Trey Lance Expected To Hold Second Pro Day

Trey Lance has successfully parlayed one season at the Division I-FCS level into a top-10 draft value. The North Dakota State quarterback is expected to be one of the first players chosen this year, but the unusual prospect is on track give teams another chance to study him soon.

While North Dakota State has not yet scheduled a second pro day for Lance, Matt Barrows of The Athletic notes another Lance workout is expected to take place (subscription required). Linked to making such preparations along with Justin Fields, Lance will follow Fields in this regard. The Ohio State prospect is planning to work out for teams again April 14.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan did not attend Lance’s pro day last month. The showcase came before San Francisco had acquired the No. 3 overall pick, and the franchise’s power duo did not want to invite suspicion about their plans before the team acquired the pick. It should then be expected 49ers brass will be on hand to watch Lance this time. No private workouts can take place leading up to this draft, with the COVID-19 pandemic nixing those for a second straight year.

Mac Jones has emerged as the early clubhouse leader to be drafted third overall. Jones would be expected to play behind Jimmy Garoppolo as a rookie, should the incumbent remain on the team in a Jones-to-San Francisco scenario. Lance would profile as a player who would benefit further by sitting for at least one season. Lance started as a freshman, leading the Bison to another FCS title, and played in one game as a sophomore before declaring for the draft. The 6-foot-3, 224-pound prospect dominated in his one season of competition (28 TD passes, no INTs, 1,100 rushing yards) but carries no experience against high-end college competition and will enter the NFL after a sophomore season that the pandemic nullified.

Should the 49ers pass on Lance at No. 3, he would be an option for a Falcons team that appears to be split on drafting a quarterback or the best non-QB available at No. 4. A host of teams would be on the trade-up radar for the two QBs that do not go in the top three, with the 2022 quarterback class (as of now) not generating considerable buzz.

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10 comments on “Trey Lance Expected To Hold Second Pro Day

  1. 4eyedcoupe

    “unusual prospect is on track give teams”

    Stopped reading right there. Since the author couldn’t be bothered to read his own work, than I can’t be bothered to read it any more either.

  2. Polish Hammer

    Based on where he is projected to be picked, he will be a monumental bust.

    • biffpocoroba

      Hammer, this is the question I keep going back to since the Niners made that regrettable trade: how many, if any of these QB’s are worth coughing up two future 1’s and a 3rd this year?

      • Polish Hammer

        Everybody is in search of the coveted Franchise QB. So much so that they no longer wait for one to fall to the end of the 1st or even the 2nd, their interest drives these guys up to the top of the 1st. And with that goes the cost to then trade into those spots because you’re desperately in need of one. Once you get one there you grabbed him so high you need instant gratification and can’t sit and groom him so you stunt their growth and development.

        That said, I think Lance is quite the reach. Usually you call into question the level of competition he’s faced, but instead of just quality you question the quantity of competition when he’s had just 1 season. He had an incredible season as the starter, but in that dominant program he didn’t have to make some of the throws he’ll have to make in the NFL.

        Do you mortgage everything to grab a 20 year old QB that played one season of FCS ball and throw him to the wolves ASAP?

      • ruckus727

        Fields is the surefire bust of the two. I actually think this whole class is drastically overrated but I like do Lance. Regardless of which QB you like though, the fact remains the same with any of them. If you want to hit a home run, you usually gotta swing for the fences.

  3. phillyballers

    If Jones, Fields, or Lance get drafted by a bad organization then yea, they will be a bust. A lot of QBs are simply ruined by the team that drafts them.

    49ers will likely make the QB they take work. Whereas Lawrence and Wilson could flop bc they’re going to the Jags and the Jets. Lawrence could overcome the Jags shortcomings tho. Not sure about Wilson. Look at Goff, they made him into a Pro Bowl QB even tho we all agree hes pretty trash.

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