2023 NFL Draft Results: Team By Team

As the 2023 NFL Draft gets underway, we will keep track of each team’s haul here:

Arizona Cardinals

Round 1, No. 6 (from Rams through Lions): Paris Johnson, OT (Ohio State) (signed)
Round 2, No. 41 (from Titans): BJ Ojulari, DE (LSU) (signed)
Round 3, No. 72 (from Titans): Garrett Williams, CB (Syracuse) (signed)
Round 3, No. 94 (from Eagles): Michael Wilson, WR (Stanford) (signed)
Round 4, No. 122 (from Dolphins through Chiefs and Lions): Jon Gaines II, G (UCLA) (signed)
Round 5, No. 139 (from Broncos through Lions): Clayton Tune, QB (Houston) (signed)
Round 5, No. 168 (from Cardinals through Lions): Owen Pappoe, LB (Auburn) (signed)
Round 5, No. 180: Kei’Trel Clark, CB (Louisville) (signed)
Round 6, No. 213: Dante Stills, DT (West Virginia) (signed)

Atlanta Falcons

Round 1, No. 8: Bijan Robinson, RB (Texas) (signed)
Round 2, No. 38 (from Colts): Matthew Bergeron, T (Syracuse) (signed)
Round 3, No. 75: Zach Harrison, DE (Ohio State) (signed)
Round 4, No. 113: Clark Phillips III, CB (Utah) (signed)
Round 7, No. 224 (from Raiders): DeMarcco Hellams, S (Alabama) (signed)
Round 7, No. 225: Jovaughn Gwyn, G (South Carolina) (signed)

Baltimore Ravens

Round 1, No. 22: Zay Flowers, WR (Boston College) (signed)
Round 3, No. 86: Trenton Simpson, LB (Clemson) (signed)
Round 4, No. 124: Tavius Robinson, LB (Ole Miss) (signed)
Round 5, No. 157: Kyu Blu Kelly, CB (Stanford) (signed)
Round 6, No. 199: Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, OT (Oregon) (signed)
Round 7, No. 229 (from Browns): Andrew Vorhees, G (USC) (signed)

Buffalo Bills

Round 1, No. 25 (from Giants through Jaguars): Dalton Kincaid, TE (Utah) (signed)
Round 2, No. 59: O’Cyrus Torrence, G (Florida) (signed)
Round 3, No, 91: Dorian Williams, LB (Tulane) (signed)
Round 5, No. 150 (from Commanders): Justin Shorter, WR (Florida) (signed)
Round 7, No. 230 (from Buccaneers through Jets, Texans, Eagles and Bills): Nick Broeker, G (Ole Miss) (signed)
Round 7, No. 252 (from Buccaneers through Rams): Alex Austin, CB (Oregon State) (signed)

Carolina Panthers

Round 1, No. 1 (from Bears): Bryce Young, QB (Alabama) (signed)
Round 2, No. 39: Jonathan Mingo, WR (Ole Miss) (signed)
Round 3, No. 80 (from Steelers): D.J. Johnson, DE (Oregon) (signed)
Round 4, No. 114: Chandler Zavala, G (North Carolina State) (signed)
Round 5, No. 145: Jammie Robinson, S (Florida State) (signed)

Chicago Bears

Round 1, No. 10 (from Saints through Eagles): Darnell Wright, OT (Tennessee) (signed)
Round 2, No. 53 (from Ravens): Gervon Dexter, DT (Florida) (signed)
Round 2, No. 56 (from Jaguars): Tyrique Stevenson, CB (Miami) (signed)
Round 3, No. 64: Zacch Pickens, DT (South Carolina) (signed)
Round 4, No. 115 (from Saints): Roschon Johnson, RB (Texas) (signed)
Round 4, No. 133 (from Eagles): Tyler Scott, WR (Cincinnati) (signed)
Round 5, No. 148 (from Patriots through Ravens): Noah Sewell, LB (Oregon) (signed)
Round 5, No. 165 (from Saints through Eagles): Terell Smith, CB (Minnesota) (signed)
Round 7, No. 218: Travis Bell, DT (Kennesaw State) (signed)
Round 7, No. 258: Kendall Williamson, S (Stanford) (signed)

