Coaches, Execs Believe Aaron Rodgers Wants Out Of Green Bay

No matter how hard Aaron Rodgers tries to downplay his comments at his post-NFC Championship Game press conference, it’s clear the speculation isn’t going away anytime soon. Rodgers, of course, raised plenty of eyebrows by saying his future was “uncertain” after the Packers’ heartbreaking loss to the Buccaneers.

Green Bay has gone into damage control mode, with team CEO Mark Murphy declaring emphatically that Rodgers would be back in 2021, and that “we’re not idiots.” But despite all that, coaches and execs around the league remain “convinced a bitter divorce is pending” between the two sides, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes. La Canfora reports that head coaches and GMs told him this, which would obviously be interesting to say the least.

La Canfora’s sources contend there is tension between Rodgers and head coach Matt LaFleur, with one NFL head coach saying “it’s never really been good between him and the coach. It’s been a long feeling-out process, and it looks like it’s over.” If true, it’s a pretty remarkable turn of events considering Rodgers is coming off a season that will see him named league MVP shortly.

One assistant coach said Rodgers’ unhappiness is “the worst kept secret in football” and that he was “sending a signal to the rest of the league” with his comments. One long-time NFL exec says “trust me. The quarterback wants out.” Rodgers’ contract runs through the 2023 season, but La Canfora speculates he could force a trade by threatening to retire if one isn’t granted.

The Packers, if you’ll recall, brought a lot of this drama upon themselves by drafting Jordan Love in the first-round last April. As the Eagles learned the hard way after drafting Jalen Hurts in the second-round, it’s nearly impossible to avoid controversy when drafting a quarterback high with one already on the roster.

The Love pick clearly stung Rodgers at the time, and he responded with by far his best season in years. It’s likely the Packers weren’t expecting that kind of late-career resurgence when drafting Love. It’s rare for there to be this much talk about blowing things up on a team that is coming off back to back NFC Championship Game appearances, but here we are.

Buckle up, because this surely isn’t the last we’ve heard on this situation as we enter a wild offseason where seemingly everything is up in the air.

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69 comments on “Coaches, Execs Believe Aaron Rodgers Wants Out Of Green Bay

  1. DarkSide830

    are any of these “coaches and execs” him or his agent? sick of this “worst kept secret” garbage. if its so badly kept then why did it only just come out?

    • 13Morgs13

      U notice how none of this came out till they lost at home in NFC title game. If they had won, no story. Since they lost it’s now a story. This article was a waste of time. Rodgers isn’t going anywhere.

  2. CamFrost

    Oh, yeah. From the most reliable source of all-time, Jason La Canfora!

    • cuban1

      A random number texted him responding to his story asking why Rodgers wouldnt work with a certain team, and after telling that person all about why it wouldn’t it was revealed he was talking to the HC of that team. That sounds totally legit to me, because a HC would ask a sportswriter why a player wouldnt work out on his team, rather than discussing it with his front office.

  3. GoLandCrabs

    Rodgers certainly should be wanting out of Green Bay. Since 2010 they have fumbled Rodgers prime years. Ted Thompson was afraid to make the big move, may he rest in peace. They kept McCarthey way too long and his coaching cost the team the 2014 NFC title. Drafting Love in the 1st round with a super bowl contending roster is the final straw.

    • Packerz No Matter What

      Let it go man let it go. Winning the super bowl is hard.

      • Ak185

        He’s right, though. People don’t like complaints, I get it, but it’s true. Teams who just rely on quarterbacks to win Superbowls are lucky to win one.

  4. kripes-brewers

    We went through this with Favre too. However Favre was at a point where he was just launching the ball every time it was 2nd and long, and he was throwing as many interceptions as touchdowns. I, for one, was ready for him to go 5 years before he did (still loved watching him play the game, but he was just not the same player after the SB years). Rodgers is still at the top of his game, and although his salary is hamstringing the team to a very real extent, I don’t think anyone is ready to walk away from him – certainly not the fans…

    • elscorcho the marlin

      Hamstringing the team? He’s an mvp and isn’t payed the most. In fact, he’s 4th. I think the gm hamstringed the team with no weapons for him, in the last draft.

