Minor NFL Transactions: 12/2/20

We’ll keep track of today’s minor moves here:

Buffalo Bills

Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Houston Texans

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

San Francisco 49ers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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6 comments on “Minor NFL Transactions: 12/2/20

  1. Wade Herbers

    Vikings waste draft pick to move up to draft a K ( Carlson ) a few years ago………cut him…waste a pick to get another …….use a draft pick on a long snapper—cut him …..and the special teams has been terrible this year………Why has no one been fired???

    • nentwigs

      FIRE WHO?
      The GM who made those bonehead moves (because they didn’t work)?
      The Special Teams Coach? (The former, troubled ST coach is in Cleveland).
      The young guys on Special Teams, perhaps forced into those roles prematurely due to player defections and the release of under performing players causing everyone to move up a bit too fast?
      The Head Coach who passed around the Kool-Aid and claimed that with HIS Defense he could take the team to the Promised Land IF he only had a QB – even if that guy dented the payroll $30 Million a Year?
      Back to the GM who can’t seem to draft or sign a developmental QB.
      Or the fans who tolerate this long dry spell of performance?

  2. nentwigs

    Tampa Bay is confident that with the promotion of a new player to the DL, the Defensive Line could not be……

  3. nentwigs

    The Packer’s newly activated Linebacker was found in BARNES !! He was giving his parents spelling lessons at the time and instructing them that the proper spelling of his first name is CHRIS and that he is pissed off at them because his ENTIRE LIFE he has had to spell his first name out as K-R-Y-S AND pronounce it to EVERYONE he meets.

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