Buccaneers, Antonio Brown Agree To Deal

6:08pm: This moved fast. Brown’s one-year Buccaneers deal is done, Schefter reports (on Twitter). As of now, Brown will be eligible to make his Bucs debut in Week 9 against the Saints.

5:52pm: Brown’s Bucs negotiations are “99% done,” according to the Tampa Bay Times’ Rick Stroud (on Twitter). The former Steelers superstar’s latest chance at reviving his career looks almost certain to occur in Tampa.

5:17pm: The Buccaneers appear to have reversed course on Antonio Brown. They are bringing him in for a visit, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports.

While the Seahawks still have interest in the superstar wide receiver, Wilson adds the Bucs are the expected team to land the mercurial free agent. The sides have already begun working toward an agreement, per ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). The Seahawks remain in discussions with Brown, but the high-profile free agent is flying to Tampa tonight. Other teams remain interested as well, though Brown and the Bucs each have “extreme interest” in finalizing an agreement, per Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports (Twitter link).

This accord will not cover Brady’s Tampa tenure. While Tom Brady has been pushing for Brown for a while, Ian Rapoport of NFL.com reports this will be a one-year agreement (Twitter links). Brady is signed through 2021. Though, if Brown can rebound from the span that cratered his career, the Bucs would seemingly have interest in keeping him around next season.

Bruce Arians said shortly after the Bucs’ Brady signing the team was not interested in Brown, despite the quarterback’s push for the four-time All-Pro. Arians said at the time a deal was “not going to happen” and Brown was “not a fit here.” However, the Bucs can be viewed as one of the NFC’s frontrunners and made an all-in move when they signed Brady.

Brown would equip Brady with arguably the best weaponry of his career, upon joining Chris Godwin, Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski. Arians coached Brown for two seasons when he was the Steelers offensive coordinator, so if Brown does sign with the Bucs, it will be interesting to learn what changed between the Bucs HC’s March comments and now. It could be as simple as Brady having convinced his new coach to sign off on reuniting with Brown. Brady and Brown indeed discussed the prospect of playing together again before the QB’s Bucs agreement.

Brady was reported to be against the Patriots releasing Brown last season. Brown is out until at least Week 9 due to his suspension, and the 32-year-old wideout runs the risk of having his ban increased. The NFL is still investigating Britney Taylor’s sexual assault allegation, and Brown’s civil trial in this case is upcoming.

A Brown signing would carry risk, obviously. Since reeling off one of the greatest stretches in wide receiver history, Brown torpedoed his career with a months-long volatility spree. The Steelers traded him after he essentially no-showed their Week 17 game in 2018, and Brown clashed with the Raiders quickly and did not play a game for the team. The Patriots used him in Week 2 of last season, but after text messages from Brown threatening a separate sexual misconduct accuser emerged, New England became the third team to move on from him in 2019. He then spent 13 months in free agency, a time during which he was arrested in connection of an assault on a delivery driver.

This deal being now heavily reported is interesting; the Seahawks were the team most closely connected to Brown this year. Russell Wilson has stumped for the wideout both in 2019 and this year and worked out with him this offseason. He was still lobbying for Brown at the 11th hour, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com tweets. Brown spoke with Wilson and Geno Smith about an agreement this season.

Both the Bucs and Seahawks already have strong aerial cadres, but Brown’s brief New England stay with Brady may be enough to give the Bucs the edge. Both Evans and Godwin have battled injuries this season, and Gronkowski is one of the NFL’s most injury-prone players. Brown would also provide insurance — as strange as that sounds — against more Bucs skill-position injuries.

Should Brown sign with Tampa Bay, the team will have the 2010s’ top two touchdown scorers. Gronkowski edged his 2010 draft classmate 78-75 here, and the 2019 season barely factored into these totals. It would be fascinating to see these two team up after not playing (excepting Brown’s four-catch, 56-yard Patriots game) last season. Brady has been inconsistent this season, ranking 19th in QBR. The Bucs having Brown for eight games would certainly help their Super Bowl cause, considering their defense leads the league in DVOA.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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50 comments on “Buccaneers, Antonio Brown Agree To Deal

  1. kevin

    backfire !! If they pay him anything over 5 mil they r stupid ur not getting the top we in the league like he was with pit ur getting a crap shoot ur getting a guy who seemly goes to teams and screws up n gets cut and collects a chk . he has a lot of issues that are not resolved so it seems his ways will continue. he needs help

    • TJECK109

      Don’t I remember Arian’s saying they didn’t want AB? Obvious TB running this team

    • paddyo875

      Kevin, it may be more prudent to not type like you are seven years old while calling an organization stupid. But football fans aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  2. luvbeisbol

    Good luck with that…..unless somehow AB surrenders his Twitter account

  3. ruckus727

    Huge Buc fan my entire life. I’m still adjusting to but embracing the Tom Brady thing. I love this team. But I can’t get behind this one. I don’t like it this guy is a bipolar manic and distraction. I wish him the best in life but I hate to see him interrupt what’s going on here in Tampa. And I don’t believe he deserves a roster spot in the NFL.

