5 Key NFL Stories: 6/22/20 – 6/28/20

Been busy? Let’s get you caught up with a look back at some of the NFL’s biggest stories from the past week:

NFL Cancels Hall Of Fame GameLast week, the NFL 86’d the annual start to the preseason. This year, the game between the Steelers and Cowboys was set to take place on August 6. Instead, the league is taking a more cautious approach. More changes could be on the way, including a delay to the scheduled start of training camp (currently July 28) and a shorter preseason schedule

AB Off Ravens’ Radar?: Even though Lamar Jackson and other Ravens stars have advocated for him, the Ravens have reportedly cooled on the idea of signing Antonio Brown. The Seahawks have also been connected to Brown, but, for now, the 32-year-old is still out of work and still in a gray area with the league office.

No Progress In Contract Talks Between Chiefs, Jones: The Chiefs have just over two weeks to hammer out an extension with Chris Jones, but there hasn’t been much momentum as of late. Jones, who is one of five franchise-tagged players yet to sign his franchise tender, has been vocal about his desire for a new deal.

Adam Gase A Factor In Adams’ Trade Request?: Jamal Adams isn’t just mad at the Jets’ front office. This week, it was reported that the Pro Bowl safety also has beef with head coach Adam Gase.Gase, meanwhile, says his relationship with Adams “has been good” since he arrived in New Jersey.

Latest On Kaepernick: Colin Kaepernick has drawn interest from NFL teams, but none of those clubs have reached out to him or his camp directly. Instead, those teams are looking to do their homework on the quarterback and gauge his interest in playing for them before potentially putting an offer on the table.

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10 comments on “5 Key NFL Stories: 6/22/20 – 6/28/20

  1. afsooner02

    Could any of you see Kaep playing for Gruden in Vegas? It’s not like they’re solid at QB….that would be an interesting combo for sure.

    They also got mariotta and J Peterman and his catalog. Like I said….not solid at QB. If he signs for little, I could see it make some sense….but last I heard/read he’s hoping for big money.

    • cant_teach_speed

      No. Carr is better than the public opinion suggests and the staff recognizes that. Mariota would be given first chance to replace Carr, and that wouldn’t be until this season is lost at the soonest, most likely next year. Kap makes sense in Seattle or San Diego or something similar. Someplace with a mobile QB looking for a backup that wouldn’t need to have the playbook changed. Kap is probably a backup at best. He is a long time removed from the league, and although he was solid in his last season, he wasn’t a dynamic game changer anymore even then.

      • rocky7

        Solid in his last season? He was 8-8, 2-6, and 1-10 in his last three…..is that solid? And that last season was 2016!
        Also, very easy , public relations wise for both San Diego for its obvious reasons, and Pete Carroll who always seems to make that 1 fatal decision at crunch time, to say he’d be a great fit “BUT”….ah yes the big but, because they have no room at QB on their current rosters unless they make changes at their second or third backup QB’s.

        • cant_teach_speed

          Do you use win/loss to evaluate a QB? Food for thought- ESPN just ranked the Raiders the worst defense of the DECADE. So let’s say the organization has some team building issues

  2. fungie22

    San Francisco tried to cut his pay. He wouldn’t accept it. They he had several offers not to his liking. As the money wasn’t good enough. Then he makes demands for a private practice in Atlanta. This guy just can’t accept a secondary role. I cannot see him starting.

  3. mlbnyyfan

    AB could be a difference maker where ever he plays. Ravens, Seahawks,49ers,etc

    • rocky7

      Yes, a difference maker on his own terms not the teams…wonder why he still is unemployed as yet….especially given what you are saying?

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