XFL To Return In 2022

The Rock says the XFL will return in the spring of 2022 (Twitter link via Dwayne Johnson). This will mark the third iteration of the pro football league, which was recently acquired from original founder Vince McMahon.

As owners, we’re proud to champion our XFL players, coaches, cities and fans into an electrifying 2022 season! It’s an uphill battle – but we’re hungry, humble and no one will outwork us,” Johnson wrote. “[This will be] a league of culture, passion, and purpose.”

The XFL’s relaunch ended midway through its (re)inaugural season, prompting McMahon to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. McMahon put the league up for sale in May and reportedly attracted “dozens” of potential bidders. Ultimately, McMahon’s longtime WWE superstar presented the top offer. McMahon, meanwhile, still has some loose ends to tie up. Commissioner Oliver Luck sued McMahon and other execs have filed claims to collect their pay. The XFL released its players in March, allowing quarterbacks Josh Johnson, P.J. Walker, Jordan Ta’amu, and others to seek NFL deals.

There was some speculation to a 2021 return, but the current climate would make a short turnaround difficult. Instead, the XFL will take an additional year to get organized and land the television deals needed to make the league viable. The 2020 XFL included eight teams: the Dallas Renegades, the Houston Roughnecks, the Los Angeles Wildcats, the Seattle Dragons, the D.C. Defenders, the New York Guardians, the St. Louis BattleHawks, and the Tampa Bay Vipers. The 2022 iteration may or may not include all of those markets.

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19 comments on “XFL To Return In 2022

    • Me, too, but I like that they’re not rushing it and risking it getting shut down or putting out a lesser product.

  1. PapiElf

    If there’s a tie, how about the two teams’ coaches come to midfield and have to wrestle Dwayne. Whichever one passes out/dies first is the loser of the game.

  2. markdavisbarber

    So there is a chance that we will get to see Adam Gase coach again in the future.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    More snake oil with either Antonio Brown or Josh Rosen being pitched as the great reason to get on board.

  4. Arnold Ziffel

    The last one was on its way to success until CCP virus ruined it.

  5. datrain021

    I think if they took the best attended teams from XFL 2020 and the AAF they could have a solid league.

  6. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    St. Louis drew well. They really should put this in cities that are hungry for football or starved of pro sports in general and skip markets like L.A. and NYC that are completely saturated already.

    My suggestion for franchises: St. Louis, Oakland, Austin, San Antonio, Portland, Milwaukee (or maybe Salt Lake or Fresno instead), Columbus, and Toronto. You’d have major attendance in all of those markets.

      • Polish Hammer

        So Austin, Portland, Seattle and Milwaukee? Time to get George Soros to invest some money in the teams, he’s already spread a lot of money in those places.

    • crosseyedlemon

      St. Louis is a baseball town and has already struck out twice in the NFL. Packers dropped Milwaukee. Bills were a flop in Toronto and the CFL would block any move there anyway. Ohio market becomes just as saturated as LA and NY if Columbus granted a team. Portland protesters are doing fine and don’t need a terrible football team to make them even more angry.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      You can’t completely avoid the east coast. It’s the most populated area in the United States.

      I also don’t understand the logic in either placing a team in Milwaukee, or alternatively putting two more in California or one in Salt Lake. There are many better east coast alternatives.

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