      • bdpecore

        His salary might only be 4th but his cap hit is higher coming in at $37 million next season. They should give him a new deal which brings his annual salary up but reduces his cap hit.

    • jeterspeter

      Funny, I tweeted this exact thing a few days ago. And I’m a huge packers fan. But I would take that deal and I think the Texans should as well.

      • jessethegreat

        If offered, the Texans would have to take that deal. We know Watson is getting dealt.. and no matter the picks and players coming back, they would not match the value that a Rodgers would bring.

  5. Yep it is

    Who cares if the Crybaby wants out. Havent won a thing in 10 years with him. Move on and start fresh. He isn’t winning anything soon in Green Bay or anywhere else he goes. He is a whiner and now a cancer

    • GoLandCrabs

      He doesn’t have the leadership skills Tom Brady does to will the defense into forcing turnovers that sets the offense up in the red zone.

      • bdpecore

        Wait…Tom Brady lead the Bucs defense and his leadership from the sidelines lead to those turnovers? I’m guessing all those inexcusable off target passes and three INTs he threw were his way of motivating his defense to get more stops. Smh When will people realize Brady wasn’t the e reason they won but was the reason GB had a chance to win it late in the 4th qtr?

    • My God are you ungrateful. Try being a fan of a team like the Jets, whose best QB since Namath is probably Chad Pennington. Or the Bears, or WFT, or any number of other teams.

      A top ten QB all time with a 126-63-1 career record who just threw for 4,000+ yards, 71% completion, 48 TDs (and only 5 INT). Labeled a ‘cancer’, a ‘whiner’, and a ‘crybaby’ and you can’t wait to get rid of him. You are a fool. An unbroken run of almost 30 years of Hall of Fame QB play and this is your attitude. Unbelievable.

        • realsox

          I’d pay to see Rodgers with the Bears beating up on the Packers twice a year. I know, I know—this really is fantasy football.

      • bdpecore

        Well said rct!!! I’m a Packers fan who actually appreciates the fact we’ve been blessed with elite QB play since the 90’s.

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      The front office hasn’t exactly helped him win anything by surrounding home with street FA’s and garbage picks. His receivers were Adam, MVS (who had a 50% catch rate on good throws) and then a bunch of UFA’s.

      Brady has had a better defense than Rodgers every year except 2 (GB won a super bowl on one of those). Brady has had about 30 All Pro players, Rodgers has had 8 and 3 of those were this year (another was Kuhn at Fullback).

      • Exactly. The Packers have Rodgers at QB, Aaron Jones at RB and this past draft picked a QB in the first round and an RB in the second round instead any kind of help for the defense. Without Rodgers, these guys would draft themselves into irrelevancy in a few years.

    • stubby66

      Yup Rodgers is getting upset that he is being treated like Favre was in his later years. Not so fun when the shoes on the other foot. Listen I think Rodgers and Favre are great quarterbacks. The difference hear is the Packers still want him. Back when Favre was going through this , he had more class. Thompson only cared that he was going to prove Wolf, Holmgren and Favre he was better and smarter then them. Thompson had a ego the size of Texas, he wanted to end the street and prove he was the smartest person. He didn’t care who he walked over completely classless. Yes I know he died and I feel bad for his family but that is the truth

      • bdpecore

        So the 5 year stretch where Farve constantly brought up retiring and waited until late in the offseason to make his decision to return was considered a classy move? Hamstringing your GM every offseason makes his job 100x more difficult to operate.

  6. viercjm

    Clickbait. Sounds like La Canfora heard from a friend who knows a guy whose neighbor works with a kid whose teacher’s uncle is an NFL GM that Rodgers and LaFleur don’t get along, then added several “other sources” to make it sound legit.

