Draft Notes: 2019 QBs, Browns, Jackson

A possible dearth of quarterback talent in the 2019 draft class may have contributed the first-round aggressiveness of teams in recent years. The Bears, Chiefs, Texans, Jets, Bills and Cardinals traded up to land their hopeful quarterbacks of the future the past two drafts, and Albert Breer of SI.com notes some of the impetus behind these moves may be coming from issues teams have with the crop of passers likely set to populate 2019 big boards.

Not right now, there isn’t one (that would go in the first round as it stands),” an AFC college scouting director told Breer. “The kids at Auburn (Jarrett Stidham), Missouri (Drew Lock) and N.C. State (Ryan Finley), by the end of it, could work their way into the conversation. But on the surface, based on current performance, it’d be a no. Now, if they ascend, which they should, those three guys have a chance to get there.”

Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN.com (Insider link) has both Lock (No. 16) and Oregon’s Justin Herbert (No. 18) in his early top 25 for 2019. Issues with Lock’s completion percentage (57.8 percent is the senior-to-be’s career high) and Herbert’s toughness, per Breer, are early concerns for respective first-round hopefuls. While events of recent years show it’s a good bet a quarterback will be taken in the 2019 first round, Breer compares this crop — at this early juncture — to the 2013 group that saw only E.J. Manuel chosen in Round 1 instead of other recent classes that saw the likes of Jared Goff, Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston emerge as obvious down-the-line high draft choices in advance of their final college campaigns.

Here’s more on this year’s draft, courtesy of Breer:

  • Breer reports the Browns “loved both” of the Denzel Ward/Bradley Chubb duo, but the team felt the Ohio State cornerback possessed upside potential the N.C. State defensive end didn’t. Ward started just for one season but sat behind Buckeyes cornerbacks that are now in the NFL. Cleveland brass also didn’t view Chubb as a Myles Garrett– or Jadeveon Clowney-like athletic specimen. Plus, Gregg Williams said the team’s need at corner was greater than the one opposite Garrett. Also noting Ward, who went to Nordonia High School in the Cleveland area, pitched his local ties and desire to help a Browns resurgence, Breer writes the Browns did their homework on this difficult decision and did not make an impulse call on draft night.
  • If the Eagles did not trade their first-round pick to the Ravens, they were going to consider eventual Broncos wideout Courtland Sutton at No. 32, per Breer. Sutton visited the Eagles in early April. Philly has Alshon Jeffery, a player to whom Sutton’s been compared, signed long-term and has Nelson Agholor controlled through 2019. However, the defending Super Bowl champions still signed Mike Wallace and Markus Wheaton, the latter a post-draft addition.
  • Ravens brass needed to hear from John Harbaugh the coaching staff was confident the team could win with Lamar Jackson before trading up to take him, and Breer reports Harbaugh, OC Marty Morhinweg, senior offensive assistant Greg Roman and QBs coach James Urban all developed a plan for the rookie before Ozzie Newsome made the trade with the Eagles. Both Mornhinweg and Urban were in their same positions under Andy Reid on the 2010 Eagles, when Michael Vick resurfaced as a top-flight weapon after previously working intermittently in certain packages. Roman’s work adjusting the 2012 49ers’ offense for Colin Kaepernick also played a role here, Breer writes. The Ravens look to be preparing Jackson sets already.
  • The first four rookies to sign their deals all had offset language built into the contracts, Breer tweets. Da’Ron Payne, Josh Rosen, Marcus Davenport and Quenton Nelson saw their teams include offsets in their deals. Offset language provided one of the sticky points in Joey Bosa‘s 2016 holdout, and the Chargers won out. So far, teams are doing the same with their 2018 top picks.
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31 comments on “Draft Notes: 2019 QBs, Browns, Jackson

  1. Kenleyfornia74

    The Browns did a great job of making two top 4 picks look underwhelming.

      • Kenleyfornia74

        When you make 2 top 4 picks look underwhelming you are open to scrutiny. Cant take it dont follow sports

        • dirtydan

          I always love that mind set, if you think differently than me go away. You have true mental fortitude my friend

        • sufferfortribe

          Underwhelming to who? You? Just who exactly are you? Are you an expert? Or are just another mouth in a sea of mouths who has their own opinion, which may differ from other opinions?

          • Kenleyfornia74

            Everyone. This draft was loaded with Qbs and defensive talent and they didn’t get the best player available at either spot. Your so triggered its hilarious

              • brucewayne

                Who cares! Does it really matter if people can’t spell right or know the correct contractions or always use proper English on here? It’s not a college essay paper or anything important ! Stop acting like pretentious

                • brucewayne

                  and pompous douche bags over trivial BS things like this! It doesn’t make you look any smarter, just idiotic !

            • sufferfortribe

              Not “everyone” felt that way. You just have an anti-Browns attitude.

              Like I said…..pitiful.

              • Kenleyfornia74

                No you jusdt love playing victim. I could care less how the Browns do. In fact im rooting for them to tirn it around. But their draft was just terrible for the first 3 picks. I was saying it on here before the draft what they should do. Its not hindsight. Its not hate its my opinion. Your such a baby that you cant handle people criticizing your team

      • itslonelyatthetrop

        Any team’s uniforms are open to bashing. I don’t like the Pats uniforms, either. Especially the logo. I much prefer Three Point Pat to Elvis’ severed floating head.

    • sportsfan101

      And what do you do for work to think you know more then anyone in the NFL? #trollstatus

      • Kenleyfornia74

        I know enough that you go with the best player available that high in the draft. They didnt do that with either pick. But dont look at me. Look at what a lot of experts are saying. Its not trolling because it hurt your feelings

  2. CowboysoldierFTW

    My dad is a Browns fan and I am pulling for them thougg I’m a Cowboys fan. Still wish the Browns had taken Barkley first.

  3. RollTribe

    You’re an idiot… look at the last 5+ drafts the Browns have had.. every expert in those years loved the Browns draft and gave them either an A or a B.. even the Justin Gilbert Johnny draft.. now they hate this draft?.. ok that’s fine because all the “experts” were wrong those years. John Dorsey has picked a Rookie year pro bowler 4 years in a row. The only time that’s happened since the 1960’s so why don’t you go read a book nerd!

    • Kenleyfornia74

      Yeah i think your the idiot since you have to comment multiple times and dont even know how to reply to comments. Triggered much? Your living in fantasy land if you think people loved the Manziel pick. Or even Gilbert.

      • sufferfortribe

        He’s the idiot? Dude, your grammar alone nullifies you being allowed to say that.

        • Kenleyfornia74

          Oh man the Browns fans are going full trigger mode. I criticize so many teams including my own. Your not special. Go throw another parade for not winning a game

          • sufferfortribe

            You really think you “triggered” me? Hahahaha! I’m enjoying this. Not every day I get to converse with someone who is so clueless.

      • brucewayne

        There were multiple so-called experts who did think Manziel was a good pick

  4. RollTribe

    People that bash the Browns are jokes.. It’s low hanging fruit. Why don’t you have the sack to be a big boy and make jokes for yourselves.

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      It’s okay to bash the Browns as long as you bash everyone else. It’s like my Grandmother, she wasn’t racist- she hated everyone equally.

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