Cincinnati Bengals

Round 1, No. 28: Myles Murphy, DE (Clemson) (signed)
Round 2, No. 60: DJ Turner, CB (Michigan) (signed)
Round 3, No. 95 (from Chiefs): Jordan Battle, S (Alabama) (signed)
Round 4, No. 131: Charlie Jones, WR (Purdue) (signed)
Round 5, No. 163: Chase Brown, RB (Illinois) (signed)
Round 6, No. 206: Andrei Iosivas, WR (Princeton) (signed)
Round 6, No. 217 (from Chiefs): Brad Robbins, P (Michigan) (signed)
Round 7, No. 246: DJ Ivey, CB (Miami) (signed)

Cleveland Browns

Round 3, No. 74 (from Jets): Cedric Tillman, WR (Tennessee) (signed)
Round 3, No. 98: Siaki Ika, DT (Baylor) (signed)
Round 4, No. 111: Dawand Jones, OT (Ohio State) (signed)
Round 4, No. 126 (from Vikings): Isaiah McGuire, DE (Missouri) (signed)
Round 5, No. 140 (from Rams): Dorian Thompson-Robinson, QB (UCLA) (signed)
Round 5, No. 142: Cameron Mitchell, CB (Northwestern) (signed)
Round 6, No. 190: Luke Wypler, C (Ohio State) (signed)

Dallas Cowboys

Round 1, No. 26: Mazi Smith, DT (Michigan) (signed)
Round 2, No. 58: Luke Schoonmaker, TE (Michigan) (signed)
Round 3, No. 90: DeMarvion Overshown, LB (Texas) (signed)
Round 4, No. 129: Viliami Fehoko, DE (San Jose State) (signed)
Round 5, No. 169: Asim Richards, OT (North Carolina) (signed)
Round 6, No. 178 (from Bears through Dolphins and Chiefs): Eric Scott Jr., CB (Southern Miss) (signed)
Round 6, No. 212: Deuce Vaughn, RB (Kansas State) (signed)
Round 7, No. 244: Jalen Brooks, WR (South Carolina) (signed)

Denver Broncos

Round 2, No. 63 (from Chiefs through Lions): Marvin Mims, WR (Oklahoma) (signed)
Round 3, No. 67 (from Colts): Drew Sanders, LB (Arkansas) (signed)
Round 3, No. 83 (from Seahawks): Riley Moss, CB (Iowa) (signed)
Round 6, No. 183 (from Lions): JL Skinner, S (Boise State) (signed)
Round 7, No. 257 (from Saints): Alex Forsyth, C (Oregon) (signed)

Detroit Lions

Round 1, No. 12 (from Browns through Texans and Cardinals): Jahmyr Gibbs, RB (Alabama)
Round 1, No. 18: Jack Campbell, LB (Iowa) (signed)
Round 2, No. 34 (from Cardinals): Sam LaPorta, TE (Iowa) (signed)
Round 2, No. 45 (from Packers): Brian Branch, DB (Alabama) (signed)
Round 3, No. 68 (from Broncos): Hendon Hooker, QB (Tennessee) (signed)
Round 3, No. 96 (from Cardinals): Brodric Martin, DT (Western Kentucky) (signed)
Round 5, No. 152: Colby Sorsdal, OT (William & Mary) (signed)
Round 7, No. 219 (from Texans through Vikings and Eagles): Antoine Green, WR (North Carolina) (signed)

Green Bay Packers

Round 1, No. 13 (from Jets): Lukas Van Ness, DE (Iowa) (signed)
Round 2, No. 42 (from Browns through Jets): Luke Musgrave, TE (Oregon State) (signed)
Round 2, No. 50 (from Buccaneers): Jayden Reed, WR (Michigan State) (signed)
Round 3, No. 78: Tucker Kraft, TE (South Dakota State) (signed)
Round 4, No. 116: Colby Wooden, DL (Auburn) (signed)
Round 5, No. 149: Sean Clifford, QB (Penn State) (signed)
Round 5, No. 159 (from Falcons through Jaguars and Lions): Dontayvion Wicks, WR (Virginia) (signed)
Round 6, No. 179 (from Texans through Buccaneers): Karl Brooks, DE (Bowling Green) (signed)
Round 6, No. 207 (from 49ers through Texans and Jets): Anders Carlson, K (Auburn) (signed)
Round 7, No. 232: Carrington Valentine, CB (Kentucky) (signed)
Round 7, No. 235 (from Lions through Rams): Lew Nichols III, RB (Central Michigan) (signed)
Round 7, No. 242 (from Jaguars): Anthony Johnson, CB (Virginia) (signed)
Round 7, No. 256: Grant DuBose, WR (Charlotte) (signed)

