NFL Hands Antonio Brown 8-Game Ban

2:58pm: Brown is not expected to appeal this suspension, Pelissero notes (via Twitter). This will shelve him until at least Week 9. However, the civil suit in which he’s currently involved could add more games to the ban.

1:45pm: The NFL has finally revealed the length of Antonio Brown‘s suspension. He will receive an eight-game ban, Robert Klemko of the Washington Post reports (on Twitter). The league has announced the suspension, which stems from “multiple violations” of the personal conduct policy.

This suspension will begin Week 1, whether Brown is on a roster or not, and’s Tom Pelissero adds that the acclaimed wide receiver could face additional discipline if further violations are uncovered in a civil suit in Florida (Twitter link). The civil suit is regarding former trainer Britney Taylor’s sexual assault allegations. The next hearing in that case is set for Sept. 15, Pelissero tweets. Brown has backed out of settlement talks in this case multiple times.

So, the finality the four-time All-Pro sought has emerged. But it will severely impact his 2020 status. Should Brown sign with a team before the regular season begins, he would, however, be eligible to practice, Adam Schefter of tweets.

Brown has backtracked on retirement a few times now; the most recent such occurrence took place last week. The mercurial free agent wanted clarity on an investigation that began almost a year ago. The NFL has investigated Brown for three separate incidents — the Taylor allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment, an allegation of sexual misconduct by an unnamed artist (and the texts Brown sent regarding this matter), and the wideout’s alleged assault on a deliver driver in January — and a lengthy suspension was expected.

However, the league’s initial punishment does not include the Taylor case. The league is still investigating that matter, Mark Maske of the Washington Post tweets. It will wait until the civil suit’s conclusion before handing down any additional punishment. That could further restrict Brown’s ability to play this season. Even if eight games will be the final number, Brown will have been out of action for more than 13 months by the time he returns.

The former Steelers superstar landed on the All-Decade team and was on a surefire Hall of Fame trajectory going into Week 17 of the 2018 season. Since his Pittsburgh tenure began to unravel after he missed his former team’s final 2018 game, the once-traded, twice-released talent has traversed a historic path of self-destruction. His Raiders stay involved a few high-profile controversies and ended with no games played. The Patriots did deploy Brown in a game but cut him before its Week 3 contest last year. Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady have lobbied for their respective teams to sign Brown, but his impact will be limited in 2020.

The NFL’s release mandates Brown continue undergoing counseling and warned him that any future violations of the personal conduct policy would result in a more significant penalty. Given the events of the past 19 months and Brown going into what would be his age-32 season, he is almost out of time to resurrect his career. That said, one of the game’s top pass-catching talents will be available (as of now) to potentially impact the 2020 playoff race.

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36 comments on “NFL Hands Antonio Brown 8-Game Ban

      • gozurman1

        That does not guarantee any playing time. He signed with Oakland and played no games and then signed with New England and played 1. I could see more suspension time coming his way with another incident between now and when his suspension is supposed to end.

  1. goldenmisfit

    While I understand the eight game suspension, the NFL saying they could impose more onto that suspension depending on the outcome over a civil suit is absolutely ridiculous. All I can say is 2024 cannot get here fast enough because that is when Roger Goodelle‘s contract is up and he’s already said he will be retiring. Good riddance Roger, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    • TJECK109

      Why is it ridiculous? AB wanted an answer and he got one. So would AB want to wait until that civil suit is over? Can’t have it both ways. Must be a Ravens fan. Chances are that civil suit may be dragged out. So really stop whining over a guy that has been nothing but a stain on every team he’s been traded to or signed with for 2 weeks or the one that drafted him. He’s a circus

      • gozurman1

        I agree. They said additional punishment could be levied if further violations come out of the lawsuit. In other words, if it comes out that Brown had more incidents than the NFL has known about come to light in the course of the lawsuit. Why shouldn’t the NFL reserve the right to add punishment if more violations come to light? I don’t think he will be able to keep his nose clean anyway and commit a new violation that will add time to his suspension.

    • rocky7

      Don’t disagree with you as far as Goodell, but strongly disagree with your claim that he’s being treated unfairly by the NFL…..he’s a clown, a cancer on any team he’s on because it’s always about him, and won’t and can’t stay our of trouble….the NFL has a legal right to reserve the option of further suspension based on yet to be determined facts possibly coming to light…..

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      How is it in any way unreasonable that they could add to the suspension if new evidence comes to light? He shouldn’t even be allowed back into the NFL. The clown is getting off easy.

    • JJB0811

      Because of Roger, we can watch NFL commercial free on the red zone for 8+ hours, we have games from Thursday to Monday, and the owners and players profits have gone up roughly 15,000%. The draft & FA are daily sports news. And his list of accomplishments goes on & on.

      As for his judgement of punishment, he flakes and there aren’t any guidelines; I agree. But that’s for the players to deal with, not the fans.

    • rocky7

      First, its a strong possibility that there either will be a shortened season or no season at all.
      Secondly, the Bucs are already loaded at WR, and if the Ravens or Seahawks are that desperate for a once traded, twice released talent….then whatever turmoil he brings into that clubhouse and on the field when he finally does come off suspension, then they absolutely deserve it!

  2. I thought the NFL only served suspensions for games under contract? Didn’t they always only count when with a team??

    • nutznboltz

      That’s the way it should be Brad. Serving your suspension when not on a team doesn’t make sense. I thought a lot more than eight games would be justified.

      • @powerplay7

        His suspension won’t start till he signs on a team. If it started at the start of the season when he’s not signed, he’d be having no suspension. And essentially, every player who isn’t signed, would be “having a suspension” just for not being signed. No. It’s an 8 game suspension. Not “ur suspended the first 8 games

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Antonio Brown: “How do I get my name legally changed to Josh Gordon?”.

  4. tedtheodorelogan

    Let’s see if this idiot can stay out of trouble until week 9, if the season even makes it to week 9.

  5. bigeasye

    Knowing that he has:
    A) broke every locker room rule in Pittsburgh
    B) frozen feet/helmet gate/called the raiders GM a cracker
    C) got himself off on a sleeping female
    D) threatened another female and her family
    E) didn’t pay his chef
    F) assaulted a mover
    G) talked trash about Robert kraft
    H) whatever else

    At one point in time do people say “you need help” and not “come play for us”

    • nutznboltz

      Whatever else:1 verbally assaulting mother of his children in front of them2:verbally assaulting the police with racist comments3:verbally assaulting Mayock with racial slurs4:telling the nfl to F off.

  6. Pats Fan Biff

    Serving 8 games while unemployed is like wearing a rubber a month before doing the dirty…

  7. Polish Hammer

    First sentence: “Brown is not expected to appeal this suspension” in best AB fashion to keep his name in the news will flip flop in alternating weeks. Guaranteed this is not his final answer!

  8. agentx

    First test for the now Dwayne Johnson-owned XFL:
    Resist the urge to pursue Antonio Brown.

  9. flagsrup

    Such a waste of talent. This guy is bad news. He’s been given opportunities and squandered them. He’s living proof money never changes character. How do you change the behavior pattern of a 32-year-old?

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