    • doug.daniel243

      Man I’m sorry for you this is probably going to be the day we all look back on and say man I wonder what would have happened if we had been smarter…

  4. HailRodgers12$

    I still say his suspension should start the day he signs a contract, not the beginning of the season when he was sitting out anyway.

    • arthur blank_for owner

      I actually thought that’s how the suspension was worded from the beginning anyways…surprise to me when rumors started popping up this week smh

  5. BuckarooBanzai

    Gotta make up your minds.

    Either it’s “innocent until proven guilty” or it’s use TMZ as gospel.

    Yeah he’s been on a rarified spiral that’s on rocket fuel by his (and America’s) love affair with Twitter

    (spoiler alert: your Right to have an opinion is also the rope you use to hang yourself)

    … yet & still, he’s as much a “locker room cancer” or anything else in the headlines as any of us.

    I’m with Russell Wilson on this one:
    hope he’s got his ish together and wish him the best

    • ‘Either it’s “innocent until proven guilty”’

      I’m not sure why you think ‘innocent until proven guilty’ has anything whatsoever to do with the NFL and how it disciplines its players. Innocent until proven guilty is for courts of law, not courts of public opinion and the NFL has shown time and again that it will discipline someone as soon as a story breaks or a player gets into legal trouble.

    • jleve618

      This isn’t a contest to see who can stuff the most archaic idioms into one post.

  6. Judge_Smails45

    It’s gonna be. Brady vs Belichick before this is over. Meaning before Brady or Belichick retires they will face each other in the Super Bowl. That’s how the story goes.

    • arthur blank_for owner

      Wonder if he’s gonna stay at Brady’s house again?!…strange lol

  7. DarkSide830

    worst year to sign a guy like Brown. 100% he breaks covid protocols and gets the entire team sick.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Clearly a PR gimmick by the Bucs who wish they could appear as relevant as the Lightning and Devil Rays.

    • elscorcho the marlin
      elscorcho the marlin

      Bucs already get more attention on sports radio ,by me, in Florida, than the Rays. Don’t think they need a gimmick.

    • mcmillankmm

      Funny you say that cross eyed…cause on the National scale the Bucs are the most relevant team…also the Rays changed their name like 10 years ago…so clearly they aren’t that popular lol

      • crosseyedlemon

        National scale? Where is the link to that? There is rarely any correlation between popularity and relevance.

  9. kevin

    so bets on how long he’s on the team for ? I’d say 4 weeks that’s my guess

  10. stimpyi

    TB’s first move as de facto gm of the Bucs. Maybe that is why he left because BB wouldn’t let him make roster moves. This has disaster all over it. It didn’t work under the most structured team in the NFL. What makes people think it will work on one of the least structured teams.

  11. stretch123

    If he’s willing to behave off the field, will be an amazing signing.

  12. Simmons>Russ

    Brady goes from having Edleman as his only offensive weapon last year and a coach who wouldn’t go get him the hell he wanted to moving to Tampa and having the most options he’s ever had

    • Ak185

      Brady did not have to worry about the expiring contracts on defense. Belichick spent a first rounder on a stud WR that he did not want and we see how that worked. He traded a second for a veteran WR and drafted a tight end in the third. Brady can be unhappy all he likes, but he did not run that team and Belichick did.

      At a certain point the concerns of the team outweighed the concerns of its aged star, and if Brady didn’t like it, he could move on. He did, and Tampa proceeded to buy a super team. Brady now has plenty of options and Belichick will try and retain his defense with the cap space.

  13. hersch

    I think everyone is forgetting one important factor. AB hasn’t had a paycheque for well over a year now. He could parley a successful half season with the Bucs into a big contract in the off season. Athletes sacrifice a lot to make it as a professional with the biggest goal being to become rich. Money is a pretty big motivating driver of behaviour. It’s easy to act like the class clown while you’re getting paid or while the bank account is fat. But when the money starts drying up attitudes can change quickly. Brady has won 6 Super Bowls so he’s no fool. If he thinks AB can help this team you have to lend some credence to his props.

    • Greg M

      True, but you could have made that same argument when he signed with the Patriots and he screwed that up. People with mental issues don’t generally have an on/off switch on their “crazy”.

  14. bowserhound

    Only in Florida….the Tiger King of the NFL finds a home, albeit a short one.

  15. Flyby

    I am just curious if he received any guaranteed money? He has a lot of grievanced money out there and really did nothing to earn any of it.

  16. Tatsumaki

    It’s clear that tom is desperate to stay relevant and needs as much help as he can get 4 pro bowl recievers. Hoping this blows up in face, never liked him and now he is easy to hate this team.

  17. braotis1585

    All Seahawks fans myself included all took a huge sigh of relief when this news popped.

    • Hawktattoo

      Best news was hearing that TB signed him. Was not looking forward to seeing him in a Hawks jersey.

  18. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Crybaby Brady stomped his feet, shook his fists and got his way, it would seem. Lol. I don’t know why anyone would want this clown (AB) when you already have a pair of amazing WRs like Evans and Godwin? Maybe they deserve each other, though. Brady has declined into a league average QB, and I guess the thought is sign as many potential weapons as you can and hope nobody notices. Hopefully the Bucs lose out the rest of the way.

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