XFL Assigns QBs To Teams

The XFL draft gets underway on Tuesday, but the league’s eight teams already have their starting quarterbacks penciled in. Here’s the breakdown: 

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The rest of the 71-man rosters will be filled by the two-day draft, which will include the selection of other quarterbacks. Interestingly, Zach Mettenberger and Joe Callahan are in the draft pool, but were not in this initial group.

The XFL season will open on February 8, 2020, shortly after the Super Bowl.

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24 comments on “XFL Assigns QBs To Teams

  1. Thomas Bliss

    How did these 8 guys get selected for each team? This is kinda weird.

    • graysondecker

      My guess is that each team got to select the players that they want to be their starters in a one round draft format. Landry Jones will be playing for his former coach, Bob Stoops, with the Dallas Renegades, and there’s no way that’s merely coincidental

    • kream88

      I don’t think they were assigned to them, if I remember correctly each team was allowed to scout and sign 1 – QB, but I may be wrong ‍♂️

  2. PhilliesBob1980

    Maybe Joe should send his uncle Harry and brother Tommy to the XFL offices to guarantee he gets a job.

  3. OCTraveler

    Wow, these are household names that will certainly draw the fans through the turnstiles.

    I am certain that Under Armour and Nike are engaged in a bidding war so they can be the first to sign Luis Perez (aka “ the face of the LA wildcats” ) to an endorsement contract.

    • Steven Juris

      You’re not going to get big names when the practice squad players make more money in the NFL.

  4. h0wmyd0ing

    All the players are geographically assigned based on where they previously played or where they are from.

    The hope has to be some level of familiarity with the QBs will draw some attendance.

    • OCTraveler

      Perez is from San Diego and played at Texas Tech … I guess either that’s close enough to LA or Vince McMahon knows less about geography than he does about running a football league.

      • phenomenalajs

        LA is the closest team to San Diego. Friends and family will make the two hour drive. Great crowds? No.
        I believe Phillip Rivers wasn’t thrilled about the move from SD to LA and was considering forcing a trade to his hometown team – Tennessee Titans. The way they’re playing now, Chargers probably wish they did. Still SD is not that far if Rivers decided to keep his home there

    • Thomas Bliss

      I don’t really get that. Brandon Silvers is from Florida and played college in Alabama at Troy University. How is that remotely close to Seattle, Washington?

  5. kevin

    it’s their way of forcing qbs on teams it seems if the league is picking the qbs to assign. I don’t like it as u essentially force a qb on teams even if a team wants to have a pocket passing off and u give em a running qb . so not liking the setup if the league is assigning qbs . if it’s a 1 rd qb draft then that’s ok . but if the qbs are forced on teams and labels starting qbs for the teams id be trading my qb for one that fits my system or who I like better .

    • Polish Hammer

      Good points, which makes me believe some backdoor deals were brokered. That plus there’s some better QBs out there than those that were assigned.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    The XFL season will open on February 8, 2020, shortly after the Super Bowl.

    Not a double header although the idea of a 11pm ET kickoff is rather amusing.

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