    • ruckus727

      LaCanfora has made a career of taking rumors and making them sound like there’s new facts that validate them or just flat out fabricating stories altogether. He’s the biggest poser of all “NFL Insiders.” Dude sucks.

    • Not even joking but this sounds like the same writer(s) that predicted Giannis would be headed to GS with Wiggins and draft picks being the headliner.

    • cuban1

      Close. A random number texted him asking why Rodgers wouldnt be a fit for his team in response to an article he wrote detailing where Rodgers would fit. After explaining it all for him, it was revealed he was texting with the HC for that team, who then told him that he wanted Rodgers because everyone knows him and LaFleur dont get along.

  7. Bdd1967

    No one cares Sharon!! You’re an overpaid crybaby. Poor you. Someone is prepping for your job. Looks different when you’re on the other end of it huh?? Be a man. Say what you want. If you want out..SAY IT!! Lord knows you don’t need the extra few million you want to stop sucking your thumb. Retire!! You and Kirk Cousins have won the same amount of Super Bowls in the last 10 years. Get over yourself.

  8. brave new world

    He has not been surrounded by weapons at WR, and the young guys that have drafted have flopped for the most part since they got there. With the biggest need on the team being WR they still didn’t draft 1 in the best & deepest WR draft in decades. Then draft a QB in round 1, and trade away a 3rd round pick. Wouldn’t Tee Higgins or Michael Pittman look great playing in GB as the #2/3 WR instead MVS & ESB. He is wasted in GB, he should try and force his way to Indy or SF.

    Indy is the easiest trade cap wise, they have cap room & need a QB, but don’t have a hound QB to send back?

    What about Miami, send Rogers to Miami for TUA, & the #3 pick & a 2nd rounder thoughts?

    • dust44

      Y would they trade for Tua with Love on the roster. That’s a horrible trade idea. Watson for Tua and #3 makes more sense for the Texans. If they got Tua that’s now 2 first round QBs from the same draft.

    • ruckus727

      I wish Miami would do this. They are in prime position above all other teams to not only get either Watson or Rodgers, but also to then catapult themselves into the thick of the AFC race and become Super Bowl contenders immediately.

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      Rodgers is >>>>>>>>> Khalil Mack so if they traded him I would expect them to get what the Bears gave Oakland times 2

  9. cubsnomore

    That was an epic collapse to say the least. Rodgers pouting like a little kid, players dropping passes, coach going off on his players. Best NFC Championship game in a long time.

  10. cbrookhouzen

    While a great player Rodgers is a bit of a prima dona who is a known whiner. Players can now pretty much force a team to trade or release them. Where there is smoke there is usually fire.

  11. Greg M

    Do any of these “coaches, execs” think Mahomes will get traded as well? I think I have a better chance of sprouting a third arm then Rodgers does of getting moved.

    Although, to be fair to John and Jane exec/coach, Rodgers brought this type of speculation on himself. If you want your dog to stop eating your food then you should probably stop putting it in its dog bowl.

    • crosseyedlemon

      If you want to stop your dog from eating people food you take him to a fast food restaurant…does the trick every time.


    Rodgers clearly was not happy with the drafting of Love last year. I mean look at their team? They should have won that game, but kicked themselves out with their play. They should have used a first round pick to address immediate needs.
    It looks like it’s an either keep the coach or Rodgers situation.

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      Did the Packers even get 16 games played by their 2020 draft in aggregate? I know Dillon played some. The TE played some on specialty teams. Martin played some. Total of 16 between them?

      • Ak185

        I believe I remember Degura being out with a foot thing? Even if not, he certainly did not play more than handful of snaps in totality. I’d consider that not playing.

        Not sure what the deal with Sternberger, either. If they’re not going to use him, they should let him loose. He’s not really a blocker and hasn’t had the most reliable hands, but he seems more athletic-in any case, they either missed on him or Degura. Maybe both. Somehow neither did much this year.

