Eagles, Colts Still Discussing Carson Wentz

The Bears may have a slight lead in the Carson Wentz pursuit, which could be a two-horse race. But the Colts are not bowing out of this process. They continue to engage in dialogue with the Eagles on a trade for the disgruntled quarterback, Zak Keefer of The Athletic tweets.

Wentz is believed to prefer the Colts as a destination, according to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer (on Twitter). But the Bears have Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace on hot seats going into their fourth year together. That may bring out a better offer compared to what the Colts are proposing.

The Colts, however, are not budging on their offer, with Keefer adding the Indy-Philly talks have not included a major compensation upgrade. It is not believed a first-round pick has yet emerged in a Wentz proposal.

Three ex-Eagles coaches on their offensive staff — Frank Reich, Mike Groh, Press Taylor — reside on the Colts’ staff, while the Bears have former Wentz position coach John DeFilippo in place as their quarterbacks coach. Chicago also recently promoted DeFilippo to passing-game coordinator.

Wentz has $47MM guaranteed going to him over the next two seasons, but the Eagles extending him at $32MM per year through the 2024 season, the quarterback would not carry a cap figure north of $27MM after he’s traded.

The Eagles were seeking a Matthew Stafford-type trade haul for Wentz, who has shown immense promise but is coming off his worst season. With these talks dragging on, it is clear Philly has not received such an offer for the former No. 2 overall pick. The Broncos and Patriots are not believed to be interested in Wentz, with SI.com’s Albert Breer noting the Stafford-type haul request prompted multiple teams to withdraw from this pursuit from the start. But the Colts and Bears appear to still be in it. One of them could have a new starting quarterback soon.

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41 comments on “Eagles, Colts Still Discussing Carson Wentz

  1. 13Morgs13

    It’s clear a 1st most likely isn’t coming. Also if Wentz is traded the eagles taking a QB at 6 is most likely

    • afsooner02

      Unfortunately there’s only 2 QBs worth a first rounder and 6 won’t get them either.

      • DarkSide830

        yeah im not big on anyone besides Sunshine and Fields, and I doubt Fields falls to 6. personally id just try out Hurts for a year and if he doesnt do well you probably get another high pick in 2022.

      • jawn

        So between Fields and Wilson, who doesn’t deserve to be selected in the 1st round? I’d argue there are 5-6 QBs who should be selected in the opening round.

    • matteste187

      No it’s not. They have jalen hurts. He will be their qb next season. They just hit on as many picks/signings as possible for them to be competitive

      • AndyMeyer

        Trade back and get as many picks as you can. This team is has a ton of holes, no money to spend in free agency and a bunch of bloated veteran contracts. Taking a quarterback at 6 would be egregious

  2. phillyballers

    If they manage to get (2) 2nds, that’s the equivalent of a 1+. Everyone knows that trading into the backend of the 1st typically requires a 2nd and later round pick(s). And you do so just to get that 5th year of control.

    I’d call that a win.

    • Polish Hammer

      Using the Eagles as an example for “typically” is not proper. The Eagles have shown absolutely no ability to identify and develop talent so a 2nd rounder that carries value with a normal organization means nothing to this one. Once you get past the first few picks in a draft and the consensus is out their on the talent board, the Eagles have no idea what they’re looking at or looking for and will overlook numerous roster holes to do it (see drafting of Hurts). Anyway, regardless of what they bring back in trade they’ll screw it up.

  3. arty!

    I guess I’m practical. Wentz is 28. He’s had 1 superb season (SB season). But for the rest of his career its been injuries and ‘what if’s’…Doesn’t mean he is a bad QB, but nothing more than a 4th rounder for a trade.

    • Polish Hammer

      Wrong. When he’s healthy he plays at a high level. Team ls buy low and coaches love to find what ailed a guy and correct it to maximize his value again. He will rebound, just going to be somewhere else and when he does it will be for much better value than a 4th.

      • arty!

        If he played at a high level, then why is he (a) on the trade market, (b) benched this year, & (c ) why did they draft a QB in the 2nd round?

