This Date In Transactions History: Colts Hire Frank Reich

Three years ago today, the Colts wrapped up one of the strangest sagas in league history. Earlier in the offseason, the Colts agreed to hire Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as their new head coach. Then, soon after they announced McDaniels’ arrival, he left them at the altar. 

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The Colts were forced to restart their head coaching search in a hurry. Saints tight ends coach Dan Campbell and Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier were among those considered in the second act, but general manager Chris Ballard ultimately chose Frank Reich, the Eagles offensive coordinator who helped guide the franchise to its first ever Super Bowl championship. Reich had previously interviewed for the Bills’ and Jets’ head coaching vacancies in 2015, but went a few years without HC buzz.

It wasn’t an ideal situation, but the Colts felt that Reich could help them salvage things. In addition to the SB ring on his resume, Reich’s offense had just placed third in scoring, seventh in total yards, and eighth in DVOA. Not bad for a last minute scramble.

Under Reich’s watch, the Colts have reached the playoffs twice in three years. His 11-5 record in 2020 was his best to date, though they were stopped by the Bills in the opening round. Reich will now look to build on that with yet another quarterback running his offense — and it just might be old pal Carson Wentz.

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5 comments on “This Date In Transactions History: Colts Hire Frank Reich

  1. arty!

    Funny how Cam wasn’t stud last season. After all, he played for the OC mastermind Josh McD!

    Sorta how I I feel about Eric B (KC OC). Is it his O or is Mahomes that good?

    • TheMichigan

      I think the showing Mahomes had in the super bowl shows that is a good quarterback, he does hold the ball and try to make big plays a bit to much, but you can’t deny his arm strength and game management. Some of the throws he made were amazing. O lines are a big part of quarterback success, and we saw how the lack of an o line killed the chiefs in the super bowl.

      • downeysoft42

        Yeah he held the ball too long but I think I’m the biggest stage your minds racing already, your then constantly having to worry about where the next hit is coming from, you have 2 deep safety on you all game, he’s usually having to run at full speed and avoid defenders all while trying to read a tough defense. Said before the game to people you aren’t going to be able to stop the best front 7 in the nfl when you just lost both tackles. If they lost them earlier , or missed more time in the season I could seen them surviving, but you throw guys in the biggest game of the year who have barely or not at all played and throw them against that front 7 it just ain’t gonna happen.

  2. nentwigs

    That means that THREE years ago…..
    In Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
    Was the beginning of……..


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