Sturm On Cowboys: Peterson, Trades, Draft

Bob Sturm took questions from Cowboys fans in his Wednesday chat for the Dallas Morning News.

Here are some of the highlights from his Q&A session:

On whether it would be a good idea to trade their second-round pick for Adrian Peterson:

“I think so. Again, I don’t like it at all. They had 3 choices this offseason for RB (maybe 4). Choice 1 was pay the NFL rushing champion to stay here (which he wanted to do). They passed. Choice 2 would be take a RB and although he is unproven, he will cost about $4m for 4 years (or $1m per season). So, the price is worth it. Choice 3 is to trade a top pick AND pay Peterson “Murray money”. This makes no sense because of age, work load, and the fact he costs you a 1st or 2nd round pick when Murray would not cost you any of that. Choice 4 is to use McFadden and Randle and see how that works. Peterson, to me, is the worst choice. However, he is Adrian Peterson and that is plenty exciting for all involved, I admit..”

On the difficulties in completing a trade for Peterson:

“There are many reasons why this trade is difficult, and I admit that one of them might be history. But, the bigger one is that the Cowboys have done everything possible to give all leverage away on this deal. They have practically telegraphed their desires publicly for a year, and this doesn’t assist in helping you get a cheap deal. Most of the principles in the Walker deal are long gone, but they know Jerry deep inside needs Peterson. Again, I don’t think the Cowboys should consider this.”

On options at cornerback in the draft:

“Well, there are a lot of really strong corners in that range. I agree that Trae Waynes and Kevin Johnson are gone. Marcus Peters is likely gone too. I would take Johnson and Peters if they are there. [Byron] Jones from UConn is next with [Eric] Rowe from Utah and [Ronald] Darby from Florida State for me. Each have their pluses and minuses. Jones might be a better athlete than a player – with his Combine performance being so much of his buzz. Rowe looks like a much better safety to me and Darby is a track guy who isn’t the best tackler ever. But, all of them are solid players.”

On whether the team should trade down from No. 27:

“One reason I don’t dive into the mock draft business is because I have found that trying to figure out what ONE franchise is planning to do is next to impossible. Trying to figure out what ALL of the franchises are doing is so absurd it is a waste of everyone’s time. That said, I would agree that those are reasonable ideas as are a few others – NYJ come to mind to get back into Round 1. But, when I look at who did deals last year, they often were not telegraphed and that is how it usually works. So, I still believe the trade-down is ideal, but finding the partner requires value issues, need issues, and the Cowboys agreeing with us that they need to trade out of #27.”

On whether he would prefer an interior lineman or edge rusher in the first round:

I think they will look at both of those spots – as well as CB, RB, and LB – try to place values on each and try to take the BPA – best player available. I think you need both badly as DT is thin for penetrating forces and DE is likely weak unless you are going to do a longterm deal with Hardy. So, Malcom Brown or Eddie Goldman are great there – but so are so many of the edge guys. Look and see what #27 has.”

On where in the draft the Cowboys will find their running back:

It seems to me that if you want a RB, you better plan on Round 2 being the place. And as we mentioned already, that is still not a great guarantee. Round 3 may get picked over before it gets to 91. I suspect they have their plan – which, unfortunately, may include trading one of those top picks to Minnesota.

I have 5 RBs on the board in the 1st 2 rounds. Gordon and Gurley in Round 1, [Jay] Ajayi, [Tevin] Coleman, and Duke Johnson in Round 2. But, that view may not get them to pick #60 in Round 2. In fact, I am expecting that Ajayi and Coleman might be gone before #50. This is why I would prefer to trade back from #27 and pick up a 2nd and a 3rd, use the 2nd to get my RB and then have #60 and 2 3rds to work on my defense. But, if I can’t trade back, the other option is to use #27 on defense, then use #60 and #91 to move up and try to get into the late 40s to grab on of those 5 players. It is difficult to predict how this might work out.”

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