49ers Acquire Rod Streater, Trim Roster To 53

12:25pm: Maiocco tweets that McCray is likely to be placed on waivers following the failed trade.

MONDAY, 9:40am: McCray reportedly failed his physical, and NFL.com’s Mike Garafolo indicates (via Twitter) that the deal is off. The safety was originally traded to the Seahawks for a conditional seventh-round draft pick in 2018.

The safety is set to go back to the 49ers for the time being. Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle notes (via Twitter) that McCray is recovering from a torn ACL and is likely to be released.

SUNDAY, 5:30pm: The wideout announced that he’s officially been dealt to the 49ers, while CSNBayArea.com’s Matt Maiocco tweets that Streater presumably passed his physical.

SATURDAY, 4:14pm: The 49ers announced they they’ve acquired wide receiver Rod Streater from the Chiefs. Streater had spent his career in Oakland before signing with Kansas City, and now he’ll head back to the Bay Area with a chance to make an impact in a depleted WR corps.

San Francisco also announced that they’ve traded safety L.J. McCray to the Seahawks. The compensation involved in both deals has not been announced.


Lemonier was the 49ers’ third-round pick in 2013, but he never made much of an impact in San Francisco. In 42 games (two starts), Lemonier picked up 37 tackles and a sack.

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16 comments on “49ers Acquire Rod Streater, Trim Roster To 53

  1. Thronson5

    A little shocked at Smith being cut. Hope they get to stash him on the practice squad.

    • Omar Z.

      Thats what i was just thinking. Saw him always around the ball during pre season games.

      • Thronson5

        Yea he was always around the ball and making plays. I think Skov should’ve stayed also and Whitoile or however it’s spelled should’ve been cut. I don’t get it.

  2. Thronson5

    Add Driskel to that list. Looks like we might be going with 3 Quarterbacks with Ponder making the team.

  3. Thronson5

    What the heck?!?! I can’t stand Baalke! He waived Rush, that dude is going to get claimed in a heart beat! He should’ve made roster. Stupid move like sooo many other by this horrible GM.

    • KenJorB

      I agree. Probably hd the best preseason of any linebacker. Where is the pass rush coning from without Lynch?

      • Thronson5

        I just don’t get it. Really fed up with the bone head moves this “GM” makes. We really needed Rush while Lynch was out and imagine those two guys together on the field??

  4. whereslou

    Look at the bright side you guys will have a top 10 pick next year but Baalke will screw that up too. Sorry I guess others do have it better than you. Go Hawks.

    • Thronson5

      Only a coward kicks a team while their down. It’s okay, have your fun talking smack because it won’t last long. The 9ers have one of the best franchises ever and always bounce back. Everyone goes through a rebuild and that’s what we are doing. Won’t be long before we are back on top and when we are you guys will be back on be bottom like you always are and we will talk smack for all the smack that has been talked to us from you guys since you clearly deserve it. I’ve never been the type of fan to talk crap about a team when they are rebuilding but I will make an expedition for the Seahawks when that day comes and it will come because it’s part of every sport. Something you clearly know nothing about because you only became a fan when they started winning. Either that or you’re just plane ignorant and arrogant. Have your fun while it last buddy. Your team has already started its decline and in a few years you’ll be back in rebuild mode. Oh and as far as Baalke goes we won’t have to worry about him making a bad pick, if we fail this year he will be gone. They already made that clear. That’s why they hired Gamble. And the “who has it better than us” thing was a Harbaugh thing so to bring that up also shows how ignorant you are because nobody even says that anymore. The Seahawks and then fans think they are soooo good. Let me school you here, you are nothing! I wouldn’t ever even put you on the same level as the 9ers, Patriot, Packers, Cowboys, Broncos or Steelers! Those are the real franchises that know about winning. You guys are nothing and your one super bowl and almost another one is nothing and doesn’t compare to those franchises! So soak up the little winning you had while you can. Back to the bottom is coming very soon. Can’t wait to see how the “Seahawks fans” disappear in the next 4 years or so.

  5. Thronson5

    Redmond placed on IR and Harris brought back. I thought they should’ve kept Harris to begin with. I think there might be reason to be concerned over Hyde for week one with that concussion. He hasn’t been cleared and hasn’t practiced yet. Thought they have to get a full week of practice in before they can play?

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