Extra Points: Bieniemy, Giants, Panthers

Although the Giants are just one game back of the NFC East lead, they are 1-5 and appear on the verge of their fourth straight double-digit loss season. GM Dave Gettleman has presided over the previous two 10-plus-loss campaigns, and some around the league have tabbed the Giants GM job as a potential opening ahead of the 2021 offseason, Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com note. The Panthers‘ GM spot has also surfaced around the NFL as one to monitor. Marty Hurney, in place long before Matt Rhule‘s arrival, has been rumored as a potential chopping-block candidate because of Rhule’s overhaul and seven-year contract. Hurney’s contract runs through 2020. Gettleman made his way back to New York shortly after his Carolina ouster, but his rebuild has not taken off. The Giants have never lost double-digit games in four straight seasons.

Here is the latest from around the league:

  • Sticking with staffs, the Texans are indeed expected to strongly consider Eric BieniemyDeshaun Watson has advocated for Patrick Mahomes‘ OC, and Graziano and Fowler note the Texans “definitely” have interest in the Chiefs assistant. The Chiefs are prepared to lose Bieniemy this offseason, which would mark the third time they have lost an OC since 2016. Houston is believed to be seeking a quarterback guru and will have Josh McDaniels (again) and Bills OC Brian Daboll on its target list as well.
  • The Bears may not need to make it back to the playoffs for their current power brokers to stay in place. Both Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace are believed to be on track to stick around for 2021, per Fowler and Graziano. Chicago’s 5-1 start has come with just a plus-12 point differential, and the team benched Pace’s handpicked quarterback early in the season. Despite Mitchell Trubisky‘s struggles and current backup status, Pace is currently believed to be safe to receive a seventh year as GM.
  • It does not sound like the Chargers are expecting to have Austin Ekeler back anytime soon. The Bolts’ starting running back is battling what Anthony Lynn calls a “very serious” hamstring injury that has him set to be sidelined for the foreseeable future, Daniel Popper of The Athletic tweets. Given a four-year, $24MM extension this offseason, Ekeler went down in Week 4. The Bolts have been without many key players on offense since turning to Justin Herbert in Week 2.
  • Adoree’ Jackson returned to Titans practice Wednesday. The team designated the former first-round cornerback as an IR-return player, making him eligible to face the Steelers in Week 7 — if the team activates him by Saturday afternoon. Jackson landed on IR before Week 1 with a knee injury.
  • The Panthers placed Joey Slye on their reserve/COVID-19 list and brought in kickers for workouts this week. Carolina has auditioned Casey Bednarski (Minnesota State), Taylor Bertolet and Austin Parker (Duke), per Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle (on Twitter). Bednarski began his coronavirus testing with the team Tuesday, Joe Person of The Athletic tweets. None of these kickers has NFL experience. Slye has not tested positive but came in contact with someone who had, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com notes. The Panthers do not have a kicker on their practice squad, but Slye has not been at the team’s facility since Sunday and could still kick in Week 7.
  • The Dolphins conducted an interesting workout Wednesday. They brought in former Seahawks second-round pick Malik McDowell for an audition, per Field Yates of ESPN.com (on Twitter). The 2017 draftee has not played an NFL down, with an ATV accident and subsequent legal troubles harpooning his career. The former Michigan State defensive lineman recently spent time in prison after a bevy of charges stemming from a 2019 arrest.
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28 comments on “Extra Points: Bieniemy, Giants, Panthers

  1. Ak185

    I’m not sure that there is a more overused term in football than “guru”, with the exception of the “-gate” suffix.

  2. WallyJo

    Who will replace Jason Garrett in New York? Will he make it to the end if season

  3. wagner13

    I believe it is time to part ways with Gettleman. He deserved a few years to rebuild the team, but it is clear to me the team is not going anywhere under his leadership.

    There were some positive aspects to his tenure. He arguably won the Odell trade and drafted a capable starting guard in Will Hernandez. BJ Hill and Oshane Ximines were decent finds in the middle of the draft. I do not give him credit for Barkley, as the PSU product literally fell into his lap.

    Daniel Jones has been better than Haskins, but I am not entirely sure he can be a winning starter in this league. His ball security and awareness is below average, making him a turnover machine. I would still give him a chance, but it should be noted Gettleman selected him with the sixth overall pick instead of trading down. I’m sure Jones would have been available five or six picks later.

    Even before DeAndre Baker decided to be an idiot, he struggled mightily in coverage. Gettleman has built a defensive line predicated on stopping the run, but sacrificed any pass-rushing ability to do so. The Leonard Williams trade was a mistake and he overpaid the former Jet to cover it up. Nate Solder was handed a regrettable contract as well, and the Golden Tate deal does not look to have been very logical.

