Latest On J.J. Watt Market

J.J. Watt‘s free agency stay has surpassed the 10-day mark. While the future Hall of Famer’s destination remains unknown, he may be narrowing down his list.

The 10-year veteran defensive end will not join the Steelers, according to John Clayton of ESPN 710 Seattle. During an appearance on 93.7 The Fan Pittsburgh, Clayton indicated Watt is still considering the Bills, Packers and Titans, with the Raiders looming as a dark-horse suitor. The veteran NFL reporter later added the Browns are also still in the mix (Twitter links).

Buffalo and Tennessee were two of the initial teams linked to Watt shortly after his Houston release. The Bills also surfaced as a potential finalist last week. Titans GM Jon Robinson and HC Mike Vrabel confirmed discussions with Watt have taken place. Vrabel was on Houston’s staff from 2014-17. The Packers trail both the Bills and Titans in cap space for a potential pursuit of the Wisconsin native, but the team has made moves to free up room in recent days. Green Bay, Buffalo and Tennessee each remain over the projected 2021 cap, so each team still has work to do.

The Raiders have not been shy about pursuing veterans under Jon Gruden, and the team has not truly replaced Khalil Mack since the summer 2018 trade. The franchise has not finished with a scoring defense ranked in the top 16 since 2002. Watt would certainly help on this front, though the Raiders are currently nearly $20MM over the projected cap. That trails the Browns, Bills, Packers and Titans.

After contacting Watt’s camp on the day of his release, the Browns were the first team reported as being in the mix to sign the three-time Defensive Player of the Year. Cleveland has Buffalo and Tennessee outflanked for cap space and spent much of the 2020 offseason chasing Jadeveon Clowney to team with Myles Garrett. Even if Watt decides to head elsewhere, the Browns are expected to acquire a Garrett pass-rushing wingman this offseason.

Although the Steelers have fellow Watts T.J. and Derek, their cap situation makes adding big-ticket free agents dicey. Pittsburgh is still ironing out details of Ben Roethlisberger‘s impending return, which will require an adjustment from his league-high $41MM-plus cap number.

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27 comments on “Latest On J.J. Watt Market

    • Tatsumaki

      Raiders also cut Williams so that saves 11 million against cap. They are also slated to cut joyner saving another 8/9 million

      • frank858

        That’s great and all but the Raiders are almost $19 MM over the cap currently and those 2 moves will still leave them either even or just barely under the salary cap.

        • Tatsumaki

          So do you not understand how salary works? By cutting Williams raiders are 9 million off cap cutting or trading joyner gets them there. That’s not the only moves they can make they can trade mariota another 10 million and cut or trade Trent Williams 15 million dollars. They have options

          • Did you even read what he wrote? He said ‘those 2 moves will still leave them either even or just barely under the salary cap’ and you responded with ‘OMG do you understand how this works??? those two moves make them even with the cap!!!’

            You basically just said the exact same thing he did while chastising him for supposedly not knowing what he was talking about.

      • bush5104

        Because they’re pissed their organization isn’t getting Watt, Captain Obvious. *eyeroll*

  1. jhatrix

    Great. The Browns need someone Younger and less injury prone. Watt is Vernon 2.0.

    • Brownsbacker9

      Agree. Although I wouldn’t mind Watt, there’s 4 or 5 that I’d rather have. I actually like Carl Lawson from the Bengals. More upside and cheaper

  2. Brownsfan83

    Vernon where should I send him to I’m doing a browns franchise suggestions in the comments and for what

    • Brownsbacker9

      He’ll go to someone that misses out on one of the top FA. I could see Buffalo going after Vernon because of there lack of cap plus their chances of getting a ring. Vernon may not be ready for the start of the year

    • Dan Y

      What are you smoking? Vernon is a FA. And even if he wasn’t, why would CLE trade him for a LG and receive a 2nd round pick?

  3. CoachWe

    Steelers don’t have the $$. Not even possible w/o releasing players left and right

  4. Raider79

    Come on Raiders are not 20 mill over in cap space!! There only 9 mill over as of yesterday. With the release of tyrell Williams we save 11 mill so know we’re 2 mill under. With lots of cuts coming. We got the money!!!

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