Cowboys’ Gregory Enters Treatment Facility

2:45pm: Gregory’s reps are still working on an appeal of Gregory’s potential 10-game suspension, Werder tweets.

1:30pm: Gregory’s coming suspension will be for at least ten games, Ian Rapoport of tweets. There is concern on the Cowboys’ part that he may not play again.

12:57pm: Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory has entered a treatment facility and is not expected to report to training camp this week, according to Ed Werder of (on Twitter). Gregory had another violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy and is now facing a longer suspension than he was originally slated for, sources tell’s Todd Archer and Adam Schefter (Twitter link). Randy Gregory

Gregory, 24 in November, didn’t see a ton of action during his first NFL season — he was slowed by an early-season ankle sprain and ended up recording 11 tackles over the course of 250 defensive snaps. Viewed as a surefire first-round pick – and a potential top-10 selection – based on talent, Gregory slipped in last year’s draft to 60th overall, where he was snatched up by the Cowboys. Off-field concerns, including a failed drug test at the combine, contributed to his slide. While Gregory didn’t make any off-field headlines during his first year in Dallas, he apparently failed several drug tests, leading to his initial suspension.

Recently, Cowboys COO spoke about Gregory’s four-game suspension and expressed disappointment. Now, Gregory will be out for even longer:

“It’s disappointing, but at the same time, sometimes these things don’t get fixed overnight. Anybody who has ever been involved in this type of situation knows that sometimes it takes time. We’re there, but he’s going to have to buckle down, which he is. He’s working hard at it, but he’s got to get over the hump here. You have to be concerned. That’s the risk you get when you go there. It’s all about that risk-reward deal, but at the end of the day, we got the infrastructure in place to continue to help him. We think he’s utilizing it, but at the same time, it’s disappointing that we had this go far enough that it resulted in a suspension.”

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12 comments on “Cowboys’ Gregory Enters Treatment Facility

  1. Earl young

    Need to just ban him and all others for life, have them return their signing bonus, that will get these people out of the NFL

    • GeauxRangers

      He just smoked some weed. It’s not like he hurt anybody.

      • NFL teams pass out pain killers like tic tacs, but then get all offended if some kid smokes a little weed. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  2. NJ Cowboy Fan

    RG come on! Don’t blow your future. Do you want to be considered a bust or have a bust? Get with it. Don’t go the way of Lawrence Phillips.

  3. Haterichfools

    Stupid ignorant drug addict. Ban him and take back the bonus he never earned. Let him be the teash man he wants to be.

  4. Jose Lopez

    I just don’t see how someone can be addicted to weed. I smoked for years, One day I said I’m done and never did it again 10 years later still have yet to smoke. I didn’t smoke all those years because I was addicted, I smoked cause I liked to. I guess he’s content with the garentee money he got. A slap to the face of the Cowboys organization. It’s plain and simple he’s making a selfish choice.Just my opinion. But who am I.

    • dorfmac

      Exactly, at least in my case. If anything, the addiction is to the habit, not the drug. It just becomes “what you do”. The chemical dependency probably doesn’t exist for most.

  5. json-api

    Buyer beware on players like these. They knew the risk of drafting him. Total headcase.

  6. json-api

    Jerry Jones continues to get punished, and rightfully so, for all the dumb risks he takes on players like this.


    Josh Gordon…….Johnny Manziel……….Randy Gregory…………All 3 ARE A BUST and will NEVER HAVE A BUST!

  8. Danthemilwfan

    Ridiculous…guys who have problems like this should not be suspended more for getting help. 4 games and 6 more suspended sentence. If he gets out of treatment and screws up give him the other 6. Make it so asking for help isn’t punished.

  9. Makes me mad how these guys alwats get “rehab’ theyve been doing whatever they wanted all the way up to college! They need a kick in the ass and a reality check!!

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