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A long list of teams have question marks at the quarterback position heading into the offseason. Well, one executive believes many of the organizations will solve their predicament via the draft. Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller talked to a personnel executive who believes five quarterbacks will be selected in the top-15 of this year’s draft.

This might not sound all that shocking; among the teams with top-15 picks, only five of those organizations have used first-round capital at the position in the past two drafts. You could easily talk yourself into one of the other 10 teams selecting a quarterback, and a team outside the top-15 could easily trade up. However, it is notable that the executive was willing to speak so definitively.

As Miller explains, there’s a pretty clear pecking order atop the quarterback draft board: Joe Burrow (LSU), Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama), some combo of Jordan Love (Utah State) and Justin Herbert (Oregon), Jacob Eason (Washington), and Jake Fromm (Georgia). Miller notes that the Chargers, who are selecting sixth-overall, are particularly interested in Love.

Miller himself believes six quarterbacks will be selected in the top-50, and he notes that part of the urgency to select a signal-caller could be attributed to the falloff after the top-six options. The next-best prospect, Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts, struggled during Senior Bowl practice this week, and Hawaii’s Cole McDonald projects as more of a fifth- or sixth-rounder.

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28 comments on “Latest On Top QB Prospects

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    If 5 QBs go in the first 15 picks, it’ll cost at least 2 GMs their jobs within 3 years. Burrows, Tua and Fromm are the only guys probably worth going that high on.

    • graysondecker

      I’ve looked at a handful of mock drafts, and most of them don’t even put Fromm in the first round. He isn’t going top 15, unless he performs really well at the combine. Almost all of them put Justin Herbert in the top 10. Just saying.

    • patn237

      You’re right about one thing, if someone picks Fromm within the first 15 picks somebody is definitely getting canned lol

  2. bumpy93

    If this is true that will help my Eagles on draft night. That would push WR’s & CB’s down to #21. I some reason think I could see someone like Simmons start falling or jeudy and the eagles try to move up

    • Steven Juris

      Hurns is a system QB take him away from OU and he would be benched by halftime of a big game.

      • fastpitchlife

        This makes little sense, since he’s had great success at 2 different schools. It’s hard to put a “system QB” label on a guy when they’ve succeeded at 2 schools, running 2 different offenses, etc.

    • Michael Chaney

      I think he’ll be a really solid quarterback for a long time, even if he’s never a star. I see him putting up average or better numbers for 10-12 years. You can win with a guy like that if you build the team well enough.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        I 100% agree. He may never be Peyton Manning, but he’ll be consistently good. I’d rather have a QB I can count on than one who might look like Russell Wilson one week, and JaMarcus Russell the next.

  3. Who tf is Jordan Love? I loosely follow college football and this is the first time I’ve heard that name.

    • graysondecker

      Quarterback for Utah State. He was really good in his junior year, but underperformed this year because his five best receivers all graduated. He’s probably the biggest boom or bust player in the entire draft.

    • Polish Hammer

      He’s the guy that declared for the NFL and still played (and lost) his bowl game. And in between there got busted for drugs, such sounds decisions means he’ll fit right in the league.

  4. dschap02

    Writers are over hyping the qb draft stock right because there is nothing else to talk about and to spur months debate over the up coming draft.
    Do they fail to realize there’s 5 or more veteran qb’s that can slot into vacancies?
    Cam,Rivers, Winston, Mariota, Brady, Bridgewater and Dalton could all be available.
    It amazing what qb’s can do with time to throw and constantly being on the field because of a strong defense.
    O-line and D-line wins championships draft that first then draft a qb into a solid team. It’s worked out pretty well for Mahomes, Watson and Wentz.

  5. kevin

    guess ill say it :) Tua will be the biggest bust if he’s taken where I think he will be which is in the 1st rd .

  6. Tazza

    I can see Jalen Hurts being a huge steal at the fifth/sixth round
    He’s really talented and think the Pats should take him as an insurance for when Brady goes.
    2 years ago he went 17-1 then this year starting again went 32-8 for almost 4000 yards and he rushed 20TDs, averaging 6.5 yards a rush
    I can see him being the next Dak Prescott

      • Tazza

        That is true but if you compare it to another former OKC QB from a few years back in Landry Jones he threw only just threw for 4000 yards at 30-11 and all his rushing game was backwards, -8 yards per game for zero TDs.
        He was taken in the 4th round of the draft, he’s now 30 in the XFL, but has a career nfl passed rating of 86 which is the same as Jared Goff this year, FitzMagic and Josh Allen. And that’s with a negative rushing game and Hurts has a good rushing game.

        I can easily see Hurts becoming a Dak Prescott near that, which as a fifth round prospect is pretty good.
        Would be ideal as a late pick up for the Pats with Brady about to leave. Not to mention he’s played with Damien Harris the RB there at Alabama. That offence that everyone says had no pieces for Brady actually has a couple nice young RBs, has Edelman, Sanu and Harry at WR. They have a good O Line and good OC in McDaniels. It would be a good fit for Jalen.

  7. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I couldn’t reply above for some reason, but Fromm is going to have a better pro career than Hebert. Hebert strikes me as a guy who had a good college career, but will flame out in the pros. It happens to a ton of PAC 12 QBs.

  8. hoosierhysteria

    Spanos family not taking a kid busted for drugs. The writer better check sources….but remember that the best GMs are the best liars!!!

    • Polish Hammer

      They certainly aren’t taking him 6th overall, he’s not going 1st day.

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