Jets Trade Jamal Adams To Seahawks

The Jets have traded safety Jamal Adams to the Seahawks, as Ian Rapoport of tweets. The Seahawks sent a 2021 first-round pick, a 2021 third-round pick, a 2022 first-round pick, and safety Bradley McDougald to the Jets in exchange for Adams and a 2022 fourth-round choice.

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Jets GM Joe Douglas has come under fire for his handling of Adams, but it’s hard to argue with the Jets’ return on the trade. It’s a stunning haul, considering how badly the Adams bridge had been burned.

The Seahawks, meanwhile, have received one of the league’s most exciting young talents. Adams – who won’t turn 25 until October – has been a certified star since his rookie season and he’s been rock solid in coverage for the last two years. Between 2018 and 2019, only Vikings standout Anthony Harris graded out higher than Adams at safety, according to Pro Football Focus. Eddie Jackson (Bears) is No. 3 on the list, and he currently stands as the league’s top-paid safety. In 2019, Adams earned his first ever First-Team All-Pro nod while notching 75 tackles, seven passes defensed, 6.5 sacks, and a defensive touchdown.

It’s an immediate lift for the Seahawks and a future cornerstone for their secondary. Of course, they’ll have to iron out a new deal with Adams sooner rather than later. For now, Adams has two years of club control remaining on his deal. Beyond that, he’s seeking a deal that will position him as the league’s highest paid safety, meaning a floor of $15MM per year. Adams was also pushing the Jets for $20MM per season – putting him in defensive end territory – but that sticker price was probably exclusive to Gang Green. For the Seahawks, and other clubs that were on his wish list, the ask was believed to be a bit lower. Also, Adams is reportedly willing to wait until next year to start negotiations with the Seahawks.

Throughout the offseason, Douglas told the world that he would not trade Adams under any circumstances. That stance softened in recent weeks as Adams voice his displeasure more and more. Adams claims that the Jets promised him an extension offer in January. That offer never came. In the spring, the Jets pinned the delay on the pandemic and the related economic factors, but he wasn’t buying it. Per one recent report, Jets ownership instructed the front office to hold on large, multi-year committments long before COVID-19 reached the United States.

The Cowboys, Ravens, Texans, Chiefs, Eagles, 49ers, and Buccaneers were also among Adams’ preferred destinations. It’s not clear whether those clubs made an aggressive play for Adams, however. Any of those teams would have loved to have him – especially the Texans, given their glaring need at the position – but the Jets’ asking price coupled with the expense of a new Adams deal cooled the interest of most clubs. For the Seahawks, it was well worth it.

While most teams have held off on making major moves this offseason, the NFC West has been a notable exception. Adams is the latest big-time trade acquisition in the division, following the 49ers’ move for Trent Williams and the Cardinals stunner of a deal for DeAndre Hopkins. The Rams, who have made a habit of splashy moves in their new L.A. digs, have not been quite as proactive.

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104 comments on “Jets Trade Jamal Adams To Seahawks

  1. mrshyguy99

    as good as adam is is he really worth a player 2 first and a 3rd? how many talented players get that kind of haul.

    • rct

      Unless Seattle underachieves, both 1st rounders should be late in the round (probably somewhere around 22-27, give or take). The third rounder should be late third, and the Jets 4th that was sent back will probably be early 4th round.

      So the trade is (if both teams perform to expectations): two late first rounders and the right to move from ~105th pick to ~90th for Adams.

      Still a good haul for the Jets, imo.

      • mitchrapp

        Don’t forget the jets get a veteran starter at safety to replace Adams, in addition to the picks, while cutting out a locker room cancer.

        • Ak185

          A locker room cancer is not the same as a disgruntled player. That’s a term that we definitely overuse. Someone like Antonio Brown? That’d be a certain fit. If a person just walks in and makes everyone from top to bottom worse, that’d be a cancer. Adams’ problems seem to be with Gase more than anything else. And Gase, as evidenced by multiple reports from multiple players (granted, many were anonymous, so that should be taken into consideration), is someone who fits that bill. I could be wrong, but Adams doesn’t seem to poison a locker room just by walking in. Gase, on the other hand…

          • dave frost nhlpa

            Correct. The Jets chose Gase over Adams.
            Should have fired Gase. Not one player would have bitched.

