Extra Points: Gordon, Chargers, Browns

One of the biggest stories in the league over the past week has been the situation involving Melvin Gordon and the Chargers. Somewhat out of nowhere, we heard that Gordon was threatening a holdout and a trade demand unless he received a new contract from Los Angeles. The 2015 first-round pick is set to play out the final year of his contract under the fifth-year option. Gordon struck a somewhat conciliatory tone recently, saying that he wants to end up back with the Chargers at the end of the day. Sometimes disputes like this can cause locker room issues and other chemistry problems, but Gordon isn’t worried about that here.

In a sit-down interview with Sam Alipour of ESPN, Gordon said of his Chargers teammates, “they’re all behind me. They all got my back.” Gordon continued, saying “they all told me, ‘You know what — we don’t really speak on contracts — but you just go and do what’s best for your family.’ And I’m glad I got that support from them.” Running backs across the league have bonded together as they’ve seen their value get questioned by many in recent years, and Gordon said that he’s heard from a ton of them. “A lot. A lot of starters. A lot, a lot of backs,” have reached out to him “just saying go out and get what you deserve,” he revealed. Gordon will be an interesting case-study, as the Chargers likely don’t want to pay him top of the market money. Backs like Le’Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, and David Johnson have commanded in the area of $15MM annually, and Los Angeles seems hesitant to pay that much. As we’ve broken down, Gordon doesn’t have all that much leverage because he can’t sit out the season like Bell did without his contract tolling.

Here’s more from around the league:

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7 comments on “Extra Points: Gordon, Chargers, Browns

  1. bowserhound

    You literally provided zero news about Gordon. Just regurgitating previous articles is going to get you that Pulitzer in no time.

  2. fieldsj2

    Baker Mayfield needs to learn to worry about himself. Duke Johnson has every right to ask for a trade especially after the Kareem Hunt signing. Yes he had a good rookie season, but there’s film on him now. NFL coordinators love new film, just ask Griffin or Kap. His arrogance is gonna come back to bite him. Let’s not forget the history of Cleveland QB’s in the Haslam era!

    • crosseyedlemon

      There’s a right way and wrong way to assert leadership. This was clearly a situation where Mayfield should have let the veterans on the team deal with Duke.

    • Dennid

      And your point? When Cleveland starts winning year after year under Mayfield, my bet is you have a new nickname. And blaming this owner who spends what he spends is laughable.

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