Houston Texans

Round 1, No. 2: C.J. Stroud, QB (Ohio State) (signed)
Round 1, No. 3 (from Cardinals): Will Anderson Jr., LB (Alabama) (signed)
Round 2, No. 62: (from Eagles): Juice Scruggs, C (Penn State) (signed)
Round 3, No. 69 (from Rams): Nathaniel Dell, WR (Houston) (signed)
Round 4, No. 109 (from Raiders): Dylan Horton, DE (TCU) (signed)
Round 5, No. 167 (from Rams): Henry To’oTo’o, LB (Alabama) (signed)
Round 6, No. 201 (from Vikings): Jarrett Patterson, C (Notre Dame) (signed)
Round 6, No. 205 (from Bills): Xavier Hutchinson, WR (Iowa State) (signed)
Round 7, No. 248 (from Eagles): Brandon Hill, S (Pittsburgh) (signed)

Indianapolis Colts

Round 1, No. 4: Anthony Richardson, QB (Florida) (signed)
Round 2, No. 44 (from Falcons): Julius Brents, CB (Kansas State) (signed)
Round 3, No. 79 (from Commanders): Josh Downs, WR (North Carolina) (signed)
Round 4, No. 106: Blake Freeland, OT (BYU) (signed)
Round 4, No. 110 (from Falcons): Adetomiwa Adebawore, DE (Northwestern) (signed)
Round 5, No. 138: Darius Rush, CB (South Carolina) (signed)
Round 5, No. 158 (from Vikings): Daniel Scott, S (California) (signed)
Round 5, No. 162 (from Bills): Will Mallory, TE (Miami) (signed)
Round 5, No. 176 (from Cowboys): Evan Hull, RB (Northwestern) (signed)
Round 6, No. 211 (from Vikings): Titus Leo, DE (Wagner) (signed)
Round 7, No. 221: Jaylon Jones, CB (Texas A&M) (signed)
Round 7, No. 236 (from Buccaneers): Jake Witt, OT (Northern Michigan) (signed)

Jacksonville Jaguars

Round 1, No. 27 (from Bills): Anton Harrison, OT (Oklahoma) (signed)
Round 2, No. 61 (from Panthers through 49ers and Bears): Brenton Strange, TE (Penn State) (signed)
Round 3, No. 88: Tank Bigsby, RB (Auburn) (signed)
Round 4, No. 121 (from Buccaneers): Ventrell Miller, LB (Florida) (signed)
Round 4, No. 130 (from Bills): Tyler Lacy, DE (Oklahoma State) (signed)
Round 5, No. 136 (from Bears): Yasir Abdullah, LB (Louisville) (signed)
Round 5, No. 160 (from Giants): Antonio Johnson, S (Texas A&M) (signed)
Round 6, No. 185 (from Jets): Parker Washington, WR (Penn State) (signed)
Round 6, No. 202: Christian Braswell, CB (Rutgers) (signed)
Round 6, No. 208 (from Eagles): Erick Hallett, DB (Pittsburgh) (signed)
Round 7, No. 226 (from Panthers): Cooper Hodges, OT (Appalachian State) (signed)
Round 7, No. 227 (from Saints): Raymond Vohasek, DT (North Carolina) (signed)
Round 7, No. 240 (from Giants through Ravens): Derek Parish, FB (Houston) (signed)

