AFC Notes: Bengals, Iloka, Kaepernick

The Bengals surprised many with their release of safety George Iloka, but it has been in discussion ever since the drafting of Jessie Bates III in the second round, according to Kat Terrell of (Twitter links). Despite Iloka’s past performance, the Bengals are ready to move ahead with the rookie and give him the playing time he needs to develop. The Bengals were also wary of using a roster spot on a veteran who doesn’t fit on special teams.

Iloka wasn’t a fit for the 2018 Bengals, but there are plenty of other teams who are interested in his services. He’s already on the radar of the Raiders and Cowboys, and it stands to reason that other teams will get on the horn with him in the coming days.

Here’s more from the AFC:

  • Broncos GM John Elway violated the gag order issued in Colin Kaepernick‘s collusion case when he spoke about the quarterback last week, his agent alleges. “Mr. Elway, clearly he violated the protective order that the NFL has been wielding like a club at me,” attorney Mark Geragos said on his podcast (via Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports). “And he’s apparently suffering from some real brain trauma.”
  • It was widely reported that Jon Gruden‘s deal with the Raiders will pay him a guaranteed $100MM over ten years, but Gruden says that’s not true (via Mike Florio of PFT). The truth may be somewhere in between. It’s believed that Gruden’s $100MM is not fully guaranteed, Florio hears. The structure of the contract is believed to be more along the lines of $25MM over the first five years, and $75MM over the final five years. If that’s the setup of the deal, then it’s possible that the final five years are not fully guaranteed or even largely guaranteed.
  • Former Texans offensive tackle Derek Newton filed a grievance seeking payment of a $500K roster bonus, according Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. Newton was officially released in April 12 with a failed physical designation, but his roster bonus was due April 1. The Texans held Newton on the roster past the bonus date, but he didn’t pass the physical. Therefore, Newton is seeking $200K from the team. For now, that number is held against the Texans’ cap.
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9 comments on “AFC Notes: Bengals, Iloka, Kaepernick

  1. homeunderdog

    TradeRumors – nobody cares about Kap anymore. Are you posting about Kap just to get clicks? Embarrassing

    • tharrie0820

      Obviously. It has nothing to do with trades rumors or roster movement, at the his point in time

      • Apmonia

        Yep. Writing about Kaepernick’s collusion case wouldn’t impact the free agency process, agents, owners, fans or potentially other sports. Nope, no reason to watch on a Trade Rumors site. Not at all.

    • braves cowboys

      Ill be honest. I didn’t click on this post for George iloka. And I didn’t click because it was a bengals post. I clicked because it was another mention of the biggest train wreck in football sports media in the last 5+ years.

      And I’d be willing to bet that 90% of the people who looked at this post are just like me.

    • marijuasher

      Actually, people do care about Kaep. So stop being a fascist and let the site print its articles without you getting all Putin on us. Okay, Adolf?

  2. crosseyedlemon

    The odds of Gruden lasting ten years with the Raiders are about the same as Hue Jackson ending up in the HOF.

  3. CursedRangers

    Mark Geragos sounds like a class one A… “And he’s apparently suffering from some real brain trauma.” – who makes this type of statement?

    • crosseyedlemon

      A smart lawyer would never render a medical opinion that he had no qualifications to support.

  4. marijuasher

    The NFL is wealthy enough to give people like Derek Newton, who damaged both patella tendons for the team, more financial backing. He shouldn’t have to fight for his 200k.

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