Kaepernick, Reid Settled For ~$10MM

In February, the NFL reached a settlement with Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid to put their collusion grievances to bed. All sides were sworn to a non-disclosure agreement with regards to the particulars, but Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal hears that the two former 49ers settled for less than $10MM. 

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In the immediate aftermath of the settlement, many speculated that Kaepernick and Reid could have collected tens of millions of dollars. Ultimately, they received a much more modest sum, one that does not amount to much when factoring for taxes and legal expenses.

Kaepernick and Reid accused NFL teams of colluding in order to keep them out of work. Reid eventually found a home with the Panthers in 2018, but Kaepernick has been out of football since the 2016 season.

The deal may not be a precursor to Kaepernick’s NFL return. Recently, the QB’s lawyer predicted that Kaepernick could be nearing a contract, but nothing has come to fruition over the last month. Meanwhile, Kaep reportedly wants $20MM to play in the AAF and we’ve heard nothing about his talks with the XFL since word of those negotiations broke three weeks ago.

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45 comments on “Kaepernick, Reid Settled For ~$10MM

  1. kenleyfornia2

    So basically the price range if he was a backup the last 2 years with no baggage attached.

      • Coast1

        The NFL didn’t want a trial. Even if Kaepernick and Reid didn’t have much of a case a jury always likes individuals over a big corporate entity.

        What really would’ve been awful though was a case that’s on the news every day where people are discussing how racist the NFL is. That’s awful publicity. If the NFL depicted the plaintiffs negatively there might be horrible backlash against the league. Imagine fan boycotts and dropping ratings.

        If the settlement is $10 million, the NFL got off cheap. A trial would’ve cost them much more.

        • cka2nd

          Absolutely. As someone who was hoping Kaep and Reid got a bigger settlement, this looks to me like the NFL just basically paid “Go away and leave me alone (and, oh by the way, shut up)” money.

  2. Phattey

    At least with Johnny you can tell he is doing whatever he can regardless of pay to get back to the nfl, with Kap it’s strictly just about money and greed

    • Oh yes, Black Lives Matter is about greed. Do you think before you post or are you deliberately slandering someone willing to stand up for his principles?

      • GreenBay astros

        Principles…? Ohhh, you mean the principles of spitting on the graves of soldiers. Of disrespecting the morals of a country that has given him the opportunity to have a job PLAYING A GAME. Silly me, I thought you were being serious.
        Can’t fix stupid

        • Wally-the-green-monster

          Reference our President’s recent comments about McCain… which way is it?

  3. Polish Hammer

    So these men of conviction sold out for a lesser amount than most thought? Not surprised, no wonder the league settled. It would have cost the league so much more to fight their case and win then just pays these clowns off.

  4. Ironman_4life

    God bless liberal America. Instead of working hard let’s just sue a to get free money.

    • jorge78

      When corporate America cheats you, the courts are there. It’s the system that makes America great and unique among countries of the world!

      • cka2nd

        And the corporations have been working for decades to close the courts to individuals with complaints against them as much as possible, from tort “reform” to compulsory arbitration. Corporate America has no problem with corporations being able to sue, however, and take every advantage of the courts that they can.

  5. jgiun1@yahoo.com

    Now we need Bell and Brown’s name involved to make this a real good story until the draft.

  6. HalosHeavenJJ

    So, correct me if I’m wrong here….Kap opted out of his contract with SF to become a free agent. While a free agent he was offered a contract with the Broncos that he turned down.

    Being offered a job isn’t the same as being blackballed. That’s not collusion.

    I think the NFL just wanted him to go away and this was cheaper than fighting it.

    • cka2nd

      Opted out after having been informed that the team was going to cut him, anyway.

      All 32 teams did not have to be in on collusion for it to have been legally defined collusion. Only two parties, working together, are needed to make it illegal collusion.

      For example, when e-mails came to light that Steve Jobs and Apple were actively colluding with other Silicon Valley firms to low-ball programmers looking to move from one company to another, it was found that while it was a widespread case of collusion involving lots of companies, it did not involve all Silicon Valley companies, nor even all of the big ones.

      Nevertheless, if this story is accurate – and the Wall Street Journal’s news pages are still widely respected, even if their editorial pages are not by anyone to the left of Atilla the Hun – I agree that this looks like the NFL just paid him and Reid “Go away money” because it was cheaper than fighting it out in arbitration and then court, and NOT because they were actually worried about losing in court, which would have required a much bigger settlement.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    It would seem like the settlement was a win for the NFL but was it? The real issue appears to be whether sporting events in general can be used by players or coaches as a platform for exercising non violent protests. This is yet to be resolved by federal courts although technically the right to free assembly and protest is guaranteed by the constitution of the land.

    • snotrocket

      Well the constitution only says that you won’t be arrested, not that you will be granted immunity from consequences if your employer deems your actions bad for business.

  8. GreenBay astros

    If you really think cops go around shooting black people just for kicks then you are f’d in the head. If you all have such a problem with america, it’s very simple. Leave. Social justice is not social justice. It’s only a cover for liberal propaganda.

  9. Dodgethis

    The NFL bought kaepernicks silence for the cost of legal fees. The NFL paid essentially nothing to shut this guy up. When the NFL won it’s case nothing would stop kaepernick from continuing his nonsense pr campaign. Kaepernick sold out to get his legal fees covered. How much money is that girlfriend going to cost this guy? Sad.

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