Kansas City Chiefs

Round 1, No. 31: Felix Anudike-Uzomah, DE (Kansas State) (signed)
Round 2, No. 55 (from Vikings through Lions): Rashee Rice, WR (SMU) (signed)
Round 3, No. 92 (from Bengals): Wanya Morris, T (Oklahoma) (signed)
Round 4, No. 119 (from Lions through Vikings): Chamarri Conner, CB (Virginia Tech) (signed)
Round 5, No. 166: BJ Thompson, LB (Stephen F. Austin) (signed)
Round 6, No. 194 (from Lions): Keondre Coburn, DT (Texas) (signed)
Round 7, No. 250: Nic Jones, CB (Ball State) (signed)

Las Vegas Raiders

Round 1, No. 7: Tyree Wilson, LB (Texas Tech) (signed)
Round 2, No. 35 (from Colts): Michael Mayer, TE (Notre Dame) (signed)
Round 3, No. 70: Byron Young, DL (Alabama) (signed)
Round 3, No. 100 (from Chiefs through Giants): Tre Tucker, WR (Cincinnati) (signed)
Round 4, No. 104 (from Texans): Jakorian Bennett, CB (Maryland) (signed)
Round 4, No. 135 (from Patriots): Aidan O’Connell, QB (Purdue) (signed)
Round 5, No. 170 (from Packers through Jets): Christopher Smith, S (Georgia) (signed)
Round 6, No. 203 (from Texans through Giants): Amari Burney, LB (Florida) (signed)
Round 7, No. 231 (from Patriots): Nesta Jade Silvera, DT (Arizona State) (signed)

Los Angeles Chargers

Round 1, No. 21: Quentin Johnston, WR (TCU) (signed)
Round 2, No. 54: Tuli Tuipulotu, OLB (USC) (signed)
Round 3, No. 85: Daiyan Henley, LB (Washington State) (signed)
Round 4, No. 125: Derius Davis, WR (TCU) (signed)
Round 5, No. 156: Jordan McFadden, G (Clemson) (signed)
Round 6, No. 200: Scott Matlock, DT (Boise State) (signed)
Round 7, No. 239: Max Duggan, QB (TCU) (signed)

Los Angeles Rams

Round 2, No. 36: Steve Avila, G (TCU) (signed)
Round 3, No. 77 (from Dolphins through Patriots): Byron Young, OLB (Tennessee) (signed)
Round 3, No. 89 (from Giants): Kobie Turner, DT (Wake Forest) (signed)
Round 4, No. 128 (from Rams): Stetson Bennett, QB (Georgia) (signed)
Round 5, No. 161 (from Cowboys through Texans): Nick Hampton, LB (Appalachian State) (signed)
Round 5, No. 174 (from Raiders through Texans): Warren McClendon, OT (Georgia) (signed)
Round 5, No. 175 (from Buccaneers): Davis Allen, TE (Clemson) (signed)
Round 5, No. 177: Puka Nacua, WR (BYU) (signed)
Round 6, No. 182: Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson, CB (TCU) (signed)
Round 6, No. 189 (from Titans): Ochaun Mathis, OLB (Nebraska) (signed)
Round 6, No. 215 (from Commanders through Bills): Zach Evans, RB (Ole Miss) (signed)
Round 7, No. 223: Ethan Evans, P (Wingate) (signed)
Round 7, No. 234 (from Steelers): Jason Taylor II, S (Oklahoma State) (signed)
Round 7, No. 259 (from Texans): Desjuan Johnson, DL (Toledo) (signed)

Miami Dolphins

Round 2, No. 51: Cam Smith, CB (South Carolina) (signed)
Round 3, No. 84: Devon Achane, RB (Texas A&M) (signed)
Round 6, No. 197: Elijah Higgins, TE (Stanford) (signed)
Round 7, No. 238: Ryan Hayes, OT (Michigan) (signed)

Minnesota Vikings

Round 1, No. 23: Jordan Addison, WR (USC) (signed)
Round 3, No. 102 (from 49ers): Mekhi Blackmon, CB (USC) (signed)
Round 4, No. 134 (from Chiefs): Jay Ward, S (LSU) (signed)
Round 5, No. 141 (from Raiders through Colts): Jaquelin Roy, DT (LSU) (signed)
Round 5, No. 164 (from 49ers): Jaren Hall, QB (BYU) (signed)
Round 7, No. 222 (from Broncos through 49ers): DeWayne McBride, RB (UAB) (signed)

