Extra Points: Goodell, Hunt, Foster, Redskins, Kyler Murray, Whitehead

Commissioner Roger Goodell gave his annual press conference Wednesday, and was unsurprisingly asked about former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt. Goodell said the investigation into the incident that led the Chiefs to cut Hunt “should conclude ‘soon’ and that he’ll go back on the exempt list whenever” he ends up signing with a team, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link).

As Rapsheet points out, Hunt is looking at a “likely suspension”, although it’s unclear what the length may be. We heard a couple of weeks ago that the investigation was likely to be over by March. Shortly before that, it was reported that the Bears had spoken to Hunt. Chicago seems like a strong possibility for Hunt, as Jordan Howard struggled heavily this year and it would reunite Hunt with his former offensive coordinator in Matt Nagy.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • Speaking of possible suspensions, Goodell also weighed in on Reuben Foster‘s situation. In the same tweet, Rapoport wrote that Goodell said “just because his charge was dropped doesn’t mean he won’t be suspended.” Foster recently saw the charges dropped for his most recent arrest, but he’s apparently not out of the woods yet. Goodell also said that he plans to speak in person with Foster again before making a decision, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post. Foster was claimed off waivers by the Redskins after the 49ers cut him late in the season, but he’s been on the exempt list ever since.
  • The Redskins recently promoted quarterbacks coach Kevin O’Connell to offensive coordinator, but that doesn’t mean head coach Jay Gruden is giving up play-calling duties. Redskins team president Bruce Allen said during a recent radio appearance that as of now the plan is still for Gruden to call the plays, according to John Keim of ESPN.com. Allen did leave the door open for things to change, and other sources told Keim that a change is still in play.
  • Despite declaring for the NFL draft, Kyler Murray is still very much undecided about whether he’ll play football or baseball, according to Rapoport (Twitter link). Rapoport notes in the video that Murray hasn’t yet hired an agent for football or committed to attending the combine next month, and says the A’s, the MLB team that holds Murray’s rights, are still negotiating to potentially sweeten his deal and convince him to play baseball. He’ll have to make a decision pretty soon, and we should know a lot more within the next few weeks.
  • Former Cowboys and Jets kick returner Lucky Whitehead was arrested in Virginia earlier this week and charged with driving under the influence, according to TMZ. Whitehead was released by the Cowboys in 2017 after a bizarre incident where it was wrongly reported that Whitehead had been arrested after someone had given his identity to police. He was claimed off waivers by the Jets, and spent the 2017 season with them. Cut this past August, he spent the entire 2018 season out of football. Now arrested for real, this won’t help his chances of getting back into the league.
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18 comments on “Extra Points: Goodell, Hunt, Foster, Redskins, Kyler Murray, Whitehead

  1. leprechaun

    Hunt will be a Bear and Howard will be traded for draft Capital JMO

    • jacobsigel1025

      Honestly that’s where I have Hunt pegged too and there’s also the KC connection with Nagy but he could also head to the Jets or Bucs amongst others

    • crosseyedlemon

      Nagy should be focusing on making Trubrisky into a capable starter rather chasing after players that will have a toxic influence on the team.

      • leprechaun

        Toxic name one teammate whoever said he is toxic. On the contrary all his teammates including Trubisky at one time talk about what a great teammate he is. And trust me I think Nagy knows more than you do on what he needs to focus on.

        • crosseyedlemon

          It’s a moot point anyway since Virginia McCaskey would never put her social status at risk by allowing some woman beater to play on the team. As for Nagy, his judgement is now highly suspect after risking the whole season on Cody Parkey.

  2. washington_bonercats

    Murray will play baseball unless he gets picked up by the Pats. Mark my words

    • TheBlueMeanie

      Mixon turned 18 years old the night of the incident as he was celebrating his 18th bday. That’s when a racist, drunk woman started harassing him and calling him racial slurs at a bar. After an hour of it, he clocked her. He shouldn’t have done it, but Mixon unfairly gets a bad rep as just a “woman beater”. And that girl has since been kicked out of OU for multiple DUI’s and drunken behavior.

      • Z-A

        I dont think of him as a woman beater. It was assault. This is the same thing. It’s not domestic violence. Ray Rice was domestic violence. Greg Hardy was domestic violence. So on the assault scale… 0 to Joe Mixon level, the drunken roid rage tyraid where the girl got slammed to the ground and then lightly Cody Parkeyed. I’d say it’s like a 5. Which means the entire situation is an overreaction.

  3. bradthebluefish

    What more is there to conclude? Hunt was overly aggressive with a girl and then lied to his team about it. I’m guessing Hunt will be receiving a 4-6 week suspension.

    • crosseyedlemon

      That will give him a month to plan his next criminal activity and a cover story.

      • TrollHunter

        Yea just tell them your names “Lucky Whitehead” let him take the heat!

        • crosseyedlemon

          You don’t suppose Lucky has a twin brother named “Jinx” do you?

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