Black Monday Rumors: McDaniels, Bieniemy, Browns

The Giants have fired head coach Pat Shumur, the Browns have fired head coach Freddie Kitchens, Cleveland GM John Dorsey‘s fate is up in the air, Bruce Allen is out with the Redskins, Ron Rivera looks like he’s in, and we have a lot more to pass along:

  • The Giants are rumored to be targeting Baylor head coach Matt Rhule, but they have requested an interview with Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, as Adam Schefter of tweets. Ian Rapoport of adds (via Twitter) that the Panthers have also requested a summit with Bieniemy, a branch of the fruitful Andy Reid coaching tree whom Reid feels is ready for an HC job.
  • We heard this morning that the Browns have requested an interview with Patriots OC Josh McDaniels, and they also want to interview Ravens OC Greg Roman, per Schefter (via Twitter). Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal tweets that Cleveland is expected to interview Vikings OC Kevin Stefanski again. Stefanski was a finalist for the Browns’ HC job last year before they elected to hire Kitchens.
  • Schefter says the Browns have asked permission to interview 49ers DC Robert Saleh (Twitter link), and Mary Kay Cabot of says the team plans to interview Mike McCarthy as well (Twitter link). Cleveland had an interview scheduled with McCarthy last year, but by that time, the club had already zeroed in on Kitchens, so the interview never happened. McCarthy and Dorsey worked together in Green Bay, so Dorsey may be rooting for a McCarthy hire.
  • In addition to the Browns, the Giants and Panthers have also requested interviews with McDaniels, as Schefter tweets.
  • Despite recent reports indicating that he wants to stay in Baltimore, Ravens DC Don “Wink” Martindale is generating a great deal of HC buzz, as Rapoport tweets. If he is hired, Martindale would want to pluck LSU passing game coordinator/wide receivers coach Joe Brady from the collegiate ranks to be his OC. If you’ve watched college football this year, you can’t blame Martindale for that choice.
  • Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone will meet with owner Shad Khan tomorrow to discuss his fate, as NFL insider Adam Caplan tweets.
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27 comments on “Black Monday Rumors: McDaniels, Bieniemy, Browns

  1. seth3120

    I think Greg Roman would be a solid hire. Baltimore has been a solid organization. The Browns can’t afford to take a chance on a guy like McDaniels

  2. jpz2681

    as a browns fan don’t want McDaniels he failed before and not a lot of success had come from Belicheck assistants need an established HC with the talent and egos on this team I’m all for McCarthy

    • Decius

      As a Giants fan, I would take McDaniels. I would imagine he learned from his experience in Denver. Similar to Belichick learning in Cleveland before putting it together. Not that he is ever gonna be close to Belichick but he could still be a good coach.

      • Perksy

        What about Shurmur learning from Cleveland? That didn’t work out too well. I prefer Rivera or McCarthy for the Gmen.

  3. TJECK109

    I hate to wonder how many of the bienemy requests are to satisfy Rooney rule

    • cybrpete

      That’s the concern about the Rooney Rule… but Bienemy is a good coach and has received Reid’s stamp of approval, so I’m sure the interest is legit.

    • saluelthpops

      Why would you hate to wonder that? The point of the Rooney Rule isn’t to determine the motivation behind an interview, but to simply get minority candidates in front of an interview team. It doesn’t matter what their motivation is, they have to follow the rules or there are consequences.

      • rct

        It absolutely matters what their motivation is because if they’re just doing it to satisfy the rules, then they’re wasting Bienemy’s time and circumventing the spirit of the rule.

        • jb19

          What would you consider “the spirit” of the rule? The rule states you must interview one minority candidate for an upper level position, such as head coach. If teams interview a qualified, minority candidate (which Bieniemy is), then the rule is satisfied… I think the rule should be abolished in this day and age, there should be other diversity metrics used by whoever tracks it. But just having an interview with a minority candidate accomplishes very little imo, case in point, there aren’t very many minority head coaches.

  4. crazylarry

    Anyone taking the Giants or Redskins job must think they would never get another job. Those are career ending dumpster fire jobs. Can’t imagine working for Gutterman who will be gone next year.

    • letmeclearmythroat74

      And then there’s about 50 feet of sludge and there’s the Bengals head coach job

    • rct

      I think you can add the Browns job to that list. With them and the Redskins, it’s all about incompetent ownership. At least with the Giants, there’s a chance Gettleman will be gone next year. Snyder and Haslem aren’t going anywhere.

      • dkcsmc1991

        Why do you think Hassan and Snyder are incompetent? The own the teams so they are quite competent. Now, are they too involved in football decisions? Probably but that does not equal incompetence.

    • Natergater77

      Giants have great ownership who’s fault maybe too much patiences. They let Reese stay about a season too long, drug their feet and missed out on guys like Lynch and Dorsey to end up with Gettleman who they will now keep one season too long.

      Otherwise they have young offensive talent, and need a FO who will rebuild the Defense. But not like they’ve gone 20+ years without playoffs or Super Bowl appearances. The Cowboy job with ownership involvement is worse then Giants.

    • JoeBrady

      The NYG have some good young players, and a good pick coming up. They might be .500 in two years even with a mediocre coach.

  5. Thronson5

    As much as I hate to say it…I was one of the fans calling for Saleh to be fired but he’s proven me wrong and I love the passion he brings to the team. I hope he stays. Here’s who I think should hire who and it’s not predictions just who I think fits…

    Cowboys..Jim Harbaugh
    And obviously the Redskins already got Rivera

    I don’t think McDaniels will go to the Giants. I think he will stay and take Ofer the Pats eventually. I think Browns possibly talk McDaniels into leaving or they hire McCarthy but I really see Caldwell as a great fit over all the candidates. I think Cowboys get Myer but j do think Harbaugh would be a great fit!

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