Brady Fallout: Bucs, Belichick, Colts, Hoyer

The Buccaneers‘ signing of the most accomplished free agent in NFL history triggered a ripple effect in several cities. That started in Charlotte. Although neither Bruce Arians nor Jason Licht spoke to Tom Brady until Wednesday of last week, the Bucs believed they had a “shell of a deal” with Brady by Tuesday, Peter King of NBC Sports reports. This was hours before the future Hall of Fame quarterback announced he would no longer return to the Patriots. The Bucs’ discussions with Brady’s agent, Don Yee, Tuesday prompted them to bow out of the Teddy Bridgewater pursuit, King adds. Bridgewater’s Panthers offer prompted the Bucs to give him an answer, and they chose to stay in the Brady pursuit without a full commitment. The Bucs had been linked to Bridgewater for weeks.

At February’s end, the Bucs’ quarterback hierarchy went Brady-Bridgewater-Jameis Winston, King notes. Tampa Bay had also been linked to Philip Rivers in February, but it became clear the Colts were his top option.

Here is the latest fallout from the Bucs’ Brady signing:

  • Brady’s camp expressed interest in the Colts, but King notes the interest was not mutual. The prospect of a Rivers-Colts partnership surfaced shortly after the Chargers revealed they would not re-sign him, and while the notion of Rivers-over-Brady sounds interesting based on the veterans’ accolades, Stephen Holder of The Athletic tweets the Colts’ preference of going with a one-year quarterback arrangement probably did not align with Brady’s hopes of a multiyear commitment. Rivers signed a one-year, $25MM deal; Brady became a Buccaneer for two years and $50MM fully guaranteed. Brady also expressed interest in the 49ers, and the Titans were a long-rumored suitor. These franchises joined the Colts and Raiders in leaving the Brady race early.
  • Early this offseason, Brady’s camp put out feelers to other teams, and’s Seth Wickersham notes many executives around the league viewed the quarterback as being driven by ill will toward Bill Belichick that they could not tell if he wanted out of New England or merely wanted Robert Kraft to step in and broker a new Pats deal. Belichick refused to give Brady the extension he sought last summer, and Wickersham adds that a Brady-Belichick conversation in late 2017 about the quarterback’s future with the Patriots ended with a “blowup.” This meeting appears to have happened just before Wickersham’s “tension in New England”-centered report that indicated Kraft’s intervention helped drive the Jimmy Garoppolo-to-San Francisco deal. The Patriots gave Brady an incentive package in 2018, leading to his extension-in-name-only 2019 contract.
  • As for the Patriots‘ plans, they may actually be planning a Brian HoyerJarrett Stidham quarterback battle. Hoyer could have earned more money elsewhere but wanted to return to New England because he was told he will have a chance to vie for the starting job, Ian Rapoport of adds (video link). The Patriots, as of now, do not have Andy Dalton on their radar and are viewed as being high on Stidham, who has attempted four NFL passes.
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20 comments on “Brady Fallout: Bucs, Belichick, Colts, Hoyer

  1. goldenmisfit

    Here is the deal, patriots wanted him back but not at the price Brady wanted and the market for Brady was not as large as Brady thought it would be. The sad truth for Tom Brady is his best days are behind him and Tampa was the only team willing to meet his price. If I was a fan of Tampa I would be majorly concerned that the legendary quarterback my team just signed the team he won all those Super Bowls with never even made an offer.

    • dgk71

      Or just super stoked the GOAT is coming to Tampa. I’m not a Bucs fan but I’m pretty sure most Bucs fans are not concerned about that at all.

      • Rocket32

        dgk71 Well maybe they should be. If the Pats decided not to meet Brady’s demands I’m betting on them and Belichick being right about moving on from him now until Brady proves them wrong on the field next season.

    • Sounds like a lot of fun for Tampa Bay. Brady won’t lose games for them like Winston.

      It’s just a two year deal and puts Tampa Bay on the map for at least one season.

    • Ronk325

      Brady still has a lot left in the tank he just had a joke of an offense around him last year. With guys like Evans, Godwin, Howard, and Brate you’ll see Brady return to form this year

    • bradthebluefish

      TB can still throw the ball well and make great choices. Saw him play against the Cowboys. Tough to throw to people who aren’t open. Mind and arm is still strong enough to make great plays.

    • balloonknots

      Are you kidding me – most Sundays for last 2 years I have been grouper fishing. Told the wife that I just bought Bucs tickets again. Yes the goat is here. Just want to watch sound football not flinging the ball around without purpose! Yes yes yes

    • BallzDeep

      Brady wanted out of NE! that’s why he’s not back there next season. Kraft even said earlier in the off season how much he would give Brady and it was more he signed for in TB. Brady wanted out! simple as that….

  2. Daniel

    I would think this automatically puts Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl discussion. Brady is one of few who can will a team to victory.

  3. Grogan’s Heroes

    As a Pats fan, I watched every minute of every game. Yes, The Pats lacked the tools last year but Brady also missed on a lot of throws.
    I’m not real familiar with Tampa’s O line, but he’ll need protection. Brady is held in check by a strong rush up the middle.

  4. carlos15

    It’s a dumb move no matter what by Belichick. Brady took them to 9 Super Bowls and 6 wins. And he’s still a good player and an icon. If he wants to play 2 more years then you let him play 2 more years, he’s earned that. Bringing Tom back on his terms doesn’t hurt anything except Bill’s ego. The alternative is a QB battle between Stidham and Hoyer? That’s a guaranteed losing season for no reason. With Brady back they would have won the division again at a minimum. I could see it if this was a Favre/Rodgers situation but it’s not. Pats will always regret not bringing Brady back.

    • Berger

      Brady did not win 6 SB or play in 9 by himself. To make the statement he won 6 SB’s is crazy. He played a very important role no doubt but nothing the Patriots do is predicated on one player.

    • medic87

      So out of these 2 choices, you choose B. nuff said.
      A) BB knows what he is doing and has a plan
      B) he is an idiot and doesnt have a plan, just winging it.

    • GMB 883

      It’s hard not to trust Belichick’s judgement of football players and how they fit into his offense, defense and ST’s. As difficult as it is, if TB is not willing to play for say $18M to $20M knowing that the Pats have another $13M to pay out from previous TB contracts, then this would not work. In addition TB wants the opportunity to play for another coach after 20 years and BB wants to move on to the next book. This is good for both of them. Tom receives the $, respect and talent to continue competing at a high level and BB has the opportunity to do what he did when he arrived in 2000. Retool or rebuild another foundation for success. Maybe that begins with Jarrett Stidham or maybe it’s a “I’m back” revival with Cam Newton or a QB in next months draft or next years draft. It will be fun to see how it all plays out. I believe both TB and BB will have success. They’re both winners who are very skilled at what they do.

  5. Dtownwarrior78

    TB12 needs to hope that the O-Line in Tampa is better than its been b/c it was awful last year. But everything else is looking really pretty for him. Nice D and finally some weapons to play with in offense too. But Belichek did what he saw fit as well. In my own opinion, he may be opting for a ROUGH year in 2020 to maybe perhaps be near or at the top (or bottom if you wanna call it that) of a draftboard that has a well known QB from Clemson on it. You combine something like that along with having over $100M in cap room, and you’re looking at a very quick turn around in NE. I for one am interested in seeing just how he manages that. Should be interesting, because if all it takes is 1 bad year and he’s right back at the top in the NFL, that’s pretty amazing!

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