Bengals Still Won’t Consider Trading No. 1 Pick

The Bengals got a few calls from teams looking to move up, but they’re not even going through the motions. One Bengals source told Dianna Russini of (on Twitter) that they “could just turn our ringers off on our phones” when it comes to trades for the No. 1 pick. 

It’s no surprise. The Bengals are locked in on LSU star Joe Burrow as their quarterback of the future. They’ve been burning up bandwidth and using as much of their allotted time as possible to get familiar with him, go over the playbook, and strategize for their future together.

Other teams near the top of the order are at least giving thought to trading down. Giants GM Dave Gettleman could very well move the No. 4 pick, even though it’s not in his nature. The Lions are also willing to listen on offers for the No. 3 pick, though they’re high on cornerback Jeff Okudah, defensive tackle Derrick Brown, and Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons. Okudah is very unlikely to be available past No. 10 and there’s no telling where Brown or Simmons could land. The Redskins, supposedly, are willing to listen on offers for the No. 2 pick, but they’re probably still keyed in on Ohio State pass rusher Chase Young.

Nothing is certain in this year’s NFL Draft, but Burrow-to-the-Bengals seems like a done deal.

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10 comments on “Bengals Still Won’t Consider Trading No. 1 Pick

  1. Rangers29

    I’m a casual NFL fan, so I am not sure if this is a smart move or not by the Bengals. Burrow had his explosive season at LSU last season, but should they trade him? I wanna know more about the NFL, so is it a smart move by the Bengals not to trade him, and if they traded him, what could they get back?

    • Skullking

      Bengals could likely receive at least 2 1st round picks in addition to a top 10 pick in exchange for the 1st overall pick. However, franchise quarterbacks are the hardest thing in the NFL to get, and the most valuable.
      No it’s not a smart move to trade the pick unless they don’t think Burrow is a good quarterback, which he is.

    • joeshmoe11

      If you’re convinced you have a franchise quality QB available then you don’t pass up that chance. QB can make entire offense better, especially one on an affordable rookie deal

    • Michael Chaney

      If they think he’s their guy long-term, there’s not an offer in the world that would be good enough to trade him for.

      If they have any doubts at all (which it doesn’t seem like they do, nor should they), the smart move would be to take a king’s ransom and move down. They have a lot of holes so more picks would theoretically help, but a franchise quarterback can mask a lot of holes anyway.

      • Rangers29

        Thanks for the insights everyone. I knew franchise quarterbacks are the most valuable piece you could have, but I just didn’t know what that true value was. I’m seriously trying to learn more about the NFL.

  2. jcraft21

    I would take all Miami could offer. They have many more holes than just a quarterback issue.

  3. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    If Miami offers their entire draft, maybe…maybe you think about it.

    Otherwise, Burrow looks so good even the Bengals might not be able to ruin him.

    • joeshmoe11

      What QB have the Bengals ruined in any reasonably recent history? I count 2 starting QBs over the past 16 seasons with 5 Pro Bowl nods between them..

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