            • mitchrapp

              Having the players determining the coach never works. Adams in the last year has went from wanting a trade, saying he wanted to be a jet for life, telling people on the street in Dallas he wants to be a cowboy, to running his mouth about the head coach to reporters. That’s is by all definition a cancer in the locker room.

              • TrollHunter

                Players picking the coach works for the NBA just fine.

                Gase is the cancer! That was proven in Miami then confirmed with Jets.

                Draft picks are volatile on well run organizations. The Jets just lost a generational talent for a couple lotto tickets and a coach that won’t be there past this year.

                • findingnimmo

                  Basketball has five players maybe six that matter. They can team up and pick something that works for them a team of 50+ each with their own specific positional strategy needed and a lot more personalities to babysit, I tend to think players picking a head coach won’t quite work

            • jeb39999

              They may have chosen Gase over Adams but given the return I don’t think it was a hard decision for the Jets.

        • rct

          I’d hesitate to insult Adams here, and certainly wouldn’t refer to him as a ‘locker room cancer’. While it’s true he’s been disgruntled, many of Gase’s former players have spoken negatively about their experience playing for Gase. In other words, I doubt Gase is very well liked among the players. It’s possible many players feel the same way as Adams, but are unable to express that because they don’t have the leverage that Adams did (ie, they’re not as good as Adams).

          • KCJ

            A player who constantly says ridiculous and self-serving things through social media is definitely a cancer to the team. Adams is an immature loudmouth jerk, plain and simple. Good luck Seattle…he’s your problem now.

      • jdawgz17

        Can’t look at it that way. The third is for this upcoming draft where as we are giving a 4th the following year. It’s not a trade up of 10-20 picks it is a year more of a player that is drafted higher.

    • elscorcho the marlin
      elscorcho the marlin

      Tunsil might have been a better deal for dolphins, as the first rounders will be higher.

    • slund24

      Are the 1st and 3rd round picks in next years draft maybe not looked at as worth as much as usual? There is a very good chance that there is no college football this season so there may be a lot more underclassman not declaring next year and a whole lot less tape to properly evaluate. Obviously still very valuable picks but Seattle good very well be looking at next years draft as more of a flyer than any draft.

  2. acarneglia

    I know the Seahawks get the better player, but I love this trade for the Jets. A player that didn’t want to be there for a S, 2 firsts and another pick. Crazy!

    • echozulu88

      Yeah imagine how much salary cap space they’ll save too since Adams will want $$$

      • TrollHunter

        That cap space means a lot to the Jets, considering their struggles getting FAs to sign there. They will need the space to vastly overpay for the ones they do get.

  3. GoLandCrabs

    Seahawks 1st round picks have stunk recently. Adams is better than anyone you can draft with a late first.

    • TJECK109

      Dumb comment, yes he’s better than a late first. But it’s hard to explain not one but 2 first round picks and a 3rd.

      They may be late picks but it’s all up to the scouting to get the job done

      • GoLandCrabs

        He is better than 2 late first round picks and a flier in the 3rd round. NFL fans obsesse way too much about draft picks over proven players.

        • JP8

          Salary cap does that. Look at all the teams that have won the superbowl. They have had multiple players on rookie contracts playing at a high level. Once they reach free agency years you cannot keep them all. Nearly all of the legion og boom still plays but the cap has moved them to other teams. The seahawks, as with every team but the patriots, have been unable to replace these players fast enough using late round picks.

          • compassrose

            The salary cap didn’t necessarily move the LoB but jealousy and a true cancer. Many D players were upset about the int in the SB. Sherman was one of the more vocal ones. The cancer that dug in and took hold was that Pete passed the ball so Wilson would get MVP over Beast Mode.

            Then one player was more vocal and stirred up more crap. Saying stuff like Wilson wasn’t black enough. They also were mad at the pass not the play but the execution of the pass. This was Sherman’s complaint. It was not a bad play call it was a horrible pass. The ball was supposed to be knee high and into the receiver of there no way to pick it off. Where it was an easy pick. That also divided that locker room.

