PFR Originals: 5/18/20 – 5/24/20

In case you missed it, here’s a look at some of our faves from the past week:

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9 comments on “PFR Originals: 5/18/20 – 5/24/20

  1. crosseyedlemon

    “The first NFL Draft was the brainchild of Eagles co-owner Bert Bell, who grew tired of the Bears and Packers buying the country’s best new talent”.

    Bert Bell continued to cry as the Bears won 10 straight games against the Eagles following the creation of the draft. The Eagles didn’t manage a win in Chicago until 1999 (a span of 31 games).

  2. king beas

    Rams do need to extend Ramsey but I don’t see how it’s possible. They have no future cap and also lack picks so filling out a roster will be very difficult for them

    • Afk711

      They actually have plenty of cap room next year. Stop watching ESPN for your talking points and actually look at the numbers.

      • qbert1996

        They 44 million roughly in space for next season before a Ramsey extension where he will top the market. So yes they have space but no a lot of wiggle room elsewhere to fill out the team.

        • king beas

          Kupp will also need a new contract and Floyd being a free agent too creates a need at edge rusher. They also need to upgrade the roster since currently they aren’t a playoff team and with the little cap after they extend those players it’ll be tough

          • wagner13

            They also lack a first round pick in 2021, making it even more difficult to replenish talent. Whitworth can’t play forever, he’s going to need a replacement pretty soon

        • Afk711

          Sportrac has 50 million. Theres enough for Ramsey, Kupp and JJ. They have been working with low cap room for a while now. Thats nothing new.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I’d like to see more historical PFR originals such as the first story listed. Only the Redskins (Hail to the Redskins) and Raiders (The Autumn Wind) have team theme songs…what’s the story there?

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