  13. ruckus727

    San Francisco would be a dream landing spot but, if Green Bay does trade him, they will undoubtably insist on sending him to an AFC team. So I believe Miami, Indianapolis, New England, and maybe Denver are the most likely landing spots.

    • bdpecore

      I just threw up in my mouth at the thought of Dak being ARod’s replacement.

  14. Hairy Callous

    Getting closer to becoming the NBA day after day. Where’s Bob McNair when we really need him?

  15. dawg13

    I think the story is true, drafting Love was not only a big FU it also reeked of the situation when he was drafted with Favre still slinging. They should have focused everything on winning today instead of worrying about the future. How would 3 additional draft picks one of them a first have looked on this team? Probably the difference between a Super Bowl and another championship game loss. How may of you would trade Love for a Super Bowl appearance? Let’s face it, the Packers blew it and now they pay the price. Rogers has always had a huge ego and at this point get what you can for him and move on. It’s the best way. They NEVER should have drafted Love.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s absurd to suggest that teams with aging QBs shouldn’t be drafting potential heirs. It’s the smart play even if your as inept as Elway at finding the right guy. Imagine if Andy Reid had just decided to stick with Alex Smith indefinitely instead of drafting Mahomes. Look where the Patriots are having not prepared for the day they would be without Brady.

      • Ak185

        Not when that heir is a reach without a strong history of consistency in college that you traded up for…with the core of your team firmly in contention mode.

        They forced the selection, and picked a guy who very likely won’t be a long term answer. They very likely may have won a championship with a meaningful pick at receiver, or even at linebacker, or just any other contributing position. The situations you brought up are not similar to the one the Packers were in-and Mahomes, while he had faults, was still a better prospect coming out of college than was Love (which is why he went well before the lower 20s).

  16. driftcat28

    I believe it. This has a Brady feel to it. Rodgers can’t win with this Green Bay team. So he’ll find another team to do it

  17. 10yardfight

    Rodgers should get out of Green Bay. He’s been there for 15 years and they have played in and won 1 super bowl.
    It’s clear the organization doesn’t make decisions in windows (not that it’s a bad way of thinking) but won’t do whats necessary to go beyond a limited play-off run.
    On the other side why would Rodgers be asking for another contract? He takes up a huge part of their cap and they will be over the cap this off season and that means most of the FA will be leaving and it’s quite possible there will be some players cut just to balance the cap, but hey let’s throw even more money at Rodgers and expect to win.
    At this point Rodgers is going to have to decide if he wants all the money or if he wants some championships. At this stage in his career he should be chasing titles not a big contract.

    • Goingyard16

      It is an absolute abomination that the Packers, who have had only 2 qb’s for 27 seasons, one in the HOF and the other who will be, to have been to only 3 Super Bowls. Shame on them for not doing enough to build better teams around them. What a colossal waste of talent.

  18. Albany Foster 2

    Look,I blame the entire management for doing a dumb job of drafting a qb when he told them all season add a receiver and you could have gotten a linebacker but you waste a pick first round on a QB that was totally disrespectful but I hope Aaron doesn’t walk and they find away to get rid of love but who wants him nobody no what he can do,hell he never been on the field

  19. thebfr21

    If this isn’t a writer trying to stir the pot to make their name… Get a clue Rodgers isn’t going anywhere, Jordan Love can’t beat out our back up QB (which I told everyone Tim Boyle was better to start with) stop trying to cause problems that aren’t there!! Bye Bye Jordan Love!!

  20. MileHighFan

    Rodgers is a fruitcake, thus anything is possible with him. Maybe Green Bay should trade him to someone for about 10 picks before he is washed up, as he clearly doesn’t have what it takes to win another Super Bowl.

  21. Ugogogo

    Derek Carr would be a dream in a packers uniform ! small contract for a yr , take a look see . Jalen is second yr player now , there is always him to fall back on .
    See what the Raiders will give besides Carr ?

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