            You would have seen Sherman stay and play for little less.. He was actually the only player that left of note. Browner was OK but they were going to replace him anyway. Wagner and KJ are still there Kam would be too if not for the injury. The loss of Sherman was the loss of the voice of the LoB. The loss of Kam was the loss of the heat and soul.

            The biggest part of the problem the cancer that dug deep and caused so many problems just retired. In the story I asked is it retirement of nobody offers you a job? Bennett was the guy that sat back and picked at every little sore until they festered and caused more problems. He went on about how he was so mistreated in Vegas then the real story came out. He said Wilson wasn’t black enough. Imagine a white player saying that. One player left the LoB and his decision was because of anger that was stirred by Bennett. Who also has said he will sign a one day contract and retire a Hawk. He will be in our RoH and wear the helmet in the HoF. The break up of the LoB is more injury related than them leaving for cap space. They could have made a way to fit them all in if not for one play that purple call a horrible play call instead of truly a horrible pass. Writers have been afraid to write negative stuff about Wilson for years. Not sure why unless they will be banned from the interview room for life.

            We also all know about Thomas. Said he was promised a new deal he didn’t get for 2 years and left on a cart. That had more to do with the policy of when they will do a new contract. Those are fine and good until you run into the rare pierces like Thomas. I will give you him as the only salary cap casualty but a few years after the pass. If that ball would have been caught the story would be written a lot different than now.

            • compassrose

              Let me clear up the last part of ppg 2

              If the ball would have been where it should have been there was no way to pick it off. The ball was meant to be knee high and into the player not chest high and leading him. The WR was starting to sit and with a bit more patients Wilson would have had a great target. He has made that pass and missed it. His greatest skills are very very rarely taking a solid hit and deep balls. He throws one of if not the nicest deep balls in the NFL. Would be fun to watch him and Mahomes in a contest. Side by side. Who else would you put out there to lose to one of them?

              • EddieO

                The play, having seen it run in practice was not designed for the pass to be low and such.

                The problem with what happened on the play….was they ran it with Browner on the field. He instantly saw what they were lining up for, as having played for the Seahawks and the play had been in the book for a while… the videos that show prior to the snap, you see browner communicate to butler and tell him whats coming. Browner then jams up Kearse who was supposed provide a screen for Lockett to have space from Butler….he can’t get free…Butler is able to go right to the ball and pick it off…..Kearse did not really execute his part very well besides browner getting to him. Now after the game, Browner maintained he did not know, and Butler claimed they had practice against the play in practice….so who knows which story was correct….but as I said, seen the play ran in practice and not once was the pass thrown low…was always up and leading….but the receiver always had a screen to protect him….

                Long and the short of it….too many people wanna blame wilson or lockett….when the fact is, the patriots made the perfect read and played it correctly….if Browner does not jam Kearse on the play, he and Kearse get in the way of Butler and Lockett has an easy TD….and the Seahawks are Super Bowl champs again.

              • Ak185

                I think both you and Eddie offered excellent, on point and key analysis into the breakup of the LoB. Let us also not forget that both Sherman and Thomas were pretty badly injured going INTO that Superbowl. I imagine that added greatly to their frustration, having played so hard just to lose on a play where they should have won. Adding to that is the seeming lack of public responsibility on the part of Carroll. You could say that it was Sherman and Thomas’ mercurial personalities, but the fact was that all the players outside of Wilson seemed pretty disgruntled-Bennett (as we know), Lynch (who, for all of his eccentricities, never spoke ill of his actual teammates or organization before that), Sherman, and Thomas. I imagine others players who lacked the profile to speak out felt the same way.

