Draft QB Fallout: Darnold, Allen, Mayfield

A draft that produced one of the longest rumor cycles surrounding quarterbacks in recent memory continues to generate fallout. And some of it centers on the quarterback that fell to No. 3.

Among the emotions expressed in the Jets’ war room after the Giants chose Saquon Barkley over Sam Darnold were disbelief and joy, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. But the Giants weren’t the only team many NFL executives and scouts believe helped out the Jets.

The Browns’ Baker Mayfield pick went against the grain, with Matt Miller of Bleacher Report writing that he only confirmed two teams — the Browns and Patriots — that rated the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner as the top quarterback in this draft. Conversely, 15 different teams rated Darnold as their top QB, Miller reports.

Mike Maccagnan decided to keep an airtight lid on his quarterback hierarchy, only informing Christopher Johnson and Todd Bowles of which signal-caller he had as his top-rated passer. The fourth-year Jets GM didn’t bother to assign final grades to the top five QBs in fear of that information seeping out, but grades were given to every other player on the Jets’ board, per Mehta. While the precise order here is not known, Mehta reports Darnold was the Jets’ top-rated passing prospect — one the team did not think would get past the Browns at No. 1 until very late in the process.

The Jets weren’t certain the Giants would pass on Darnold, either, but were aware of Dave Gettleman‘s interest in Barkley. One source informed Miller that Gettleman, indeed, did not pick up the phone regarding trade interest in the No. 2 overall pick. While Gettleman himself confirmed one team made a strong offer for No. 2, it’s unclear when on draft night that proposal emerged. Wowed by none of these QBs, the Giants did not have a consensus on which of these players was the best prospect.

While the Cardinals wound up with Josh Rosen, Miller reports Josh Allen was their top-rated quarterback. The team that actually drafted Allen, the Bills, had the Wyoming talent rated as this class’ No. 2 passer, Miller reports. Buffalo was one of the teams that viewed Darnold as this draft’s top QB.

No reports of Allen visiting the Cardinals emerged until he confirmed just before the draft he took a trip to Arizona. Miller notes the Cards may have tried to trade up for Allen prior to landing Rosen. Additionally, the Twitter controversy did not appear to affect Allen’s stock. Miller adds no sources indicated that played a role in their teams’ respective assessments of Allen.

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9 comments on “Draft QB Fallout: Darnold, Allen, Mayfield

  1. Z-A

    The Browns acted like the Browns. They went against consensus grades for QBs and took a lower grades QB. Just like Brady Quinn, Manziel, and Kizer.

    • yoyo137

      But look at the other team that also had Mayfield as their #1 draft option at QB. So the Browns also acted like the Patriots evidently

      • Z-A

        The Pats weren’t trading up to get him. If he fell in an Aaron Rodgers way to them at 23, probably they take him. Trading at least 4 picks to get to #2 is a very un-Belichick move. We’re talking about a guy that went 10-5 with Matt Cassel, a HS QB (33 passes in 4 years at USC). It’s a fun story-line, but really when you look at it, the Browns just took a QB with a 6.04 grade versus a guy with a 7.0 grade. And if you say “oh grades don’t mean anything” they actually do and have been pretty good indicators of QBs drafted. The grades have missed on 5 guys in 7 drafts. RG3 was on a tear before well a tear happened. But they whiffed on Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins and maybe Deshaun Watson (too low). They were too generous to Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch. “They are who we thought they were” basically works out with the prospect grades. Browns pass on the higher graded QBs by trading out of spots or taking scrubs.

        • yoyo137

          Either way, the Pats had him as the best rated QB. Regardless of whether he fell to them or not, they had him ranked above Darnold, Allen, Rosen, etc. The team that picked Brady saw Mayfield as the best in the draft. Different teams have different draft grades. You can’t trust the media to have all the answers. You even said that yourself. They miss sometimes, but they’re right sometimes. The results are what you have to look at. We should give the Browns the benefit of the doubt. They took a damn good QB and have the time to develop him. They don’t have to just throw him out there. He’s won at every level of his career and he actually wants to turn the Browns around. I’m glad they got a guy who’s gonna stick it out and play hard no matter what.

  2. Clark K

    Browns and Pats has him as the top QB because he was the top QB without a doubt, excellent completion percentage and touchdown to pick ratio. Mark my words he will be Drew Brees with better mobility.
    The other guys, Darnold WAY too many turnovers hell at the first practice he had 2 fumbles. Rosen personality issues and injury concerns. Allen Strong arm but not proven as much against high level competition.
    No matter who the Browns took they would’ve been told they messed up again, so instead of worrying about making people happy they took who they believe will be the best, and he will be. Future HoF

  3. leprechaun

    Being the highest rated QB in this draft or the lowest didn’t matter. 1-4 rating of them easily could go so many different ways because not one is a for sure can’t miss pro QB.

  4. bobtillman

    Exactly. None of these guys are Brady or Rogers or Breese….none of them are Luck or Manning (Eli) or for that matter Rothesburger…..a collection whose MAX value is Blaine Bortles……and you can’t spend a premium pick on those guys……Giants made right move…..
    Meanwhile for you Bears fans, YOU won the draft….and it ain’t even close……

  5. Dodgethis

    All the drama is just sportswriters trying to cover for how wrong they were. People who get paid to “mock draft” had better have a good reason for being so wrong, or they won’t get paid next year. Until this time next year, nobody knows who the best QB in this draft was. College is not a good indicator of NFL success, it’s just a showcase for physical ability and skill.

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