Poll: Which NFL Team Made The Best Hire?

This year’s head coaching cycle came and went in a flash. The Redskins, Cowboys, Panthers, and Giants moved quickly to find their new sideline leaders and the Browns weren’t far behind as they filled their vacancy on January 11th.

Now that the dust has settled, we want your take on the best hire of the bunch:

Ron Rivera, RedskinsThe Panthers axed Rivera in early December, just before he could finish his ninth season at the helm. Quickly, the Redskins identified him as their top target to take over for interim head coach Bill Callahan, who had been holding down the fort since Jay Gruden‘s midseason dismissal. The Panthers struggled in 2019 without one-time MVP Cam Newton under center, but Rivera comes to D.C. with an impressive resume that includes four playoff appearances, three NFC South titles, and a Super Bowl appearance. The Redskins, meanwhile, haven’t been to the big game since their Super Bowl XXVI victory over the Bills following the 1991 season. Or, to put it another way – more than five years before quarterback Dwayne Haskins was born.

Mike McCarthy, CowboysDuring the season, many speculated that the Cowboys would make a splash by luring former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer out of retirement. Instead, once the Cowboys finally fired Jason Garrett, they restricted their search to experienced NFL head coaches. Only two candidates formally interviewed for the job and McCarthy got the nod over longtime Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. McCarthy clashed with Aaron Rodgers down the stretch in Green Bay, but he’s also credited with grooming him into one of the league’s top quarterbacks. The Cowboys are hopeful that McCarthy can have a similar impact on Dak Prescott’s development.

Matt Rhule, PanthersThe Panthers backed up a Brinks truck to hire former Baylor head coach Matt Rhule. Rhule is credited with turning around the Baylor program and, before that, the Temple program. Despite his lack of pro experience, teams have been eyeing him for the last couple of years. He was also hot during the last cycle, but a would-be deal with the Jets was nixed when Gang Green insisted on picking his assistants for him. This time around, Rhule had all the leverage he needed to get full control over his staff, and a lucrative contract that could pay him anywhere between $60 and $70MM.

Joe Judge, GiantsThe Giants were infatuated with Rhule, but they were only willing to go so far. They were also blown away by Judge, who previously served as the Patriots’ special teams coach. Judge didn’t have the household name value of other candidates, but the Giants see him as someone who can handle the New York press and get the most out of young QB Daniel Jones.

Kevin Stefanski, Browns: Stefanski joined the Vikings in 2006 and climbed the ladder to become the team’s offensive coordinator midway through the 2018 season. In 2019, Stefanski’s first full season at the helm, the Vikings ranked as a top-10 offense in points while the the trio of Dalvin CookAlexander Mattison, and Mike Boone cracked the top six in rushing yards and touchdowns. Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins turned in one of his best seasons yet. The Browns have one of the game’s most promising young QBs in Baker Mayfield and a talented backfield group, so they saw Stefanski as a perfect fit, even though the Vikings came up short in the round.

Cast your vote below (link for app users) and back up your choice in the comments.

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25 comments on “Poll: Which NFL Team Made The Best Hire?

    • Ronk325

      Spot on, he would have been a good fit for all of them, especially the Cowboys

    • amk3510

      100 percent agree but maybe he wasn’t intrested in these teams. He is far more qualified than multiple hires.

  1. DarkSide830

    Redskins by process of emilination. the only one that comes close is Rhule, but i wouldnt vote for anyone given that money as a rookie coach.

  2. I voted for Ron Rivera, as he’s the coach who is in his prime and has basically done no wrong. It’s a big opportunity for the Redskins to become a competitive team again after the persistent mediocrity of the Gruden years and out of the dark shadow of Bruce Allen.

    Mike McCarthy should offer the Cowboys at least two good seasons after his involuntary sabbatical.

    Rhule and Stefanski seem like question marks to me, particularly the latter. Does Stefanski have what it takes to manage a whole roster of would-be superstars with superstar egos. Rescuing the Browns was too much even for a young Belichick.

    • Black Ace57

      Once again, Belichick was employed by the Art Modell Browns, not this iteration of the Browns. It is insane people still make this mistake.

      • Michael Chaney

        People make the same mistake in saying that Belichick was fired by the Browns, when he was actually fired by the Ravens since it was after the move. It’s ridiculous.

    • Big Angry Baby

      I suggest you look at his won/loss record and the SB ring on his finger and then get back to us

        • He led a dismal laughing stock of a team to the playoffs. It worked out great actually.

  3. Black Ace57

    I think Stefanski is the best hire. I think MCarthy is overrated, Rivera isn’t good enough to overcome coaching the Snyder owned Redskins, Rhule is a college coach and those guys have a real bust potential, and I don’t know what to make of Judge. Stefanski has a lot of talent to work with and I believe Baker can be fixed.

    • Big Angry Baby

      McCarthy overrated ? I suggest you study his Won / Loss Record and the SB Ring on his finger.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    I’m a fan of Riverboat Ron but I think he and Snyder are just too strong willed to co-exist for any extended period. I think Stefanski could be a guy the Browns players could play hard for but getting a good GM fit will be the key for them. McCarthy will have no better luck than Bill Parcells did with Jerry Jones micro managing everything. Joe Judge may soon be called Joe Fudge.

  5. Michael Chaney

    I like the Rivera hire the best, but Stefanski was also who I wanted the Browns to hire most. Stefanski is committed to the run game, and he uses it to set up play action (Cousins was one of the best in the league on play action last year). He’s a good communicator and is willing to listen to others.

    He’ll be a good coach if ownership and the front office don’t meddle too much, but as a Browns fan I can guarantee that meddling too much is exactly what they’ll do. So while I think he’s the best candidate, it’s looking impossible for anyone to succeed there under the current circumstances.

  6. Big Angry Baby

    I think Shad Khan keeping the Balony loving Marrone was just absolutely brillant and a STEAL !!

    • Perksy

      He bombed as HC in Denver and as coordinator in St.Louis. But that stuff he pulled with the colts last year. I think leaves a sour taste. Joe Judge was the one being groomed by Belichick.

  7. dcahen

    How is Stefanski any different than Kitchens? He has one year as a coordinator & now he’s a HC. The Browns are very dysfunctional & to me they need a more experienced, no nonsense HC. Any pro team needs one voice, one ultra leader to establish a new culture & it may involve some roster shuffling. Rivera would have been the best fit for the Browns.

    Personally, McDaniels not getting a job is not surprising; just poetic justice. He, not one to be humble in any way, took his wife & had already contacted several assistants. He was a bust his first go around, but thinks he’s worthy of special considerations & power as a HC.

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