AFC South Rumors: Texans, Watt, Colts

Although the breaking point for Deshaun Watson came when the Texans did not keep him in the loop on their hires this offseason, he shared his frustration to coaches and management after last year’s DeAndre Hopkins trade. Then-Texans GM Bill O’Brien assured Watson he would be kept abreast on big-picture decisions going forward, according to Mike Sando, Aaron Reiss and Jason Jenks of The Athletic (subscription required). Watson voicing those concerns following the Hopkins swap also led to the no-trade clause in his Texans extension. However, the quarterback became further disillusioned with the franchise as the regular season progressed. After the Texans’ losses piled up and Cal McNair fired O’Brien, Watson questioned the team’s direction, per The Athletic. Shortly before Watson signed his extension, he said he “loved” the McNairs, the organization and Houston. The Texans have insisted they are not interested in trading Watson, but several teams are interested. And the three-time Pro Bowler has shown no indication he will back down.

Here is the latest from the AFC South:

  • Watson’s longtime teammate, J.J. Watt, has been on the market a week. He has been connected to a few teams, including the Titans. After GM Jon Robinson confirmed the team had engaged in discussions with Watt, Mike Vrabel — Watt’s former defensive coordinator in Houston — addressed the possibility of a signing. “You mentioned J.J. Watt, and there will be other veteran players that become available that we’ll have discussions on, and we have had discussions on J.J. Watt,” Vrabel said during a call with season-ticket holders. “… There’s a lot of things that go into bringing in free agents, certainly ones that are past 30 or in the back half of their career.” Vrabel was the Texans’ linebackers coach from 2014-16 and DC in 2017. The Titans signed ex-Vrabel charge Jadeveon Clowney last year, but he is on track for free agency. And Tennessee’s pass rush remains in need of bolstering.
  • Although Matthew Stafford viewed the Colts as a possibility during his time on the trade block, Indianapolis did not offer its first-round pick for the 12-year Detroit starter. Washington and Carolina offered first-rounders and change, while the Rams won out with their monster proposal. The Colts, though, were a bit concerned about the 33-year-old quarterback’s level of play and whether it would end up being worth a big trade package, Stephen Holder of The Athletic notes. Frank Reich‘s history with Carson Wentz undoubtedly played a key role in the Colts taking a gamble on the longtime Eagles starter, and the team ended up retaining its 2021 first- and second-round picks in doing so.
  • The Texans are hiring former Lions character coach Dylan Thompson for a similar role, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle tweets. A former UDFA quarterback who moved to an off-field NFL role, Thompson is a friend of embattled Texans executive VP Jack Easterby‘s, Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk notes. His relationship with Easterby helped lead to his job in Detroit and previously with the Charleston Southern basketball program.
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10 comments on “AFC South Rumors: Texans, Watt, Colts

  1. nentwigs

    Seems like there are too many “Characters” in the NFL as it is WITHOUT hiring coaches to transform “normal” players into CHARACTERS. Just play the d*#m game !!

  2. parkers

    It is amazing to watch how the NFL deals with their players. It is truly a survival of the fittest mentality Of course they pay their QB’s a boat load of money. But an injury changes things overnight. Carson Wentz is classic, he was having a MVP year gets hurt, misses the super bowel. Injured most of the following year. The team never had decent receivers who could stay on the field. Lacked championship run game until Sanders. Offensive line, between injuries and age were less effective. Wentz comes back injures his back. Rumors in the locker room was he only looked for Ertz. He started off as a young face of the team type, left under all kinds of criticism from the media. Wentz to my knowledge has said nothing publicly. Read one Philadelphia paper saying good riddance. We love you when you are on the rise but kick you as you depart. Drafted a QB last year at #2 when a number of other positions cried out for help. Prediction: Wentz together with Reich will be a marriage made in heaven. Philly fans will eat their heart out.

    • Black Ace57

      Philly fans have nothing to do with this. The whole problem in Philly was between Wentz, Pederson, Roseman, and Lurie. Carson asked for a trade, not the fans. The only good riddance the fans are saying is that the situation is dealt with. In fact, before he was traded Eagles fans rallied together to raise over $9,000 for Wentz’s charity in 24 hours to thank him for his time here. So how about you actually read and get your facts right.

  3. compassrose

    I think I would want to miss the super bowel too. Lol just kidding to good to pass on.

    They either misquoted or misheard Watson. He said he liked the Benjamin’s could care less about the McNairs just sign the checks.

  4. bradthebluefish

    This should be an important lesson to everyone involved… if it isn’t in written, it didn’t happen.

    • bradthebluefish

      “We promise to keep you involved.” Good. Sign this agreement and if you break it, I can break out my contract.

  5. inkstainedscribe

    It’d be interesting if Watt left the Texans and joined the franchise that was the Oilers.

  6. flagsrup

    If we can get one of the top rated QBs at #6 then we should strike while the iron is still hot. Have heard the crop of QBs is not that gr8 for 2022. If it gives us a chance to be a better team moving forward then so be it. Remember, Hurts doesn’t appear to have the Wentz character flaw of being scared of competition.

  7. MileHighFan

    Hiring Thompson is a sure sign the Texans are planning to rebuild from scratch – as “character coaches” are how you get your college kids to acclimatize to the real world of the NFL.

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