Latest On Aaron Rodgers’ Future With Packers

Since the Packers surprised many by trading up for quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of last year’s draft, starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers has continually expressed doubt that he’ll finish his career with Green Bay. During an appearance on ESPN yesterday, Rodgers reiterated that skepticism.

“I said last year, I didn’t know if that was actually possible…to be able to finish [In Green Bay],” Rodgers said (via ESPN’s Field Yates on Twitter). “I still feel like that’s kind of where we’re at. I don’t know if a lot of that’s in my hands, and I guess we’ll see as we go.”

Rodgers seemed to respond to the Packers’ selection of Love, as the veteran had one of the best seasons of his career in 2021. The 37-year-old led the NFL and set career-highs in completion percentage (70.7) and touchdowns (48), earning him his first MVP award since the 2014 campaign (he also finished with first-team All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors). However, the Packers lost in disappointing fashion to the Buccaneers during the NFC Championship Game, and Rodgers’ comments following the loss raised some eyebrows.

Rodgers repeated that his future with the team was uncertain, with some pundits interpreting the comments as a goodbye message. The quarterback has since downplayed those comments, and the organization has continued to assert that the future Hall of Famer will be back next season. Still, we’ve since heard that Rodgers is now seeking a new deal, and rival coaches and executives believe that the veteran wants out immediately (the Rams even reportedly made a run at the quarterback before pivoting to Matthew Stafford).

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35 comments on “Latest On Aaron Rodgers’ Future With Packers

      • Missing Michigan

        Playing for a second team could ruin your legacy.

        – Tom Brady

        • padam

          Funny, but the theme is the drafted QB and eventual replacement. Specifically Aaron since he himself was involved in that same situation. You can draft Trevor Lawrence and I do t think you can bench Tom or send him packing because of another QB.

          • Ak185

            Not really. Rodgers was more of a “Hey, look what we found!” after falling in the draft, not someone the team forced by trading up to get him. And Rodgers was not threatening/mulling retirement like Favre was at the time of his selection. And, lastly, Rodgers was a probable first overall pick at the time, until somehow he got skipped on draft day-not a possible Day Two pick with a litany of questions of how his game would translate to the pros.

            Really, the only thing Love’s and Rodgers’ respective selections have in common is that they play the same position.

            • SoxRewl

              Yeah people forget that Rodgers was considered by many to be the best player in that draft. Throw in the fact that Favre was already waffling about retirement and it made sense.

              The Love pick seemed more like Gutekunst’s vanity getting in the way of a team on the cusp of a championship. His desire to get out of Ted Thompson’s shadow may end up chasing the best QB in franchise history out the door and get BG fired.

  1. jay13

    Play it out Aaron, retire, sign a 30 year contract to host Jeopardy and ride into the sunset.

  2. Polish Hammer

    In a hurry to find out Love was a reach and will be a bust. Not quite the reach and bust Trey Lance will be this year, but a bust nonetheless.

    • DarkSide830

      i wouldnt be shocked if none of the top 5 QBs this year pan out, and id bet at least three are busts.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Lawrence will be excellent if Jacksonville surrounds him with a few quality pieces.

        Darkside, like you, I’m not sold on any of the other QBs in this class after that.

    • 19Sharksfan

      They certainly can’t be bigger busts and worse than Manziel, Tebow, P.Lynch, Rosen, Bortles to name a few!!
      Let me guess? You’re also a Tim Boyle fan!

      • Ak185

        As I said earlier, Tebow at least has a winning record and a playoff win. That’s more than most QBs who have played. Despite everything else, he does deserve credit for that.

        Rosen and Lynch were busts, but they never really got good chances. Rosen at least may have turned out better. At the end of the day, it’s really about where you end up more than how good you actually are. Of course, you have to have ability, but that could mean nothing if you go to the wrong team. Very few, if any, players are just good enough to hang anywhere regardless of the team’s talent and/or roster. In any case, the QBs this year outside of Lawrence and Jones in my opinion all could be difficult picks. But all of them need a good support system to make it in the pros.

  3. davidkaner

    These quarterbacks suck: Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, Tom Brady

    —-Andre Ware, Joey Harrington, Eric Kramer, Rodney Pete

    • ghostoforsillo

      In 1995, Erik Kramer might’ve had the best Bears season in Chicago’s illustrious history….

