Jets Notes: Adams, Johnson, Clowney, Long

Joe Douglas confirmed the Jets had trade talks with several teams regarding Jamal Adams but categorized the sweepstakes-winning Seahawks as the most aggressive suitor. The Jets and Seahawks began talking weeks ago, and Seattle’s two-first-rounders-and-change offer swayed Douglas from planning not to trade his All-Pro safety to pulling the trigger (Twitter links via SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano). Adams lobbed salvos at Douglas and Adam Gase, and when Douglas listened to offers for the decorated defender at last year’s trade deadline, Ian Rapoport of notes (video link) Adams reached out to several Cowboys players to inform them of his interest in going to Dallas. This irked Jets teammates, coaches and team brass. While Douglas said he wanted to make Adams a Jet for life earlier this year, the second-year GM said this week he never promised him a contract, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News (on Twitter).

Here is the latest coming out of Jets headquarters:

  • Although the 49ers have made some big trades under their current power structure, John Lynch said they did not call the Jets about Adams, via NBC Sports Bay Area. However,’s Jeremy Fowler reported (via Twitter) involved parties believed the Cowboys and 49ers were both involved in talks with the Jets for Adams. The 49ers, who joined the Cowboys on Adams’ list of preferred destinations, re-signed Jimmie Ward this offseason and have starter Jaquiski Tartt back as well.
  • New Jets safety Bradley McDougald said Jadeveon Clowney remains interested in a deal (Twitter link). The former No. 1 overall pick expressed Jets interest in April as well. The Jets were linked to Clowney in March but, despite an apparent need for pass-rushing help, are not believed to be interested in the three-time Pro Bowler. Adams finished as Gang Green’s second-leading sacker in 2019.
  • Douglas convinced Ryan Kalil to unretire and become the Jets’ starting center last season, so reports of him being in talks with recently retired guard Kyle Long earlier this year carried a bit more weight. But Douglas said those talks were merely friends catching up. Douglas spent 2015 in the Bears’ front office prior to leaving for Philadelphia. That said, Mehta notes the two indeed discussed Long unretiring. The Jets re-signed Alex Lewis and added Greg Van Roten to a guard group that includes longtime starter Brian Winters.
  • Amid larger headlines involving current U.S. ambassador to Great Britain Woody Johnson, the Jets owner was reported by CNN to have made racist and sexist comments during his time as an ambassador. Johnson has denied the allegations, which prompted a State Department investigation. Following the report, however, acting Jets owner Christopher Johnson called almost every player on Gang Green’s roster to listen to their concerns, Rich Cimini of notes.
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20 comments on “Jets Notes: Adams, Johnson, Clowney, Long

  1. Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

    Trading up a few years ago for Darnold really hurt them.

    Jets have a golden opportunity to trade those extra firsts for extra 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounders to really set this team up for success the next couple years.

    Starts with getting rid of Adam Gase.

    I’d bring in Eric Bienemy to be the new head coach and bring in Dom Capers as DC an experience OC like Norv Turner.

    • natsfan3437

      They gave up to much for Darnold. The trade was a good idea but they traded 6 / 37 / 49 / 2019 Second Round pick (35) which was beyond stupid since they wanted Quinton Nelson which would have been off the board with the other teams picking that needed a qb.

      • natsfan3437

        They then bungled the draft the following year with Quinton Nelson the IDL is by far the best group on the roster when everything else is garbage pick anything else.

        Speaking as a Jets fan Gase is not as bad as people make him out to be it’s essentially just piling on. He is someone that you could do a lot better with someone else but he is still a better coach then others in the league. I wouldn’t mind a move to another coach but the Johnsons are cheap and they are still paying Bowles they won’t pay three head coaches at the same time.

        • wagner13

          You make some great points. As a non-Jets fan, I was fine with the Darnold selection itself, but trading up seemed unnecessary. Even if he didn’t fall to them at the sixth spot, they still could’ve ended up with Allen or Rosen. As for picking Darnold as their franchise signal caller, he was chalked up as the consensus safest quarterback, so it’s hard to blame the Jets for picking him (unlike Hackenberg).

          In 2019, the Jets were in a bit of a pickle. A lot of the top prospects were at positions of strength, as they didn’t need a defensive tackle (Williams) or inside linebacker (White). I would’ve either traded down or picked Josh Allen. The team, to this day, has no pass rush and the interior defensive line wasn’t a major need with McClendon, Leonard Williams, and Anderson.

          On the bright side, Douglas did a fairly good job in this year’s draft imo. Anyone of the talented tackle prospects would’ve been fine, and Denzel Mims represented good value at the bottom of the second round. I especially loved the Bryce Hall selection and all of their picks addressed holes on the roster.

          Hang in there with the Jets. I know it must be tough, but I hope they can turn a corner sooner rather than later

          • natsfan3437

            Every Jets fan wanted Josh Allen at 3, the OLB was the biggest flaw on defense since Williams can cover for the corners.

            JD has been fantastic since he took over the team.

            • andremets

              Not every Jet fan wanted Josh Allen. That’s not even remotely true. And it was totally worth trading up because thank god we didn’t end up with Josh Rosen.

        • yankees28

          Agree with most but don’t think Johnson’s fault at all, when have they been cheap. They got Douglas who everyone wanted and gave him 5 years.

          • natsfan3437

            I just don’t think he will pay 3 head coaches at one time.

            They had to do what ever it took to get JD he was a flawless candidate.

      • ABStract

        Funny how often they’re right though…not a CNN fan, but there seem to be a lot of recordings of people saying racist stuff, no denying that
        And if the acting owner’s actions are any indication, there might be something to the allegations

        • Ak185

          To be fair, a lot of what they have requires “explanation” to be interpreted the “right” way. News as a whole is pretty useless right now, CNN or not. Unless I hear Woody Johnson saying what he is accused of in his voice, I can’t rush to condemn him.

          Besides, as we all know, each news network pays close attention to the people or issues that most benefit them. They’re not in it to inform us as a primary objective, I’ll put it that way…and there I go, being much more political about non football issues than I ever meant to be. Dammit.

          • Ak185

            Yeah, just read the linked article. No fan of Woody Johnson or the Jets, but that accusation is super weak and unspecific. Names would have at least helped.

  2. RyanO

    So glad that clown is off the team. Dude is a me first player, him and fournette, that’s why those LSU teams always underachieved.

    • Ak185

      I always thought that it was the lack of a competent quarterback (which is why they finally won this year), but that’s just me I suppose…

  3. phenomenalajs

    I’m sure the Jets are interested in Clowney, just not his contract demands.

  4. jetup12

    Wait didn’t CNN just give a 15 year old a few million for libeling him and aren’t they about to get nailed again for not following the terms of the agreement. CNN? Get serious.

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