Poll: What Will Giants Do At No. 4?

While the variance in this draft’s top three picks may be low, the Giants could go in a number of directions at No. 4 overall. They have been connected to several different strategies.

Picking in the top six for the third straight year (after never landing there from 2005-17), Big Blue has needs at a few places. The Giants could use help on the offensive line and at outside linebacker and safety. Based on the organization’s history and Dave Gettleman‘s impossible-sounding track record featuring zero trade-down maneuvers in seven drafts as either the Panthers or Giants GM, the Giants would be expected to hold their pick at No. 4. But noise about the team moving down has emerged.

Gettleman said this week he is seriously entertaining the prospect of moving down — something he did not strongly consider the past two years when the Giants took Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones. The Giants may be going as far as planting a seed about Justin Herbert interest. Gettleman was believed to be higher on Herbert than Jones last year. But with only two teams in the past 38 drafts using back-to-back first-round picks on quarterbacks — the 1982-83 Baltimore Colts and the Cardinals in the past two years — teams do not appear to be buying this.

With Chase Young a lock to be off the board by No. 4 and the Giants not expected to take a cornerback that high, they may be down to tackle or Clemson do-everything defender Isaiah Simmons. The Giants have not gotten what they paid for in Nate Solder and signed stopgap right tackle Cameron Fleming. The latter, however, could be used as a swing man — as he was in New England and Dallas — to open the door for a rookie to start at right tackle.

Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs has been linked to the Giants for several weeks. However, Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, massive Louisville blocker Mekhi Becton and Alabama’s Jedrick Wills loom as possibilities as well.

The Giants are evaluating Simmons’ fit. He played everywhere from off-ball linebacker to safety to edge rusher to slot cornerback at Clemson. That kind of rare versatility prompted ESPN.com’s Jeff Legwold to label him the draft’s top prospect.

While Simmons could help the Giants in multiple areas, Gettleman has preached offensive line development since arriving in December 2017. They also would be in a better position to address their edge rusher need with more picks, hence the greater interest in trading down.

So where what will the Giants end up doing at No. 4 overall? Vote in PFR’s latest poll (link for app users) and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.

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25 comments on “Poll: What Will Giants Do At No. 4?

  1. crosseyedlemon

    If Gettleman was smart he would ask the Jets what they would do…and then do the exact opposite.

  2. ruckus727

    Andrew Thomas will be their pick. Although they’d prefer to move down a few spots I don’t believe they will be able to work out the appropriate deal and they’ll stay at 4 and take Thomas. I have no idea why everybody started talking about him being the fourth offense of tackle to go. He’s the safest and most ready to play, especially on the left side.

    • vladdy27bo11

      I was wondering the same thing like right as the combine came around his name just seemed to drop down the list for some reason

    • jkoms57

      Becton or Wirfs are better pro options than Thomas.

      Agreed Thomas was the best in college but will likely be the 3rd or 4th tackle taken in this draft

      • ruckus727

        Becton likes food more than football. He’s number 4. There’s more to playing LT than just pure size.

  3. As a Giants fan, I’m surprised ‘Screw up royally’ is not an option on the poll.

  4. hOsEbEeLiOn

    You take the best tackle. You have a young QB who needs protection and a young RB.

    Round 1- Andrew Thomas to replace Fleming or move Solder to RT and Thomas to LT.

    Round 2- you go slot receiver KJ Hamlen

    Round 3- you go center Tyler Biadasz out of Wisconsin

    Round 4- you go receiver Collin Jefferson out of Texas

    Round 5- you go FS KVon Wallace out of Clemson

    Round 6 – you go CB John Reid out of Penn State

    Round 7 you beef up your dline depth with 2 picks and a change of pace back.

    • Gotta disagree. Their defense is awful, yet your draft has them ignoring defense completely until the 5th round. imo, they should go Simmons in the 1st, an OL in the 2nd, WR in the 3rd, then back to defense or BPA in rounds 4-7.

      • CharlesConerly21

        Exactly right. Isaiah Simmons is singular talent. There will be effective tackles later in the draft.

      • hOsEbEeLiOn

        QB is more important than defense. Unless you have 2000 Ravens level defense.

        Keeping your young QB upright and RB protected in well regarded draft for oline takes priority imo, if you can get one of the elite tackles you take them. Defense can come next year in 2021 and free agency. Cap could spike to 240 mill and currently have 64 mill in cap space for 2021.

        NYG ranked 25th last year in run blocking and 17th in pass blocking. Gave up 43 sacks. Jones started 12 games took 38 of those sacks. Over 3 sacks a game isn’t ideal for a young QB.

    • Perksy

      I wouldn’t even go WR in the 3rd. First 3 I would go defense and two Oline, not in any particular order. I am hoping for the trade back though to get another 2nd round pick.

    • jkoms57

      They will stay put and take Simmons.

      One player cant solve o-line, but one player like Simmons can solve the entire Defense

      (And I dont mean multiple positions, I mean having high level of pursuit and quickness)

    • jkoms57

      Why not take Simmons at that point?

      Makes absolutely no sense to give Adams a massive extension

  5. jonesadoug

    trade straight up for Chris Jones. Chris is a stud defender and could change the defense on his own.

  6. He’ll trade the 4th pick to the Jets for their 1st round pick straight up because he feels he didn’t get fleeced enough in the Leonard Williams trade.

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