    Joe Judge and even Daniel Jones deserve more time, but Gettleman is on thin ice. If this team ends up in the bottom five once again, do you really trust him to reconstruct this roster? He’s back in the same position as the 3-13 2017 disaster. Time to move on…

    • Oooof

      Fell into his lap? When you’re drafting second overall, you should be letting the running back fall way past your lap.

      • wagner13

        I actually agree with that. I just didn’t want anyone bashing me for criticizing the Barkley pick. However, the Giants really should have either picked a quarterback to replace Manning or traded down

        • Polish Hammer

          Exactly. I said it then and I’ll say it again, but a franchise QB would be coming into his own by the time that stud starts breaking down in this league. And that’s no slight on Saquan who is a beast. Either draft a QB or trade down and get that RB later.

          • Oooof

            Yeah, no slight on Barkley, but even a great running back can’t make a bad team good. But a bad team can make a great running back ruined.

    • Perksy

      Imagine if he had taken Quentin Nelson or Bradley Chubb, and DE Josh Allen in 18 and 19. Anchors for years most likely.

      • wagner13

        Totally agree. I was advocating for them to take Allen at six before taking the best available quarterback at 17

        • Perksy

          For sure. Allen had 10 sacks last year in his rookie year, and Nelson in his first 2 seasons was named to the pro bowl and first team all pro. He allowed 0 sacks last year, with only 3 penalties. 2 anchors right there easily could have been Giants.

    • Perksy

      Also under Gettleman let’s not forget how he has ignored the pass rush in the early rounds. Something the team has severely lacked the last few years. Aside from the mess of an offensive line.

  4. GoLandCrabs

    Well the Texans have been inept but hiring Bieniemy would be a step in the right direction. Benefiting from all the teams passing on him in the last few coaching cycles. Falcons would have been great for him but they were too scared to make a firing that was inevitable. Giants passing on him for a random guy on the Pats staff was laughable.

    • wagner13

      I bet Bieniemy would be a good match for Watson as well. He obviously did some great work with Mahomes, who plays very similarly. McDaniels does not seem cut out for a head coaching position. Some people are just better suited as coordinators

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        It’s all a mystery. How many great OC’s or DC’s have made horrible head coaches. There are plenty. Plenty of crape head coaches in the league right now that we’re great coordinators.

        • Ak185

          Agreed with many of the above comments. I will say though that the Giants’ defense is actually playing much better than expected at the moment. The Bradberry signing was great and Fackrell is playing better than expected. The Golden signing was only good considering the low price relatively.

          Hernandez actually has disappointed me, but the Solder signing was actually the real blunder to me there. The Giants still need help at WR, O-Line (for sure), DE, and LB. Gettleman inherited a bad roster, and has made a bad move for every positive one. So while I will not that he’s been as terrible as others, it has certainly taken him way too long to shed bad contracts and Gettleman’s best moves have been counter-balanced by unproductive picks or trades. I would give he and Judge one more draft honestly but I’m admittedly easier on Gettleman than others.

          At this point I would target an explosive WR (or just a reliable possession target) for Jones to give him a chance to not be stunted in his growth. If that doesn’t happen I would consider Gettleman gone.

  5. itslonelyatthetrop

    Eric Bieniemy would be a good fit for Houston. But, I see him ending up in Atlanta at present. The Falcons will be looking for a young QB and a HC to guide him.

    Whether or not Bieniemy has a preference, tho? No idea.

    • Ak185

      My only hang up with Bieniemy is the fact he does not call plays. Otherwise he appears as strong a candidate as any. However, Watson clearly has a desire to work with him, and that connection could be powerful in the future for a potential coach-QB tandem.

  6. Yep it is

    Ryan Pace and Gutterman are The equivalents to Epller since fired and Jon Daniels are to baseball. How do they still have jobs??

    • Ak185

      Oh man don’t bring up Jon Daniels…that guy should have been gone eight years ago.

    • lautrec

      There is certainly the Colorado connection. I do think Houston would appeal to EB because of the QB type of Watson. I also think IF EB ends up in Denver, the rivalry between KC and Den. might reignite. Those inter divisional games are the best when both teams are good. Denver could get good again with a HC like EB

      • Ak185

        Fangio is not losing his job this year, and Bieniemy is not going to be a coordinator next year. I think Houston is a pretty good bet for Bieniemy next year.

  7. JoeBrady

    The Leonard Williams trade has turned out awful. He’s a decent player, but this not only cost them a #3 & #5, in a year where they’ll draft high, Williams’ talent might cost them the #1 pick.

  8. flashtray

    What a disgrace! Pace has set this franchise back probably 10 years by trading picks to draft Trubisky. The Bears organization will never learn!


      I agree the. Pace only could fix the defense but how about the offense the Bears are lucky to be 5-1 so far

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