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We heard at the beginning of January that the Patriots and quarterback Cam Newton were unlikely to reunite in 2021, but a report from earlier this week suggested that the the door is not closed on a Newton return to Foxborough next season. And multiple sources tell Ben Volin of the Boston Globe that they would not be surprised to see the Pats re-sign the 2015 league MVP.

After all, HC Bill Belichick reportedly loved coaching Newton, and Volin hears that even after the 2020 campaign, Belichick has raved about the effort that Newton put forth last season. He is concerned about Newton’s arm strength — which is understandable given the 31-year-old’s disappointing passing performance during his first season with New England — but he appears open to continuing the relationship just the same. Newton, meanwhile, has been similarly candid about how much he enjoyed playing for the Pats, so if the two sides can agree to another inexpensive contract, a re-up could be in the cards.

Of course, the club has also had conversations about every quarterback in the league that could be available via trade, and the expectation remains that the Pats will select a QB in the early rounds of this year’s draft (perhaps with their No. 15 overall selection). So if Newton comes back, it obviously won’t be as anything more than a bridge option to a younger passer, and Mike Reiss of suggests that the team could even re-sign Newton and pair him with another veteran.

If New England goes that route, one obvious option would be to re-sign longtime Patriot Brian Hoyer, as Volin notes. Volin also believes that Mitchell Trubisky could be on the Pats’ radar, and at this point in their respective careers, Trubisky certainly appears to have a higher ceiling than Newton. Some have connected the dots between New England and former Belichick draftee Jacoby Brissett, but Volin sees a Brissett signing as unlikely since he did not “click” with Belichick and OC Josh McDaniels before he was dealt to the Colts in 2017. Assuming the Patriots do end up adding two QBs this offseason, Jarrett Stidham‘s roster status will be very much in doubt.

One collegiate signal-caller that has been routinely mocked to the Patriots is Alabama QB Mac Jones. As Reiss notes in the piece linked above, former New England OC Charlie Weis was effusive in his praise of Jones, and Weis sees him as a perfect fit in the Pats’ offense. Though he is not as athletic as some of the other passers in this year’s class, Jones is more than capable of moving around in the pocket and can make accurate throws to every part of the field.

If the Pats really want Jones, though, they may have to trade up from the No. 15 pick. His stock is rising, and ESPN draftniks Mel Kiper, Jr. and Todd McShay both believe he will be off the board by the time New England is on the clock.

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34 comments on “Latest On Patriots’ QB Outlook

  1. cubsnomore

    I knew Trubisky would end up with the Belichik. Go ahead and laugh but he’s got the tools to be good. He just needs better coaching and some pass blocking. Nagy was a joke with Trubisky.

    • Nagy says “be you” like it’ll be made illegal tomorrow and then expects his players to not at all be themselves but fit exactly in his system, trubisky will go to New England and probably will never be great but he can play in the right system with even average pass blocking, I’ve been saying this for a year that he will go to New England and us bears fans will cry again “wHy CaNt wE eVeR gEt a quaRtErbaCK”

    • CoachWe

      I agree. Trubiski was the scape goat in Chicago, but he put up decent #’s, especially for such a young player. MT had 65 TD’s & 37 INT’s with around a 64 or 65% completion %. Trubiski is no different that Tannehill.

      • Very Barry

        Just Stop! Trubisky is horrific! An absolute train wreck of a #2 overall draft pick. Traded up and gave away draft capital to get him. Paid Mike Glennon $16+ million to be the one-year placeholder (Yes, Teddy Bridgewater was available as a free agent). Made Chase Daniel the highest paid backup QB in the league to be an extra “coach” for Mitch. Did I mention they passed on DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes to draft Trubisky? It is hard to be a good quarterback when you are not an accurate thrower and cannot process opposing defensive sets quickly. He has no accuracy. Just throw Trubisky’s completion % out the window. 80% of his passes were of the 1 and 2 yard sideways variety. The staff was petrified at the thought of letting him throw the ball downfield. Lol. They already knew what the outcome would be.

        • phillyballers

          Trubisky is more of a dink and dunk QB. Lower 3rd in Y/A and Y/C. And he was middle of the road with accuracy bc of that. If the Pat’s are going to have a check down offense, hed be fine.

          • bradthebluefish

            Pats had a check down offense with Brady for just two seasons ago and that worked out pretty well. Could certainly see them return this.

  2. deuceball

    Sign trubisky and trade for mariotta. You could run a versatile offense with there skill set and hopefully competing would bring out the best in each other.

  3. Alexsports

    should trade up to #10 from Dallas. That should be high enough for Jones. I believe he would do very well under Belichick.

  4. wildboys

    Panthers already gave Mac.Jones,
    “the promise” at #8. Why else would he sit out the Senior Bowl ?