                I will agree with Eddie entirely though in that it wasn’t Wilson’s throw necessarily that was at fault; a slant is a pretty easy playcall to anticipate in the Redzone and the throw was actually where it needed to be. It was Browner holding up Lockette on the pass that freed up Malcom to grab it. The playcall was at fault-not even because it was a pass, but the type of pass it was. If memory serves, it was second down and 20+ seconds left in that situation. A pass on a loaded box isn’t a bad idea, but a play action throw or a fade where there is less room for the defender to the play the ball would have been better. Especially due to the fact that Seattle has a 6’5” receiver who was having an incredible game, and, more importantly, a mobile quarterback. A bootleg or any PA throw would have baited the defensive front and given Wilson a chance to run it in from a short distance of need be. Add to the fact that Seattle was moving quickly and had momentum, and giving Wilson an option to run or throw on a less predictable playcall would have been much harder to defend.

                I think a PA pass would have been the best move.

                • flmetfan

                  I just popped over from the MLB site. You guys are a hell of a lot smarter than baseball fans!

        • TrollHunter

          Can’t “like” this enough!!! Picks are absolutely meaningless compared to proven players.

          Last year ppl criticized my Steelers for trading their 1st for Minkah. I would have rather had him over the 1st overall let alone what was available at their pick.

        • TJECK109

          No fans try to make their case by saying draft picks are overrated. If drafting properly this could be an easy steal for the Jets. They got those picks and out from the possibility of having to pay a big paycheck for a guy who has proven that he will do whatever he has to in order to get out of a city he doesn’t like

        • NYY42

          Lol… Draft picks have valu! They could swing the picks for a # 1 overall pick.

    • mrshyguy99

      if the players dont pan out it could be on scouting more than players. since the team the one that scouts them and draft them. pan out or not giving up 2 first , a 3rd and a player is alot

    • Michael Chaney

      I’m not a Seahawks fan, but that’s how I’m thinking about it too. They draft well in the mid to late rounds, but early on they usually either trade down (and they have their second rounders so they could still move down and get more picks next year), or the guys they’ve taken in the first have underwhelmed.

      From that view, it’s kind of like they traded a third rounder, LJ Collier, and Rashaad Penny to upgrade to Adams. That’s a lot for a safety, but Adams is a great player too.

    • afsooner02

      Love that you just assume Seattle will drafting late in 21 and 22….cause the nfc west is such a pushover division…..

      • rct

        They went 11-5 last year and just added Jamal Adams, so I think it’s a safe bet to say they’ll be drafting late in the first round. You can be the 8th best team in the league and still draft 24th.

        • afsooner02

          2018 the bears went 12-4 and were expected to dominate the central again. They went 8-8 in 2019 and missed the playoffs. Didn’t even have a major injury either, just a terrible QB.

          So it’s fun to just assume the Seahawks will go 11-5 again, but in reality, it might not be so easy. SF is still the best team in the west and Arizona is improving and no longer a free win.

          Also imagine if wilson goes down. He’s avoided injury this far in his career but without him the Seahawks are a 6-10 team or worse.

    • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

      Seahawks drafting poorly doesn’t mean the picks are useless.

      Also, late firsts are prime trade slots to get extra draft capital, which the Jets could use.

  4. Wentz It Gonna be my Turn?

    wow . Seahawks goin all in this year. Do they have an Oline yet?

  5. infield fly

    I’m just sorry they sent him to one of his desired teams! Wish they could have sent him to Washington, Jacksonville, or Cleveland!

  6. DXC

    Good deal for the Jets, but nothing they weren’t entitled to. They didn’t have to deal Adams. His statements and desires are meaningless. He’s not a FA, and won’t be a FA until 2022, and due to the lower franchise tags for safeties, he could be controlled until 2025 at at far less than he’s asking for.

    Seahawks did not overpay. Two 1st’s is sort of a baseline for 25 and under All Pro players on their initial deal. Tunsil, Ramsey, etc. Adams is a S, but he’s a special player who can transcend that position in his impact on the game. Williams loved inventing ways to use him, and Carroll will as well.

  7. kylegocougs

    Are the Seahawks betting there won’t be any college football this season? That would lower the value of the two picks this season significantly

    • JP8

      95% of the seniors will take the money and enter the draft rather than play another season. There will be a new class of freshman, and since many players are scouted multiple years out at both the high school and college levels it wont cause that much of a problem.

    • rct

      That’s a pretty good point. Though with less to scout on, the draft may be more of a crapshoot and late first rounders could have more value.