  4. Sportsfantatic

    You know im tired of people of trolling ARod.. Just let him be him.. And he is right its out if his hand its up to the Front office.. But, its like that everywhere Any NFL team its never up to the player. Sometimes they wish their feelings can be mutual but sometimes its not the case.. The Front office had said several times Aaron Rodgers is our QB and #12 will be out there to start every game he wishes.. But, realistic tho how many QBs finish their Careers where they start??? Its not common. Look at Brady, Manning, Rivers, Favre, Montana etc.. Just not common and especially now. Thats something he will have to accept.. He getting at that age where someteams rather have someone younger behind center especially when they hit 38 39 40.. With what Green Bay did was their due dilligency and preparing for the future 4-5 yrs from now. To be honest i doubt they move on From Rodgers till atleast he either hits FA or until the 2024 season.. Good chance they extend him till age 40 season.. He is Murphys guy for the Green n Gold.. Also, back when they drafted Love you gotta remember Rodgers wasnt looking good. He got over a few big injury seasons the Collar Bone plus he had that bad knee.. Than in 2019 season last yr he had the down year.. The real question is How much is his Trade value will be in a few yrs im sure some teams will offer multiple 1st rounders..

  5. mstrblstr2

    This is a negotiation tool, for Aaron to get a new contract. Aaron isn’t going anywhere. The Packers know it and Rodgers knows it. As far as the game against the Buc’s, that wasn’t on Rodgers. His OL couldn’t protect him as Tampa’s pass rush and DL was too quick and strong as Mahomes found out in the SB. This is a common contract ploy for more $. He ain’t going nowhere as in the game against Tampa, it was the Packers Coaching staff that pulled Rodgers before he got hurt. That doesn’t sound like a team will to part with their star player! Then who did they put in? Love and whatever other backup they had – Bc well – who cares if they get demolished in the Packers eyes!

    • Rocket32

      mstrblstr2 I agree. Only way Rodgers doesn’t retire in Green Bay is if he demands a trade or significantly declines at some point. They can’t afford to force out their top 5 QB early. Love was insurance in case Rodgers play falls off over the next few years. Depending on how many years Rodgers wants to keep playing, Love might be their version of Jimmy G.

    • Sportsfantatic

      this past yr Love wasnt an option he had no preseason and i guess there were huge question marks on his arm strength and accuracy in practice soo Boyle was the man behind #12.. It also dont help when you lose your top OL before the game and KC lost bc of Freak injuries it was kinda like the man upstairs is a brady fan lol.. Anytime your team loses 3 OL due to injuries before the SB you will fold 9/10 times and Mahomes was still finding ways to escape pressure imagine if they had tho 3 OL… Its kind of funny they keep pushing this Aaron Rodgers trade and right now he is a top 3 QB maybe top 2 in the league… He the top QB when it comes to QB Ratings.. If they can fix the Defense up add some OL depth and 1 more target for Rodgers they will be back..

  6. ron swanson

    He’s signed for 3 more seasons until he’s 40! This is a non story in Wisconsin. Media just needs clicks.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Sounds like Aaron the Ego could use a massage to relive the stress.

  8. MileHighFan

    Rodgers is the Dan Marino of his generation. Loads of talent, but ultimately a major underachiever. The Packers should learn from the Dolphins’ mistake and trade this California crybaby for a massive 1st round start on a new era.

    • Ak185

      If you seriously believe any of that, you need to give ESPN a call to see if they need help on First Take.

  9. twentyforty

    When you e got nothing to write about, and are simply a media scribe to begin with, pull out an Aaron Rodgers article….Rule number one as a “journalist”.

  10. HailRodgers12$

    Its comical how so many believe Rodgers is holding GB hostage by refusing to redo his contract to free up money to sign him some help. The way I understand it, th FO could have restructured it without his consent or need to even sign anything, and for whatever reason, refused to do so.

    Now all these ‘an anonymous source says Rodgers said [this]’ or 8 million interpretations of what he actually did say get regurgitated claiming he’s demanding a new deal or else. Or else what? He’ll refuse to play and the team can move on like it appears they’ve wanted to do since the second Gute made the headscratching trade to draft Jordan Love?

    Doesn’t really seem like he has that much leverage to me. Or that they cared too much about public opinion in the first place, or the Love selection wouldn’t have happened.

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