Chargers, Rams Progressing Toward LA Deal

Chargers owner Dean Spanos said earlier this month that he was shelving relocation talks until after the season, but he and the Rams’ Stan Kroenke are in close contact and progressing toward an agreement to share a stadium in Inglewood, Calif., according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

Los Angeles Rams & Chargers (featured)

The $2.6 billion facility in Inglewood won’t be ready until 2019, so the Chargers are considering relocating to Carson, Calif., for the next two seasons and playing at the StubHub Center. Although its capacity is just 27,000, some in the Chargers organization prefer temporarily utilizing the StubHub Center in lieu of sharing the Coliseum with both the Rams and USC Trojans, reports La Canfora.

For their part, the Rams are motivated to make a deal with the Chargers happen. Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff made clear last week that there aren’t any roadblocks in the way of an agreement. Further, the Rams can’t sell personal seat licenses and suite deals until they know whether the Bolts will join them in Inglewood, notes La Canfora. That could give the Chargers leverage in negotiations and result in the franchise paying a less expensive relocation fee if it heads to Los Angeles.

The Chargers could have joined the Rams in LA this season, but they opted to give the city of San Diego more time in hopes of landing a new stadium. Little progress has been made on that front, and the Bolts’ Jan. 15 deadline to decide whether to partner with the Rams is fast approaching. Theoretically, given that the Chargers’ lease with San Diego runs through the 2020 season, they could extend the LA deadline again and continue lobbying for a stadium in the city they’ve called home since 1961. However, given that relations between the Chargers and Rams have improved from where they were a couple weeks ago, it seems likelier the Bolts are playing their final season in San Diego.

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6 comments on “Chargers, Rams Progressing Toward LA Deal

  1. gmflores27

    Too $h!t teams will be playing in my hometown now… yay!!!

  2. BigChip10

    One team isn’t enough now you are trying to tell me that bringing the whack Chargers is better than the RAIDERS. At least we have an actual fan base that is established here that would welcome the NFL.

  3. Mat71

    Dean Spanos don’t trust Stan. Be your own man and call your own shots in your own stadium.

  4. Senioreditor

    According to Jason La I’m Making This All Up. First of all Kronke does not need Spanos for anything and can fund the entire project in cash if he wants to. Next the PSL issue is nonsense and any extension would require league approval and invite litigation from Davis. This information is being “leaked” by the Chargers to try and establish leverage with San Diego. Finally, the biggest joke is that they’ll play in a 27,000 seat stadium! The NFL WILL NEVER APPROVE SUCH A SOLUTION! Here’s what will happen. Season ends. Chargers get 1 year extension on decision, Raiders get approval to move to Vegas and San Diego works out a stadium plan.

    • MinnesotaBornKCfan

      That’s probably correct.
      My brother is a Chargers fan and when I showed him this, he laughed and said this was a big fat joke. I also agree with him.
      The fact that some writer on here can have the nerve to say that an NFL team will play in a stadium with about as high as an attendance as a Stanley Cup Game in Chicago is embarrassing. With me being a Chiefs fan, I can certainly hope that San Diego does not go to LA only because my brother doesn’t like LA, and he was in fact born in San Diego.
      More or less I think that Oakland will get there projected $1.9billion stadium in Las Vegas and the Chargers will stay put and get about a $500-$750million stadium or a $1billion renovation of Qualcomm.

  5. MinnesotaBornKCfan

    By the way, the StubHub Center is pretty much a glorified High School Field, because it holds a Collegiate Bowl, which is pretty much the top draft-eligible seniors from college, and held High School State Championship Bowl Games.

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