRE brought in for workout by the Carolina Panthers was, in fact, just one guy – not three !!

    Up in Denver, GM Elway, after taking a break from shooting commercials, is scraping up all sorts of warm bodies to bring in for workouts !!
    They, in fact,brought in BUNCHY players for workouts!!

    How do the Jacksonville Jaguars scout out and locate workout candidates? They: looked in the JON, waded into BROOKS, climbed to the PEAKE, and even checked out PERKINS !!

    After OL workouts for the New Orleans Saints, candidates were so TUCKER-ed out they adjourned for DE BEER !!

    New York Jets bring in BODDY to workout at cornerback

    Tennessee Titans bring in BROWN cornerback !!

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