Contract Details: Ingram, Suggs, Kendricks

Here are the latest details from some agreed-upon contracts during the second wave of free agency. All links courtesy of the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson, unless otherwise noted.

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9 comments on “Contract Details: Ingram, Suggs, Kendricks

  1. Breezy

    Mike Trout, CF (Angels): Twelve years, $430MM. Fully guaranteed. You’re allowed to cry now.

      • tylerall5

        I mean considering the fact he would have to climb from rookie ball to class A, AA, and AAA just to reach the majors probably not. Being generous, 4 years in the minors making nothing and then, once reaching the Majors, he needs to accrue 6 years of service time. So not considering the teams ability to manipulate service time clocks, he won’t be getting paid until he’s at least 31 years old. Granted, arbitration and early career extensions like the one he would have received if he chose baseball would give him money, but he wouldn’t be able to secure a deal like Trouts, or even Jason Heywerd until the tail end of his career.

        • And saying Murray stands to make more money assumes that he turns into a star player (or at least an All-Star caliber player). Whereas in football he’ll have the 5th year option that will be worth a pretty penny assuming he’s even a slightly above average starting QB by then and at least one $100m+ contract as a starting QB if he’s slightly above average. At the end of the day though it shouldn’t matter how much money he could’ve made playing baseball compared to football. He chose football because its what he loves more.

        • metz247

          Clearly you have no idea how baseball works. His rookie deal had a signing bonus of 4.66 million, far from poor. And he’s 21, probably reports to AA, and could be playing in the mlb in a year with his skill set.

          Then you assume he won’t be an mlb all star, but he will get a 100+M an contract? They must be handed out like candy in the NFL, how many has there been total? 10 in history?

          Wish the kid the best but I’d say he’s making the wrong choice for his wallet and body if he indeed picks the NFL.

          • tylerall5

            Clearly you misunderstood my message. First of all, he would not start in AA, he’s over a year removed from playing baseball so he would need to be seasoned. Second of all, no where in my comment did I mention that he wouldn’t be an all star. Third, I was not referring to his bonus as “poor”. It is a known fact that minor leaguers make very little money and unless you receive a large bonus like Murray did, you struggle to pay rent and buy groceries. People in class A make ~23k/year. Even if Murray were to accelerate through the system and reach the majors by his age 23 season, he would only be eligible for FA at age 29 assuming that the team didn’t delay his call up until June, if that were the case he’d be 30. Yes, baseball has the potential for higher earnings. Yes, baseball is probably the best choice for his body. But he can get paid quicker and has the chance for more big contracts, plus football is growing increasingly closer to bigger deals especially for quarterbacks. And Cousins fully guaranteed deal will soon become the new norm for QB contracts.

          • I mean slightly above average QBs usually see AAV over $20m (at a minimum) per year so that’s where I’m coming up with the $100m number. Baker Mayfield got around $22m as a signing bonus last year so if Kyler gets taken first overall (which is no guarantee) he would get more money right away as an NFL player too. I agree that health wise, MLB is probably the safer choice but money wise it all really depends on how he pans out in either sport. I don’t think money was that big of an issue (otherwise he wouldn’t have turned down the signing bonus he got from the A’s) so he chose football for his love of the game.

    • Only $1m is guaranteed. So if he looks terrible in training camp/preseason they can cut him. Even if he lasts the season, they likely won’t let that $5.5m guarantee kick in unless he plays really well.

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