New England Patriots

Round 1, No. 17 (from Steelers): Christian Gonzalez, CB (Oregon) (signed)
Round 2, No. 46: Keion White, DE (Georgia Tech) (signed)
Round 3, No. 76 (from Panthers): Marte Mapu, LB (Sacramento State) (signed)
Round 4, No. 107 (from Rams): Jake Andrews, C (Troy) (signed)
Round 4, No. 112 (from Jets): Chad Ryland, K (Maryland) (signed)
Round 4, No. 117: Sidy Sow, G (Eastern Michigan) (signed)
Round 5, No. 144 (from Falcons from Raiders): Atonio Mafi, G (UCLA) (signed)
Round 6, No. 187 (from Panthers): Kayshon Boutte, WR (LSU) (signed)
Round 6, No. 192: Bryce Baringer, P (Michigan State) (signed)
Round 6, No. 210: Demario Douglas, WR (Liberty) (signed)
Round 6, No. 214 (from Raiders): Ameer Speed, DB (Michigan State) (signed)
Round 7, No. 245 (from Falcons through Bills): Isaiah Bolden, CB (Jackson State) (signed)

New Orleans Saints

Round 1, No. 29 (from 49ers through Dolphins and Broncos): Bryan Bresee, DT (Clemson) (signed)
Round 2, No. 40: Isaiah Foskey, DE (Notre Dame) (signed)
Round 3, No. 71: Kendre Miller, RB (TCU) (signed)
Round 4, No. 103 (from Bears): Nick Saldiveri, G (Old Dominion) (signed)
Round 4, No. 127 (from Jaguars): Jake Haener, QB (Fresno State) (signed)
Round 5, No. 146: Jordan Howden, S (Minnesota) (signed)
Round 6, No. 195 (from Steelers through Broncos): A.T. Perry, WR (Wake Forest) (signed)

New York Giants

Round 1, No. 24 (from Jaguars): Deonte Banks, CB (Maryland) (signed)
Round 2, No. 57: John Michael Schmitz, C (Minnesota) (signed)
Round 3, No. 73 (from Browns through Texans and Rams): Jalin Hyatt, WR (Tennessee) (signed)
Round 5, No. 172: Eric Gray, RB (Oklahoma) (signed)
Round 6, No. 209 (from Chiefs): Tre Hawkins, CB (Old Dominion) (signed)
Round 7, No. 243: Jordon Riley, DT (Oregon) (signed)
Round 7, No. 254: Gervarrius Owens, S (Houston) (signed)

New York Jets

Round 1, No. 15 (from Packers): Will McDonald, DE (Iowa State) (signed)
Round 2, No. 43: Joe Tippmann, C (Wisconsin) (signed)
Round 4, No. 120 (from Steelers through Patriots): Carter Warren, OT (Pittsburgh) (signed)
Round 5, No. 143: Israel Abanikanda, RB (Pittsburgh) (signed)
Round 6, No. 184 (from Raiders through Patriots): Zaire Barnes, LB (Western Michigan) (signed)
Round 6, No. 204 (from Cowboys through Raiders): Jarrick Bernard-Converse, CB (LSU) (signed)
Round 7, No. 220 (from Cardinals through Raiders): Zack Kuntz, TE (Old Dominion) (signed)

Philadelphia Eagles

Round 1, No. 9 (from Bears): Jalen Carter, DT (Georgia) (signed)
Round 1, No. 30: Nolan Smith, LB (Georgia) (signed)
Round 3, No. 65 (from Texans): Tyler Steen, G (Alabama) (signed)
Round 3, No. 66 (from Cardinals): Sydney Brown, S (Illinois) (signed)
Round 4, No. 105 (Texans through Cardinals): Kelee Ringo, CB (Georgia) (signed)
Round 6, No. 188 (from Saints through Texans): Tanner McKee, QB (Stanford) (signed)
Round 7, No. 249 (from Chiefs through Lions): Moro Ojomo, DT (Texas) (signed)

