Only Seven Unsigned NFL Draft Picks Remain

The overwhelming majority of this year’s NFL draft picks have signed their rookies deals. As training camp gets started, only the following seven players are without contracts:

For Mayfield, Darnold, Ward, Allen, and Smith, the holdup is reportedly tied to offset languagePlayers with offset language who are cut before the end of their rookie contract have the remaining guaranteed money reduced by whatever they earns elsewhere. Without offset language, players get to double dip. Top 10 picks expect to complete their rookie contracts, but it’s an important issue for agents nonetheless. There’s no sign of real acrimony between any of the Top 10 picks and their respective teams, though Smith has been staying away from the Bears.

In Edmunds’ case, it’s likely that his agent is haggling over guarantees in the fourth year of his rookie contract. First-rounders selected near the end of the first round often don’t get the entirety of their fourth season base salary guaranteed, but that’s an area where agents can press for a bit extra in talks. Seahawks rookie running back Rashaad Penny took less in fourth-year guarantees than last year’s No. 27 overall pick, talks dragged for several other players near the back end of the round. Others, such as Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley and Jaguars defensive tackle Taven Bryan have signed, but the Virginia Tech product is still in limbo.

Pettis is believed to be in line for a significant role this season, so it would behoove the Niners to get a deal done sooner rather than later.

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6 comments on “Only Seven Unsigned NFL Draft Picks Remain

  1. afsooner02

    Next CBA this issue should just be addressed. Rookie pay scale (already have) and pre determined offset language. Rookies should just have a base contract depending on draft number and that’s it. Nothing to haggle over.

    • ahale224

      And maybe the language to determine timelines for signing bonuses. I know that’s held up some contracts in the past.

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      The language is difficult because you have a small army of lawyers talking it over. That’s hard enough without the geniuses who are in charge having to have it translated into human words.

  2. mackows2

    agreed. build in offset language, non-negotiable and be done with it.
    if you’re bad enough 1st rounder to get cut, you dont deserve to be able to double dip.
    i should work for the league

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      Number of contingencies other than “you suck- g’bye.” Injuries, getting replaced via an incoming free agent or draftee, becoming a massive headache, a mutually agreed parting of the ways, or even a cap move.

      • Rondon

        None of that justifies double dipping IMO. This is agent driven horses&%t.

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