Franchise Tag Notes: Mo, Cousins, Norman

The asking price for Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson is a first-round pick, and perhaps even more, according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, who reports that Wilkerson is still on the trade block. One club that won’t be bidding for Wilkerson is the Bears, per Robinson, because Chicago doesn’t want to sacrifice the No. 11 pick and likes the depth of this year’s defensive line draft class.

Let’s take a deep dive into Robinson’s article (which is well worth a full read), as he passes along updates on the top franchise-tagged players…

  • Kirk Cousins wants a “legitimate” franchise quarterback offer before he considers signing a long-term deal with Washington, sources tell Robinson. In other words, Cousins, who is set to earn more than $19MM in 2016, isn’t interested in a “pay-as-you-go” extension signed by the likes of Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick. At the moment, Washington doesn’t view Cousins as the centerpiece of its team.
  • The Panthers aren’t interested in paying cornerback Josh Norman‘s asking price, which Robinson reports is around $15-16MM (a number that jibes with earlier reports). Carolina is fine with letting Norman play out the year under the franchise tag, which, at nearly $14MM, pays him like an elite corner.
  • Von Miller‘s price has gone up this offseason following Olivier Vernon‘s massive deal with the Giants, but the Broncos want to pay him somewhere between Ndamukong Suh and Justin Houston money, which would be around $18MM. Recent reports have indicated that Denver offered Miller more than $17MM annually.
  • The Bills have made left tackle Cordy Glenn their top priority, and because they view him as an “ascending cornerstone,” they’re willing to pay him elite tackle money, writes Robinson. The deal could be delayed, but Anthony Castonzo‘s deal with the Colts is a starting point in talks, per Robinson.
  • The Chiefs expect to get a deal done with Eric Berry, but probably not until after the draft, according to Robinson. Berry and Kansas City have a great relationship which should make negotiations easier, and Robinson opines that Berry should be able to top Devin McCourty‘s deal.
  • Alshon Jeffery is in the same boat as Berry, per Robinson, as the Bears are largely focused on the draft at the moment. Jeffery is not worried about reaching a long-term deal, especially since the franchise tag is paying him nearly $15MM, but the two sides are expected to knock out an extension later in the offseason.
  • The Rams might have a hard time getting cornerback Trumaine Johnson to agree to a reasonable deal, especially because they picked Johnson over fellow CB Janoris Jenkins, who went on to score a large contract with the Giants. If the two sides do work out an extension, says Robinson, it will be late in the offseason.
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4 comments on “Franchise Tag Notes: Mo, Cousins, Norman

  1. Strych9

    Number 11 is a lot to pay for mo. I’d love to see him Chicago but not at that price.

    • Priggs89

      Agree 100%. If they could swap first round picks and then the Bears add one of their additional later round picks (like one of their fourth rounders), then I’d be all for it. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it, especially when you consider what they’d have to pay Mo going forward…

      • Dallas Robinson

        I agree as well. I love Wilkerson, but it’s hard to argue that a team should not only sacrifice a first-round pick, but also the $50MM+ that Mo is going to want.

  2. Sam Robinson

    Of these, I think the deal with the least acrimony involved looks to be the Kansas City-Berry negotiations. His triumphant recovery and his overall popularity in the city and with the organization should bring the Chiefs closer to Berry’s asking price. But the Chiefs also have Dontari Poe and a likely league-high pact for a 3-4 nose in the near future. They don’t have much cap room due to the large amount of guaranteed money on their books the next two years. But Berry should become the highest-paid safety soon.


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