        • Polish Hammer

          A & B see C

          That they drafted a QB in the 2nd round right after opening up the checkbook to a humongous contract doesn’t mean they had no faith in him, it’s that they have no clue in running a franchise. They ignored a bunch of roster holes to brag Hurts as well. Had they not foolishly ignored the needs and drafted a backup QB they’d have stuck with Wentz and spent the time to get him back on track and A and B wouldn’t be an issue. This is an indictment of the front office, not Wentz.

          He has the ability to get back on track and will so somewhere else. At a 4th like you foolishly suggest there would be every team in the league lined up, even as a 3rd for a quality backup to what they have. It will certainly take multiple 2nds and/or a 1st to get it down to the teams looking to fill a need.

          • arty!

            This is what I find fascinating about pro sports & fans. Using your words, the same people in management that were there for the SB winning season now have no clue about running a franchise?

            As I said, Wentz has 1 great season on his resume; that’s it. Personally I wouldn’t even call about him. Whomever trades for Carson will regret it. His resume says so.

            • Polish Hammer

              That is correct, the same people that gave a $128mil payday to Wentz turned right around and drafted a QB with a 2nd round pick. Same guy totally dismantled a Super Bowl winning team faster than anytime in history. Genius!

          • DonOsbourne

            You’re overlooking his contract. Even if the Eagles were willing to accept a 3rd or 4th round pick, there are only a handful of teams that could absorb the contract. You’re correct in that it is not an indictment of Wentz, but that contract limits his market regardless of how teams feel about his talent.

    • bradthebluefish

      Makes his value worth somewhere in between. He’s worth a 1st round pick based on 2019’s performance. He’s worth a 4th round pick based on 2020’s performance.

          • Polish Hammer

            Again arty! a dumb move by a front office, you left out they had just given him a $128,000,000.00 contract so they had zero faith in him at the time or are just have an incompetent GM to ignore the numerous holes on the roster and draft a backup.

  4. mhsaltz1963

    This whole situation has been so messed up by the Eagles and Howie Roseman, that it’s ridiculous. At this point, there is no way the Eagles can bring back Wentz. All leverage is gone. Wentz obviously wants to play for the Colts and the Bears are well of this. Again, lost leverage. The Colts simply have to wait Roseman out. The only wild card in all of this is how desperate the Bears are to get Wentz. Do you make a ridiculous offer for a QB who was awful in 2020? They would be bidding against themselves. Roseman will not get a Stafford type offer and he better start moving on this as Wentz’s roster bonus will soon be due. Typical Eagles.

    • DarkSide830

      it was Wentz who screwed this up. made it clear he wanted out but then tries to dictate where to when he doesnt have a NTC. he screwed the team again here.

      • I don’t see Wentz trying to “dictate” where he wants to go. Of course I’m sure there are places he’d rather play, but it’s the Eagles who are directing the trade. They’re not getting the compensation they want from other teams—those that Wentz allegedly wants to play for, and those that he does not. To me, both sides have royally screwed things up from all sides.

      • Pokeli

        If he doesn’t have a NTC then how can he dictate anything? He probably has preferences just like anyone, but he’ll go where they trade him. We’re all just operating on speculation so props to him for not making public statements when he easily could have

  5. brandons-3

    This is just so weird to me. We hear for almost two years how much Wentz has regressed (I think he was fine in 2019), they draft a QB high and then bench Wentz for said-QB. Wentz has an expensive contract, the Eagles are clearly ready to move on, but it they’re going to get a second rounder for him? I always thought they would have to attach a high pick to move him a la Brock Osweiler.

    • Big difference between Osweiler and Wentz. Brock Osweiler never should have been given the contract he was because he was never a capable starter in the NFL. Wentz has been, and has been elite. Teams may look at 2020 as an aberration…maybe (likely) he’ll never reach the highs of 2017 again, but teams can bet on him being a dependable, average-to-above average starter going forward. Brock Osweiler was at best a serviceable backup and nothing more, and paid like an elite starter. The Texans had to get out from the money of the deal, and only a couple of teams could absorb the cap hit. Philly does not need to trade Wentz for cap reasons, and they’d be better off from that perspective to keep him.

