Bucs Sign Josh Rosen To Practice Squad

Josh Rosen has found a new home. The highly drafted quarterback will be signing with the Buccaneers’ practice squad, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network (Twitter link).

Rosen will now get to learn from Tom Brady in the quarterbacks room. The UCLA product has had a tough time in the pros, and was just recently cut by the Dolphins after Miami failed to find a trade partner. Heavily hyped coming out of college, Rosen was drafted 10th overall by the Cardinals in 2018. His rookie season was a disaster, as Arizona went 3-13 and head coach Steve Wilks was fired after just one year.

The Cards elected to start fresh the following offseason, drafting Kyler Murray with the first pick and making Rosen expendable. He was quickly dealt to the Dolphins in exchange for a second-round pick. He started three games in Miami but didn’t play well and failed to beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick for playing time.

Obviously Rosen’s circumstances have been far from ideal, and he’s had to deal with things that are extremely rare for such a highly drafted quarterback. Now he’ll be not just learning from Brady, but reuniting with Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich as well. Leftwich was quarterbacks coach and interim offensive coordinator during Rosen’s season in Arizona, when he started 13 games.

This seems like an ideal situation for Rosen to land, and a chance to jumpstart his career. For the Bucs it’s a nice low-risk signing, as they don’t currently have anyone waiting in the wings for whenever the 43-year-old Brady decides to hang up his cleats. Through 16 career NFL starts Rosen has averaged 5.7 yards per attempt with 12 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

Here is the Buccaneers full practice squad:

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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23 comments on “Bucs Sign Josh Rosen To Practice Squad

  1. thebluemeanie

    WTF?! Practice squad? Really shocked no one took a flier on this kid beyond a practice squad spot. Maybe these teams know something about him that we don’t. IDK.

      • thebluemeanie

        The Lions for one. Stafford isn’t getting any younger. I wish they would’ve at least kicked the tires on Rosen. Their backup is Chase Daniel and he’s 34. Rosen might’ve been a nice heir apparent. Who knows?

    • Technically correct

      You know Josh did have a little to say not just the organizations. He got screwed by two bad situations and finally had the ability to choose what would be best for him. There may have been offers to backup someone, but practice squad in a good situation is way better than backing up in a third straight bad one if he’s hoping to stay in the league.

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    My very first thought on Rosen being cut was that his perfect situation just now would be for the Bucs to sign him so he could learn without “win now” pressure from one of the best ever… I truly didn’t think a team offering a spot on the practice squad would snag him, but maybe Rosen is grateful for the chance to learn without all the scrutinizing eyes. Hope this works out well for him.

  3. RockHauler

    Rosen has been in bad situations with Arizona and Miami, hopefully now without the pressure to start for a crappy team he’ll be able to sit, learn and listen and finally fulfill his potential in a few years after Tom retires.

  4. bravesfan88

    This is the absolute perfect spot for Rosen. He is also a very “heady” and intelligent, high football IQ QB, so he should be able to grasp and fit in perfectly for what TB, Arians, and Leftwich have all combined to do.

    He isn’t Big Ben, and cannot just throw it all over the field with a big cannon for an arm..However, what Rosen can do, when he is given some time, is read the defense, make some adjustments,and he can get the ball out to his playmakers in a decisive manner..

    It would be just a perfect scenario for Josb Rosen, and this could be exactly what he needed to get his career back on track!! I’m happy and excited for him, he certainly got dealt a pretty crappy deal in Arizona and Miami. I dont think anyone would have had much success with that garbage Cardinals roster..Much less having to play behind one of the absolute worst OLs the BFL has seen in quite some time!!

  5. crosseyedlemon

    I think the idea that Brady would care about mentoring anyone is ridiculous. He’ll tell Rosen to go see the QB coach for guidance while he sneaks off to play slap and tickle games with Gronk.

    • trout27

      Rosen worked out with Brady for three summers while at UCLA. Hopefully, he only stays on the Practice Squad long enough to learn the playbook.

  6. nentwigs

    If there is indeed anything “there”, this seems like this would be a good situation, at last, for Josh Rosen.

  7. nentwigs

    Reportedly, Bucs new Practice Squad Safety D’Cota Dixon will use his first paycheck to buy a vowel. Rumors speculate he will be purchasing an “A”.

  8. bradthebluefish

    By the time Brady retires, will Rosen still be on the team? How long would he be willing to wait?

  9. hopper15

    From Top 10 pick to practice squad in 2 years. Rosen has had one of the fastest falls since Manziel.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Life provides plenty of opportunities to take a fall. It’s getting up and fighting on that counts. Kurt Warner’s journey took him from the Arena Football League to the NFL Hall of Fame so there is always a ray of hope for those who refuse to quit.

  10. bradthebluefish

    Curious how Rosen is doing on the practice squad. Haven’t heard of anything.

  11. bradthebluefish


    From Darin Gantt of Profootball Talk…

    “I think it was an excellent move. Josh wanted to be here,” Bucs coach Bruce Arians said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. ”We wanted him here. I really liked him coming out [of college]. Byron had him for eight or nine games as a starter with a really bad football team. He was around Miami, he learned, he’s sharp, he’s big — he’s got everything you’re looking for, so it’s a great guy to groom.”

    Getting to work with an excellent offensive coaching staff (which might actually be employed next year) is a benefit for Rosen, after he had eight coordinators since he was at UCLA. But he also has a shot to be a part of their post-Tom Brady future, and with the guaranteed money from his rookie deal, he had the flexibility to choose a growth opportunity.

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