NFC West Notes: Seahawks, Watt, 49ers

Following a season in which the Seahawks failed to reach the NFC championship game for a sixth straight year, Russell Wilson set about communicating his goals for what he views as the second half of his career with his camp. Those goals center around returning the Seahawks to a Super Bowl-caliber team. Wilson then brought those to Pete Carroll, per Albert Breer of, who notes the perennial Pro Bowl passer communicated he wants more say regarding the direction of the team.

Wilson also mentioned to Carroll he would like the Seahawks to make a genuine investment in a high-end offensive lineman, Breer adds. The Seahawks did trade for Pro Bowl left tackle Duane Brown in 2018, but he will turn 36 this year and is signed only through 2021. And they have not otherwise made big moves on their offensive front in recent years. Beyond guard Damien Lewis, the Seahawks could certainly use more help up front. One of Wilson’s goals — a new offensive philosophy — has come to pass, with Breer adding Wilson was “fully on board” with new OC Shane Waldron.

For what it’s worth, the 32-year-old quarterback does not expect to be traded. But he has, as you may have heard, revealed a destination list. And the Bears are taking that quite seriously. Here is the latest from the NFC West:

  • The Seahawks have a few of their defensive contributors on track for free agency. One of those UFAs-to-be, Shaquill Griffin, is not certain he will return to Seattle. “I would love to be back in Seattle, but I know there’s a business aspect behind it,” Griffin said during an appearance on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football (via “But that organization knows I love it over there — the fans and coaches know how much I love Seattle. But at the end of the day, I know it’s strictly business.” This puts him in a similar position to K.J. Wright, who wants to stay but not on a hometown discount. The Seahawks have less than $5MM in cap space, so the franchise will need to create a bit more cap room going into free agency.
  • In order to preserve some cap space in a year in which the cap is expected to decline for only the second time ever, the Cardinals structured J.J. Watt‘s contract unusually. Watt’s two-year, $28MM deal ($31MM max value, via incentives) will only count $4.9MM on Arizona’s 2021 cap sheet, per OverTheCap. The Cards have tacked on three void years to prorate Watt’s signing bonus. Those years will void in 2023, creating $7.2MM in dead money, CBS Sports’ Joel Corry tweets. With the cap expected to go up again starting in 2022, it is not surprising to see the Cardinals opt to preserve cap space this year and worry about additional charges down the line. They still hold $12MM-plus in cap room; that sits in NFL’s top half.
  • Even though Trent Williams has expressed interest in staying in San Francisco, the 49ers are unlikely to keep the decorated left tackle off the market. Williams cannot be tagged. Were Williams to depart, the 49ers would have a major void up front. They should not be considered a destination for disgruntled Ravens tackle Orlando Brown, per Matt Barrows of The Athletic, who notes Brown’s 345-pound frame and mobility issues make him a poor fit for Kyle Shanahan‘s scheme (subscription required). The Ravens are listening to offers on Brown, who wants to play left tackle.
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15 comments on “NFC West Notes: Seahawks, Watt, 49ers

    • InvalidUserID

      So how many other teams are pretenders that haven’t advanced past the first round in 6 years? Gotta be quite a few.

      • DarkSide830

        the Seahawks have been more successful then most teams over the past while, but that they top out at the same spot all the time isnt nessicarily a good mark. The thing about them is they have been a strong team that has, since the Malcom Butler game, not quite lived up to the “elite” label that’s been put on them. sure, they are playoff contenders, but failing to advance far over many years makes believing they will take the next step hard.

    • larkraxm

      Only seven different teams have been in NFC championship game in the last six years. In the last 11 years, the Seahawks have won 112 games made the playoffs 9 times. They have been to 2 Super Bowls, and won 1. Only New England and Green Bay(barely) have more wins. Only New England has multiple Championships (Packers also have 1). Only Seattle, KC, and New England have been to multiple Super Bowls. This shows how hard it is, even for good teams, to win multiple championships, not that the Seahawks (or the west coast Patriots) are pretenders. Nice troll though.

      • amk1920

        Seahawks had a fantastic three year window from 2012-14, which inflated the numbers you just used. Quit pretending they have been some amazing team since then. Is it hard to compete consistently? Absolutely. But they have not been a legit threat in the postseason in 6 years.

  1. larkraxm

    RW and every other QB that wants Brady rings should look at the article about his restructured contract to reduce his cap hit. Brady made less money than Jacoby Brissett last season. he is tied for 13th in QB salaries. That’s how you leave room in the cap for some pass protection. Can’t be the third highest paid QB in the league and cry about roster construction. Brady sacrificed dollars for those rings.

    • bravesfan88

      Yessir it is the give and take, and I PROMISE you, Brady more than made up for that money he sacrificed with endorsement deals, BECAUSE of winning those rings!!!

      • S24s37

        I am sick of peopl think Brady takes big pay cuts. His cap hit was 28.5 mill in 2020. 15 mill salary 10 mill roster bonus 3.5 singing bouns. Wilson’s cap hit for 2020 31 mill.

        • halos2017

          He took pay cuts in New England. When he didn’t they let him go and why he ended up in Tampa Bay.

    • silhouettesaloon

      Also not paying state income tax in Washington…I just feel bad for the guy!

  2. Ak185

    Brady signed a two year, $50 million contract with the Bucs. Brissett’s last contract with the Colts was two years at $30 million. This keeps coming up here and keeps being wrong.

    Brady never set the market, but he never was in backup territory with his contracts.

    • S24s37

      Yes Brady was always top 5. NE alway moved money around. That was one of the they alway traded player before pay them. The hawks don’t like to sacrifice the future for present. Like the Saints

      • Ak185

        Oh yeah, I meant that in response to the constant “Brady makes less than Brissett!” posts.

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