Pittsburgh Steelers

Round 1, No. 14 (from Patriots): Broderick Jones, OT (Georgia) (signed)
Round 2, No. 32 (from Bears): Joey Porter Jr. CB (Penn State) (signed)
Round 2, No. 49: Keeanu Benton, DT (Wisconsin) (signed)
Round 3, No. 93 (from 49ers through Panthers): Darnell Washington, TE (Georgia) (signed)
Round 4, No. 132 (from 49ers through Panthers): Nick Herbig, LB (Wisconsin) (signed)
Round 7, No. 241 (from Vikings through Broncos): Cory Trice, CB (Purdue) (signed)
Round 7, No. 251 (from Rams): Spencer Anderson, G (Maryland) (signed)

San Francisco 49ers

Round 3, No. 87 (from Vikings): Ji’Ayir Brown, S (Penn State) (signed)
Round 3, No. 99: Jake Moody, K (Michigan) (signed)
Round 3, No. 101: Cameron Latu, TE (Alabama) (signed)
Round 5, No. 155 (from Dolphins): Darrell Luter Jr., CB (South Alabama) (signed)
Round 5, No. 173: Robert Beal Jr., DE (Georgia) (signed)
Round 6, No. 216: Dee Winters, LB (TCU) (signed)
Round 7, No. 247: Brayden Willis, TE (Oklahoma) (signed)
Round 7, No. 253: Ronnie Bell, WR (Michigan) (signed)
Round 7, No. 255: Jalen Graham, LB (Purdue) (signed)

Seattle Seahawks

Round 1, No. 5 (from Broncos): Devon Witherspoon, CB (Illinois) (signed)
Round 1, No. 20: Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR (Ohio State) (signed)
Round 2, No. 37 (from Broncos): Derick Hall, DE (Auburn) (signed)
Round 2, No. 52: Zach Charbonnet, RB (UCLA) (signed)
Round 4, No. 108 (from Broncos): Anthony Bradford, G (LSU) (signed)
Round 4, No. 123: Cameron Young, DT (Mississippi State) (signed)
Round 5, No. 151 (from Steelers): Mike Morris, DE (Michigan) (signed)
Round 5, No. 154: Olusegun Oluwatimi, C (Michigan) (signed)
Round 6, No. 198: Jerrick Reed II, S (New Mexico) (signed)
Round 7, No. 237: Kenny McIntosh, RB (Georgia) (signed)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Round 1, No. 19: Calijah Kancey, DT (Pittsburgh) (signed)
Round 2, No. 48 (from Lions through Packers): Cody Mauch, G (North Dakota State) (signed)
Round 3, No. 82: Yaya Diaby, DE (Louisville) (signed)
Round 5, No. 153: SirVocea Dennis, LB (Pittsburgh) (signed)
Round 5, No. 171 (from Rams): Payne Durham, TE (Purdue) (signed)
Round 6, No. 181 (from Colts): Josh Hayes, CB (Kansas State) (signed)
Round 6, No. 191 (from Packers through Rams, Texans and Eagles): Trey Palmer, WR (Nebraska) (signed)
Round 6, No. 196: Jose Ramirez, OLB (Eastern Michigan) (signed)

Tennessee Titans

Round 1, No. 11: Peter Skoronski, OL (Northwestern) (signed)
Round 2, No. 33 (from Cardinals): Will Levis, QB (Kentucky) (signed)
Round 3, No. 81 (from Lions through Cardinals): Tyjae Spears, RB (Tulane) (signed)
Round 5, No. 147: Josh Whyle, TE (Cincinnati) (signed)
Round 6, No. 186 (from Falcons): Jaelyn Duncan, OT (Maryland) (signed)
Round 7, No. 228: Colton Dowell, WR (Tennessee-Martin) (signed)

Washington Commanders

Round 1, No. 16: Emmanuel Forbes, CB (Mississippi State) (signed)
Round 2, No. 47: Jartavius Martin, CB (Illinois) (signed)
Round 3, No. 97: Ricky Stromberg, C (Arkansas) (signed)
Round 4, No. 118: Braeden Daniels, T (Utah) (signed)
Round 5, No. 137 (from Cardinals through Bills): K.J. Henry, DE (Clemson) (signed)
Round 6, No. 193: Christopher Rodriguez, RB (Kentucky) (signed)
Round 7, No. 233: Andre Jones Jr., DE (Louisiana) (signed)

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