Latest On DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon

Free agent receiver Pierre Garcon is expected to garner $9MM per season on the open market, and Redskins teammate DeSean Jackson could command even more, sources tell John Keim of Jackson/Pierre Garcon (featured)

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Garcon, 30, has already been linked to five clubs — the Rams, Eagles, Bears, Cowboys, and 49ers — a month before the free agent process begins, so it’s not a surprise that he’s targeting an annual salary that would place him among the top-20 highest-paid wide receivers. Although Garcon has hinted he’d prefer a reunion with Washington, Keim expects Garcon to accept the largest contact offer in free agency after posting 79 receptions, 1,041 yards, and three touchdowns.

Jackson, meanwhile, can expect a salary near or exceeding double digits, and as Mike Garafolo of reported earlier today, Jackson will likely have to take less money in order to remain with the Redskins. The 30-year-old Jackson is reportedly interested in heading back to Philadelphia this offseason, a scenario the Eagles have also contemplated. In his third season with Washington, Jackson led the league in yards per catch for the second time in three years while scoring four times.

The Redskins haven’t begun negotiations with either Garcon or Jackson, but neither are expected to offer any sort of hometown discount. As such, Keim writes that a “real likelihood” exists that both Garcon and Jackson defect via free agency.

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14 comments on “Latest On DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon

  1. julienk

    If both leave in free agency for the money then that’ll leave us with only Reed and Crowder as guaranteed weapons. The only good that will come out of letting both of them walk is the possibility that Cousins could be exposed, provided he has an inability to operate at a top-10 level without high-powered pass catchers on all parts of the field. And if that does happen, then not only do we now have an incapable QB, we’ve lost our two best WRs.

  2. I keep reading that there is a “real likelihood” that both Garçon and Jackson will leave. Based on WHAT?? The Skins 70 million in cap space ? The fact these two guys are big parts of the Skins and Cousin’s success? The fact they both have expressed a desire to return? They could resign Cousins, both WRs, Vernon Davis, andChris Baker And STILL have the $ to sign one or two quality FAs and their draft picks. Contrary to the consensus of all of this conventional wisdom, I say it makes NO sense for the Skins to NOT do everything possible to resign them BOTH!

    • Thronson5

      They gotta pay Cousins and if they can’t work out a deal they’ll have to tag him which will eat up a good amount of cap plus they have other needs in free agency. They can’t spend it all in Cousins, Garçon and Jackson.

      • gmflores27

        I’d for sure prioritize Jackson and Garçon over Cousins, without the two stud WRs Cousins would be nothing more than a mediocre QB

    • JT19

      They should keep one, but not both. You still need to save money for future extensions and free agents. Yeah they have cap space now, but you also don’t want to push your cap so far that 5-7 years from now, you’re desperately working each offseason to clear cap and thus have to let good players go. I think a team would rather be in a position to let overpaid players go right away when they’re no longer playing well as opposed to having to wait another season or two for the cap hit to come down.

    • James Decker

      They dont have the money for that. Tests 50 million for cousins, Marconi, n djax. That’s if they. Only pay Kirk 25 million a or n garcon 9-10mill djax 10-12 million. If they resign cousins that won’t be bringing back djax n garcon. Theyll need team friendly we contracts.

      • James Decker

        Dude djax n garcon did not make cousins. Hell b just fine without them. 90% chance that they are gone!!!

      • James Decker

        They’ll need Team friendly wide receiver contracts if they signed cousins 225 million per year

  3. Thronson5

    I’d said this before but I’d love for the 9ers to bring Garçon in. If they trade Torrey Smith I’d like to go after Jefferey as well but if they keep Smith just Garçon is a upgrade. Bring back Kerley as the number 3 who showed isn’t that bad of a receiver. Garçon, Smith and Kerley isn’t bad although Jefferey,Garçon and Kerley would be better. They clearly have the money but I just am not sure they’ll actually be able to lure guys to come play there unless they get a good QB.

  4. bts76

    The skins invested early in the draft last April and could see John Ross or Juju Smith Schuster present themselves as cost effective/younger replacements

  5. bts76

    I’d also think Alshon Jeffery would make a nice replacement to either or both

    • James Decker

      Alshon Jeffery is going to cost you more than Garcon and djax even with the four-game suspension for steroids I honestly don’t see the Bears getting rid of him. Yes I am a big Bears fan but I see the Bears franchising him for one year

  6. I’d rather pay the bucks to re-sign DJax or Garçon then spend ANOTHER #1 on a WR. That’s spending resources too! I agree need to plan for future resigning of core FAs, but I’d like to see the hard numbers that would make signing both WRs so prohibitive. Draft some young quality D players so we can cut some hi priced FA D deadwood.

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