  8. Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

    Wilson gets hurt this could turn into a bad deal real fast if the first fall into the top 10

  9. baseballnerd20

    Nice haul considering you had a disgruntled player who was running his mouth like a whiny little child. Douglas did a great job here.

  10. Simmons>Russ

    Seahawks with Diggs Adams Flowers/Dunbar and Griffin in that back field against the throw will be elite.
    I think the only thing holding them back is a small upgrade on the O line and a small upgrade on the EDGE.

    I’d definitely have a look at Larry Warford and Everson Griffen. If they get those two I think they become a top 5 team along with the likes of the Ravens Niners Saints and so on

    • JP8

      PFF rated them as the worst D-line. Without a rush qb’s will have a field day and the Seahawks will get gashed by the run.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Even with a bad defensive line tho the opposition QBs will still be giving up INTs with that backfield.
        I think that d line improves next year because they have some young talent. Plus they have a good group of linebackers.

      • Simmons>Russ

        I mean every team has areas of weakness. The chiefs won the super bowl and they had weak RBs, an average o line and an alright defence.

      • M Haworth

        Ignore the four edge guys they added, good work. Don’t be surprised if Clowney ends up back in Seattle too

  11. Ramon Garciaparra

    The only thing that matters in the NFL is the quarterback. If Darnold steps up then the Jets improve and they have a few more chips to build around him. If not then they have trade chips to get to Lawrence or Fields. Adams is an All Pro talent but he is an in the box safety which is not a premium position and jets are better off saving the cap money until they have a more competitive team. Jets should do similar with Over paid running back Leveon Bell to open more cap space to invest later in more premium positions like improving their cornerback situation.

    • M Haworth

      Idiotic. Adams is an All Pro, top three safety in football who is good against the run and pass

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        That’s true, but it doesn’t mean Seattle didn’t overpay to get him.

  12. mdunkel

    The Jets could of got 2 number 1 number 1 overall picks and still screw it up. Why Gase is still there is beyond me. The entire organization starting with the Johnsons is a complete head case. Until new ownership it will continue to be drama city

  13. halofanatic

    It’s a great trade for both teams. One of the rare recent trades that’s worked out for both teams on the surface.

    I’m assuming having to pay Adams now seals the deal on Clowney not returning.

    • M Haworth

      Why? They moved McDougald which saves $5.5M in cap space. If anything, I think it increases chance of Clowney returning

      • Ak185

        I don’t know. If Clowney was comfortable taking less from Seattle he likely would have taken their first offer (which was actually $1 million less a year than he was making last year). Seattle now can offer much less than the $15 million they originally did. Even with Clowney, who is certainly an elite disruptor, their pass rush itself is still weak. They’d need a pure pass rush specialist to emerge to get those sacks they left on the table. Clowney only managed three sacks last year-partially the fault of the weak pass rush around him, partially because of his own limitations in that department and his injury. If Clowney takes less I think it’d be with Tennessee.

        • Hawktattoo

          Clowney is still holding out hope on meeting with teams, physicals to get long term deal. Crazy year to try that.

  14. Rosstradamus

    Not a bad haul for the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets…A couple #32 overall draft picks coming up, maybe they can find the NEXT LJ Collier and Germain Ifedi! ;) GO HAWKS!!!

      • Ak185

        Is it just me, or is it strange that’s taken ‘till now to put him at guard? Not saying that it’ll necessarily work, but given how much trouble Ifedi had with getting his feet crossed by athletic rushers in pass protection (and then holding them), you’d think they’d have put him there in Seattle just to try and salvage the pick. I mean, it’s not like Pocic was irreplaceable. Always confused me.

        Now, a Warford signing would be interesting…

  15. InvalidUserID

    Considering the Seahawks like to draft 2nd and 3rd talent with 1st round picks, not a bad deal for them. They’re going to have to pay him though.

  16. NickGarren

    the Jets will find a way to mess this up…that’s why they s-u-c-k!!!

    • jimmyduz0523

      the Jets gotta hit on the draft picks, besides adams they have not drafted good at all and B. McDougald is avg at best at S.

