2028 Olympic Games

NFL, NFLPA Discussing 2028 Olympic Flag Football Participation

In October, it was officially announced flag football would be one of the new events introduced at the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Questions have since been raised regarding the participation of NFL players, but talks on that front are already underway.

The NFL played a leading role in the effort to get flag football into the Olympics, so it comes as little surprise the league is interested in having a presence at the event. Numerous active players have publicly stated an intention to participate, but a number of logistical issues need to be worked out. A mutual interest exists between both the NFL and the player’s association with respect to taking part.

NFL EVP Peter O’Reilly confirmed (via Mark Maske of the Washington Post) that “conversations have started” when it comes to working out an agreement with all parties to allow for NFL participation. NFLPA executive director Lloyd Howell cautioned that plenty of detailed discussions will be needed for one to be hammered out when speaking on the subject. He did, however, confirm the appetite on the union’s side for the NFL to have a prominent presence.

“The players want to do it,” Howell said (via Maske). “We’re supportive of the players wanting to do it. The league wants the players to do it. So we’re all for it. No impasse.”

The 2028 Games will take place from July 14-30, a window which falls outside of when NFL training camps usually begin. Matters such as travel costs and insurance in case of injury will need to be sorted out before NFL players are given the go-ahead to compete. As things currently stand, however, signs point to that taking place with plenty of time remaining for negotiations.