  5. MileHighFan

    Belichick probably thinks that Cam’s issue last year was the depleted New England roster, but even adding a couple of big name free agents on offense isn’t going to fix Newton’s propensity to miss wide open receivers or make bad decisions. I think Belichick needs to pick up one of the younger cast-offs (Darnold, Mariota, or Trubisky) and see if he can put enough quality people around them to allow them to reach their potential. It won’t be Brady-like, but you can probably win 10 or 11 games with them.

    • rusty.coqbern

      Absolutely, I agree.. He mainly needs someone with accuracy for the short passing game that made NE so good.. If we had one other solid receiver (remember we have Marquise Lee (who signed last year and opted out). They also have Moncrief, Byrd, Jakobi Meyers and N’Keal Harry (leaving Edelman off as it looks like he might not play). Add a WR from the draft and sign a speedy defense stretching receiver (pay for it) – and this is aside from signing (and drafting) a TE (paying for one and drafting another).

      That’s not an elite receivers staff by any means, but it’s solid/good (depending on FA signed).

      At QB we just need a pass wet with more arm strength than Cam that can hit receivers on short routes for starters. If Trubisky or Marriota can be added we’ll have something (not a Superbowl ready team but one that can compete and possibly make the playoffs. Not sure we can hope (expect) more than that this year unless we draft a QB super high (and liquidate draft and financial Capitol to make that happen), and even then we could still use one of these two QBs to pair with him – you could carry a 3rd QB like Hoyer to help get these new QBs learning the playbook/schemes etc.

      We’re in a rebuild either way you look at it.. Getting a couple young QB’s in here is much better than bringing Cam back (unless he’s solved his arm strength issue.. He’s got the rest of it in hand, just no mustard on the ball).

      Lastly, with these new QBs on board you’ll also need a good RB stable.. We have some great RBs and should add the biggest bruiser RB we can find to add as well. RB’s did a solid job of bailing the NE offense out last year – I think they can do it again with new QBs figuring out the system.

      BTW: D-Line (and O-Line, as usual) will get plenty of attention in the draft. We need another DT (or two) to pair with a new DE/OLB to help get this line to penetrate. BB believes in the D-Line making or breaking a team. Needs a true edge setter that has coverage ability.

    • bradthebluefish

      Fully agree, though add Winston to the mix of cast offs to interview.

    • dcahen

      All you Pats fans are forgetting something: when you were dominating the rest of the AFC East stunk; so now 2 of the 3 perineal doormats are good; & the Jets may be a step ahead of you also due to picking lower & potentially adding draft capital. Right now a good year for NE would be 8-9 wins, but I think they’d be better off to get about 3-4 & draft in a position to significantly improve for 2-3 years out.

      • PatsFanBiff

        Seems you forget it wasn’t just the East the Patriots were dominating. Going to 9 SBs, 13 AFCCG including 8 straight.

        Say what you want about the East, the Pats were still dominating outside the division as well.

      • CoachWe

        You are reaching. BTW, it’s far worse than you think. BB has been to 12 SB’s, not 9. :)

      • bradthebluefish

        Belichick went 7-9 with three different QBs and a bunch players who opted out due to COVID. Patriots can certainly bounce back.

  6. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Shew. When a journalist can (justifiably) write, “Trubisky certainly appears to have a higher ceiling than Newton,” it might be time for Cam to start thinking about the next phase of his career…


    I’d like to see Fitzpatrick here. He can at least throw the ball and make some excitement. He is cheap money and if they draft or sign someone better you will still have a far better QB tandem

  8. TAHOE 2

    Best current options are Jake Dolegala and Newton, cut the rest unless BB can sign Fitzpatrick, then curt Cam.

  9. TAHOE 2

    Best current options are Jake Dolegala and Newton, cut the rest unless BB can sign Fitzpatrick, then curt Cam.

  10. bradthebluefish

    Pats should sign Jameis Winston. Dude is a baller and he’s never had a run game before. Patriots would be able eliminate his mistakes. Especially now that he’s had LASIK.

    • peterdipersio06

      Winston ? There is a reason he was run out of town down in Tampa! This guy is a turnover machine! Winston is a career backup and nothing more

  11. peterdipersio06

    Please draft Mac Jones! This guy looks great! He is a pocket QB with good arm strength.

  12. Jeeper097

    I’d like to see the Pats upgrade the receivers & tight ends in the first 2 rounds. Then draft Trask in the 3rd, and trade for Minshew.

    • CoachWe

      Similar result, but different way of doing it. I would like to see the Pats sign or trade for their QB. Then I would like them to trade down several times and acquire more 2nd & 3rd round picks so they can then address WR/TE/IDL/OT & CB. this way, no 5th yer option and they get an extra 3-5 higher round picks.

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