    • Pokeli

      Exactly. The Eagles gave up on Wentz a while ago and they don’t even think he has it anymore. It sounds like they’re just trying to milk his (2017) potential and hope a team will budge

  6. PatsFanBiff

    If Wentz does end up getting a Stafford size remuneration for Philly, I hate to see what Watson would

    • Chief Two Hands

      There is no way the Eagles get close to the haul the Lions received for Stafford, beginning with the fact that the Lions had to take on Goff’s albatross of a contract to get the draft picks. The money involved, given Wentz’s large contract, would not likely be comparable. Quite frankly, I don’t think Wentz is as valuable as Stafford, anyway, which is why Stafford reportedly drew much more interest when he was available. My guess is that the Eagles saw what Detroit received in their trade and said “We could get that for Wentz!” Then the rest of the league chuckled, patted the Eagles on the head and responded, “You’re adorable…but no, no you can’t. Ya got moxie though, kid, I’ll give ya that.”

      • nostradamus84

        How do we know what the Eagles asked for? We heard the media reports, but I wouldn’t put much stock in those. Stafford has more value now, but the return was based more on subtracting Goff as opposed to adding Stafford. Wentz value has never been lower, though teams may feel he has a higher upside if they can “fix him”. Yes, teams like the Colts have other options than Wentz. Yet jut as teams know the Eagles want to trade Wentz, teams also know the Colts need a QB. Do you think a team like the Jets is going to give up Darnold for a fourth knowing how much the Colts need QB? No, no they wont. They are going to squeeze them.

  7. canajay12

    With how our front office drafts (colts) a 2nd means a lot. We’ve picked up Smith, Leonard, Pittman Jr., Thomas in the past few alone and I’m not sure Wentz or his contract would net any of those players straight up at this point in time.

    Bring Brissett back and draft a guy if you see an upgrade from Eason if the best we can do is Wentz.

    • nostradamus84

      Teams know the Colts need a QB. Unless they are comfortable going with Eason, they are going to have to overpay for one. Wentz is the highest upside QB out there, but also comes with the highest risk. Trading up is going to cost them more draft capital then acquiring Wentz, (at least one second rounder and more) and they don’t have the assets to make a move for Watson. A team like the Jets isn’t going to give away Darnold knowing the Colts QB situation. They are going to try and squeeze the Colts for a second and maybe a future pick. They may be stuck with a free agent like Fitzpatrick or just going with Eason if they don’t want to give up a second rounder.

      • DonOsbourne

        I’m not sure the Colts feel they need a QB as badly as you think they do. I think they are confident in their roster and their ability to add and maximize talent. If we’re being honest, Rivers was no better than average last season and that was enough to get 10 wins. I think they are committed to a long term focus and they believe they can afford to wait until the player they want falls in their lap.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Some fans see the Colts as strong contenders but they currently have the youngest roster in the league so there is no urgency for them to make a huge financial commitment for Wentz. That money would be better used to find a replacement for Castonzo at LT.

  9. Pokeli

    Massive respect for Ballard not budging. Wentz has low floor, high ceiling and is a huge risk right now. Could be a fantastic pickup or it could be a disaster but it sounds like the Colts are offering a good package and the Eagles should just accept and move on

  10. MileHighFan

    The dude lost his job to a rookie QB. Anyone who thinks he is worth a 1st Round pick is smoking something. You should be thinking Josh Rosen-level trade compensation, not DeShaun Watson-level.

  11. nostradamus84

    The problem is we don’t really know what the Eagles want, or what either team is offering. Most of the so called “leaks” are inaccurate. It is probably fair to say the Eagles want a first round pick. Not sure they get it, but two seconds is probably fair.

    If you want to trade for a starting quarterback, most of the time you’re going to have to give up significant draft compensation. Wentz value obviously took a hit last season with his poor play, and his contract and injury history would make me reluctant to part with a first rounder. Though his ceiling would make me reluctant to accept less than 2 seconds.

    The upside is still higher than Darnold and Jimmy G, and you’re probably not going to get those guys much cheaper. I would think the Jets and Niners would want at least a third, and a future pick for those guys.If I was the Eagles, I would accept a second for 2021 and a conditional second for 2022 that could become a first based on Wentz performance and how far the Colts go in the playoffs.

    • Polish Hammer

      True, you’re correct about nobody knowing nothing about what is supposedly being offered. What little bit is floating out there is all Clickbait here and other places nobody knows nothing so many negotiations are being made behind the scenes that do not leak until after the fact.

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