  17. CoachWall

    I am a Jet fan and although I am sad to see Adams go, Joe Douglas did a phenomenal job in getting back the talent he did

  18. Wade Herbers

    I have no horse in this race. I think that both teams did well….Seahawks added a stud safety. But they gave up a lot to get him….He may be what gets them farther in the playoffs—or he may get hurt and make no difference. He may cost too much to keep in a couple years….or they may win big and he may give them a winning team discount to stay…No one knows…. The Jets get rid of a big contract , get multiple picks and a decent safety in return….No more headaches with Adams public complaining—constant complaining at at that. Less money on more players seems real good…Now the scouting dept needs to hit a HR on the picks and it will look rel good in 3 years. Adams will prove whether or not he’s a locker room problem now…He’s on a winning team so now he needs to shut up and prove his worth.
    ME–I make this trade all day long….no safety is worth the $$$ he thinks he deserves.
    But both fan bases should see positives in this.

  19. crosseyedlemon

    The acquired draft capital has Jet fans exchanging high fives but history indicates the organization will probably waste those picks on players like Christian Hackenberg.

    • jimmyduz0523

      Thank You… The team is terrible at drafting. D.Lee, L.Williams, C.Hankenberg, Williams

    • jimmyduz0523

      Thank You… The team is terrible at drafting. D.Lee, L.Williams, C.Hankenberg, Williams last year did nothing, QB 4th round this year, Punter 5th round or 6th whatever. Not good.

  20. bigj831

    Looking forward to George Kittle lighting his ass up as the 49ers run all over Seahawks!!

  21. John Kimble

    I can’t tell which team is worse, Texans or Jets. Watson must be praying O’Brien gets fired.

    Hey maybe when Adam Gase gets fired this year, Houston can hire him hahahaha

  22. kpak

    Not a Jets fan but a nice pickup of draft picks for a massive distraction. Let Seattle spend more for this kid. He’s not going to the Super Bowl as a Seahawk!

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      He definitely wasn’t going to the Super Bowl as a Jet either!

    • rocky7

      Whether he does or doesn’t go to the Super Bowl with the Seahawks, doesn’t matter….a total distraction for the Jets and looking like a good opportunity to turn a problem into future solutions for them.
      His own impression of his game changing abilities and overall importance to the team certainly wasn’t reflected in the 12 wins he was on he field for during his tenure.

  23. mikemcsaudi

    Great trade by joe Douglas. This isn’t your normal Jets trade. Douglas is the real deal. The Seahawks are idiots. Good for the Jets. Two more years and they will be in the playoffs.

  24. yam

    Not the smartest idea by the Jets, Marcus Maye and Bradley McDougald isn’t enough for a decent secondary.

    • Hawktattoo

      Don’t think they much of a choice with his demands. Nice immediate return for Hawks…over time could be great trade for Jets with picks.

  25. goldenmisfit

    I don’t understand how some Jets fans can be so delusional to think this was a great return. He is heading to Seattle so be realistic for a moment that first round pick will probably be between 21-29. Now have they dealt him to a team that we could see being a top 10 draft pick team this return would be unbelievable but Seattle is a playoff team meeting both years this is much more like a glorified second rounder. The bright side of this is for Jamal Adams, that incompetent head coach is not going anywhere for at least two more seasons and the team is not going anywhere anytime soon so he goes from a horrible team to a playoff team. That defense was good before acquiring Adams and this trade could make Seattle’s defense a top-five once again. One thing we can take for sure out of all this you just know those two picks in the first round over the next two years the Jets will find a way to screw it up.

  26. metsie1

    I am not a Jets fan. However, they did a great job getting 2 ones AND a replacement at Safety for a Safety!? The Seahawks way overpaid for this guy.

  27. justme

    I dont think its a matter of choosing gase over adams i think it was just to good of a trade to pass up for the jets just a smart business move..for the seahawks it show’s they are commited to russel wilson and the team to try to win superbowls while they have the window to do so…as opposed to a team like the packers who are more about always building for the future rather then taking advantage of the window they have right the long run this is a win for the jets chance to rebuild this team in to a contender…however for the hawks fan base and team if they win a superbowl no one will care what they gave up to get him

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