Broncos Not Interested In Sam Darnold?

As teams in similar positions added quarterbacks in free agency or via trade, the Broncos have stood pat. They are planning to acquire a veteran quarterback, but Sam Darnold might not be on GM George Paton‘s radar.

The Broncos have not expressed interest in the Jets passer this offseason, at least not at the price the Jets may be seeking, Troy Renck of Denver7 tweets. While rumors of the Jets being able to fetch a first-round pick for Darnold have not surfaced in months, a second-rounder may be in play. The Broncos, however, are not believed to view Darnold as enough of an upgrade to part with a Round 2 pick, Renck adds. With the Broncos holding a high second-round pick (No. 40), it makes sense they would not part with that choice in such a trade.

Going into the 2018 draft, previous Broncos GM John Elway was interested in Darnold. However, the Broncos did not trade up from their No. 5 overall pick (Bradley Chubb) and saw the Jets draft the USC product. The team had then just signed Case Keenum, who became the fourth quarterback to start for Denver since Peyton Manning‘s retirement. The Broncos have now started 10 QBs over the past five seasons.

Drew Lock remains in line to start for the Broncos. He ranked 29th in QBR last season and led the NFL in interceptions, throwing 15 picks despite missing three games and much of Week 2. Darnold, however, ranked last (33rd) among qualified quarterbacks in QBR in 2020.

The Broncos made an offer for Matthew Stafford, but it was not on the level of the Panthers or Washington’s bids, and were planning to pursue Deshaun Watson — prior to the quarterback’s off-field issues surfacing. Paton indicated trades would be an option for the team. Gardner Minshew has drawn trade interest, and Nick Foles would seemingly be another option as a veteran who could join Lock. The 49ers have insisted they have Jimmy Garoppolo in their 2021 plans, though their trade to No. 3 overall could point Garoppolo elsewhere.

While the Jets’ plans are not known, they are currently expected to select Zach Wilson at No. 2 overall. With the Jets set to either trade Darnold or that pick, the Broncos loom as an obvious candidate to acquire the three-year veteran. But they may not take that route.

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18 comments on “Broncos Not Interested In Sam Darnold?

  1. despicable_you

    Duh. He has not shown one shred of being a serviceable starting qb in this league.

      • phenomenalajs

        Agreed. He still can be and could succeed on a 49ers-style offense with either a stronger offensive line (i.e., adding Sewell) or a top-flight tight end (i.e., adding Pitts). If the Falcons want to leap over the 49ers to grab Ryan’s successor, the Jets could probably trade down to them and still grab one of those two.
        Remember Sam will only be 24 this season. He still could turn his career around.

  2. MileHighFan

    The Broncos don’t need another project. They should make a deal for Matt Ryan since Atlanta is planning to pick a quarterback anyway.

    As for the Jets – they are a complete wildcard with respect to the second slot. They should do the right thing and trade that slot for a bunch of 1st round choices from those salivating over Zach Wilson. If Darnold doesn’t succeed with a bunch of new pieces then at least those pieces can be used for the next quarterback (either directly or indirectly).

    • manos

      He’d be a decent backup on a few teams but the Broncos are better off with Drew Lock.

  3. forwhomjoshbelltolled

    Is Darnold better than Mason Rudolph?

    The Steelers only chance to avoid an ugly rebuild would be to find an “ooops” second chance franchise QB without expending important assets.

    • markdavisbarber

      I think that the Steelers believe they have they QB on the roster already with Dwayne Haskins. He has a great arm and is very athletic, he just needs to grow up.

      Having his “hometown hero” dreams crushed by Washington and spending a year behind Ben might be what the young man needs.

  4. CoachWe

    Minshew is better than people think. He did more with less over guys like, Lock Trubiski, Darnold and others.

    • dan55

      Yeah I don’t know why people keep disrespecting Minshew so much. He was pretty competent on a bad team with a bad coach. I would like to see him get a better opportunity to start. My hope is that the Patriots will trade for him.

  5. dschap02

    I hope Sammy finds his way to the Pats while Billy is still around. Everybody poops on this kid, he’s 22-23 or close to that… who’s been competing in the NFL under horrible coaching and upper management. It’s all his fault he hasn’t been successful? He’s been surrounded by the best line and receivers? There’s a reason why Tom went to TB and the weather wasn’t the only reason!! Saints, Bucs, Steelers would be great spots for Sammy.

  6. Special Agent

    If I’m the Broncos I offer either a guaranteed fifth-round pick or a conditional pick that could turn out to be as high as a third or low as a sixth, depending on how high a percentage of starts Darnold would earn and how deep into the playoffs he leads them.

    The Jets can hold out for a second but they’re not getting it — from any GM. The Jets depressed Darnold’s value.

  7. Gioia

    The jets should have signed mariota and minshew and let them fight it out, trade the 2 pick to the falcons and draft pitts, dream scenario I know but all could of been very possible.

  8. mbgutt

    Steelers should offer next years third for him….
    Jets are a train wreck, could be a great chance to get franchise qb on the cheap

  9. Ak185

    The Broncos, if they are starting new, will pick a new QB or acquire a proven veteran first before picking one. They won’t ditch Lock for what is essentially a similar player-a few years in, still young, and not yet developed into a proven starter. They still have a bit of investment in Lock, and Lock will likely stick around on the roster if another QB is picked, unless he is traded as part of that deal. I do think Darnold has more potential than Lock long term, but right now there is no guarantee that gets unlocked and they’re both essentially similar players. The Broncos, if they start over, will pick a QB or trade for a known quantity.

    Their roster is in mostly good shape, and they have the luxury of taking a QB (if a good one is available when they pick, which looks unlikely) or trading back, or just picking best defensive player or lineman available. They have a lot of good directions they can go in the draft and there’s no need to rush a Darnold acquisition.

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