Jason Fitzgerald on Kaepernick, Free Agency, Rams

Jason Fitzgerald of OvertheCap.com answered a variety of questions on Twitter last night. The conversation focused on the upcoming offseason, and the writer did his best to make some early predictions. We’ve compiled the best of them, which you can find below…

  • Fitzgerald is convinced that the 49ers will be able to trade quarterback Colin Kaepernick. With a maximum $14.3MM cap hit (due to the $1MM savings if the team decides to deactivate him), the writer believes the Eagles could be a good fit for the embattled star.
  • Among the big-name players who could switch teams in free agency are (according to Fitzgerald) Alex┬áMack, Matt Forte, Russell Okung, Prince Amukamara, and Lamar Miller.
  • On the flip, Fitzgerald could imagine several big names being cut loose by their current teams, including Jamaal Charles, Jimmy Graham and DeMarcus Ware.
  • One of Trumaine Johnson and Janoris Jenkins will be back with the Rams next year, with Fitzgerald predicting an $8MM contract for Jenkins and $6MM for Johnson.
  • Assuming Marshawn Lynch‘s tenure in Seattle is over, Fitzgerald could envision the Patriots pursuing the running back. However, the writer is uncertain whether New England would have much interest.
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10 comments on “Jason Fitzgerald on Kaepernick, Free Agency, Rams

  1. json-api

    seems peculiar to call Kaepernick a “star”, this guy has been vastly overrated since day 1

    • TheMichigan

      Amen Alex was always better

      • Heiner

        Alex is weak and still is. Let me know what what all time NFL and Niner QB records as well as rushing records he’s broken. Kaepernick owns several..

        • heynow

          Making your teammates better makes you better!

        • TheMichigan

          Kaepernick got lucky, REALLY lucky on his 99 yard run, terrible defense, it was an all out blitz, sending on the outside. No rushers up the middle he got lucky his lineman were able to block

        • John Appleseed

          Lol kaeperdick is a quarterback not running back the fact he owns rushing records should tell you everything. Alex put up better overall numbers the last 3 years while krap was supposedly a hall of famer

      • Which is why he was so successful in his first few years in the league right?

  2. heynow

    Don’t get me wrong I would take him over Geno Smith any day!

  3. If KC releases JC, I will never forgive them.

  4. json-api

    Who absorbs the $14 mill cap hit if Kaepermick is traded. I don’t think any acquiring team will do it. If he gets released, he’d make a good $3 mill/year backup for his old OC in Buffalo.

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